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   Chapter 90 Boss Is Jealous

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Glaring at Nina's flat belly, Ray asked tenderly, "Is there a little baby in auntie's belly?"

"Uncle Kevin?" Being reluctantly to fall behind, Rani was going to ask him what she wanted to know.

Mr. Lakin cleared his throat, trying to break the situation. "Ray, Rani, your aunt is pregnant. She must be exhausted. Tell me where you have been these days. "

What happened to the Lu Clan and Ye Clan was a lesson for them. However, no one knew that the Lan Clan was almost in danger! When their two Clans were in a mess, Nina stepped out and swore to everyone that she would take the place of Lancy and become Kevin's fiancee.

And it was because of the dignity of the Lan Clan and the Han clan, and also because of the baby in her belly.

Different from Ye Clan, both the Han Clan and the Lan Clan had no stance to blame each other. Lancy's disappearance was a fact, but before that, wish Kevin had sex with Nina was also a fact. The result was not bad. The overall situation was the best.

At last, Nina showed up in front of the people of the Han Clan openly. She became the life-saving straw and the object of care of Han Clan.

As we said before, the Han Clan's generations of single biographies, no matter what Nina's purpose is, for the sake of baby in her belly, the Han Clan are happy. Kevin's displeasure protest is not so important in the overall situation

In a word, the elders of the two Clans had already acquiesced in their marriage. Both of the two families, by a tacit understanding, did not ask any more about Lancy, as if Nina had been the one who got engaged to Kevin in the beginning.

We could infer from Mr. Lakin's attitude without asking Marvin. The two families spoke in the same way. And for this reason, Nina took the place of Lancy.

"How old is the baby? Is she as cute as Rani? " Rani fell into Mr. Lakin's arms, Rani compared with the unborn child.

Mr. Lakin was deeply fond of Rani's pouted cheeks. He pinched her cheeks again and again and said, "less than a month. You little punk, you've already been jealous."

"It means that uncle Kevin and aunt are recent events?"

Hearing that, Ray frowned and thought, 'luckily, my dad has taken my mom away.' Honey, it's you said uncle Kevin is a good man.


Lancy had no sense of guilt now.

Marvin behaved like a man of Lancy. He put Lancy into his sight intentionally or unintentionally. From his eyes, he clearly saw Kevin's unwillingness and resentment.

The truth was, she had been within his reach. But in the end, he got nothing in both hands. No one would be willing to accept this result.

"Congratulations! When is your wedding date?" Marvin gave a sidew

Mrs. Wilson was simmering with rage! "Do you really have no idea where is Mr. Sidney? Who did he meet? "

"Who else could he meet? He must be an unfilial son, mother. We are all his capable men. You know his personality better than us. If he hides the truth from us deliberately, no one can save him."

"……" Mrs. Wilson knew that this was the truth! It was precisely because of this that Mr. Sidney had been dreaded by people both in the government and in the underworld, and his prestige had not been weakened, but he became more mysterious than before. That was also the reason why they dared not take any big actions over the past years. "It only proves that Sidney has met Marvin and was convinced by him."

"That brat must have drugged Sidney again," Disdain was written all over Wilson's face. "Sidney won't change his mind."

"I have no other choice. Do you really know so little about this matter?" Actually, Mrs. Wilson had made a guarantee in front of her brother last night that she would give Ye Clan an explanation.

"What should we do now?" Wilson threw up his hands and said helplessly.

"This is Sidney's plan. Marvin will be back soon. Keep an eye on him. Once he shows up in Alaska, bring him back to me." Mrs. Wilson took this chance to cut down the arrogance of Marvin!

In fact, whether it was Mrs. Wilson or Ye Clan, they were still unwilling to give up the marriage.

The elders of Ye Clan even thought that if Marvin apologized to them sincerely and was willing to compensate for Zelda, they were willing to sincerely "forgive" him.

Forgive? What funny words.

All in all, the two Clans were still trying to push the marriage to the benefits they would get from it! Even if they didn't give up after Marvin slapped across the face of Ye Clan.

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