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   Chapter 89 Unexpected Good News

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Since the man's eyesight was so enthusiastic, Lancy thought there was no way to deceive herself. She looked up and stared at Marvin in a daze.

They looked at each other, and the weird atmosphere suddenly hovered between them It was weird and enough. They were just a pink couple?

Marvin lay straight next to Lancy, holding himself with one hand, and looked at Lancy carefully.

"Lancy, what do you think of me?" Hearing his masculine and charming voice, Lancy was stunned and stared blankly at his chest which was so close to her.

"What, what?" With a puzzled face, Lancy stammered subconsciously.

Upon hearing this, Marvin whispered in her ear, "Emm From top to bottom, from inside to outside, what do you think? "

From top to bottom, from inside to outside, aren't you really alluding to anything?

It was a rare opportunity for Marvin to have a talk with Lancy. He wouldn't let it go! He no longer hopes for a girl's head. He has to help her.

"Lancy, think it over..." Marvin whispered, one hand holding her little ear restlessly.

Hearing what he said, Lancy felt difficult to breathe, but she could not avoid his violence. "Boss, what are you thinking about?" She couldn't have a good conversation with the naughty Marvin!

"What do you think of me?"

"…… Good. " Lancy blinked and counted her fingers. "Boss, you are wise, mighty, handsome and crafty..." ...

Marvin supported his forehead speechlessly and glared at her. Was it really a praise for his old trick?

Then he leaned over on her, not allowing her to escape.

Lancy looked around secretly and wondered if it was too late to jump into the sea now? She couldn't swim, could she?

"Lancy from now on, think about our relationship Understand? " Marvin answered, poking her head with a hand. He finally chose to expose the truth between them.

"……" Could she tell that she couldn't understand? It was actually a slap in the face~

Before Lancy could figure out her relationship with Marvin, all of them went home.

When Lancy came back to Alaska, she had heard about the Lu Clan and Ye Clan. Of course, she had no idea of it because of someone.

Lancy might have forgotten her engagement with Kevin but for the mention of going back to the Lan Clan.

Lancy, who had always been out of mind, was a little distracted at this moment. Although she was more active than before, it didn't mean that she was unaware of the seriousness of the matter! At least, the first thing she felt was her guilt to Kevin.

Yes, guilt In fact, Lancy didn't know why she felt guilty. Was it because she disappeared on the engagement day or was it because of Marvin?

On this day, Marvin personally sent Lancy and the twins back to the home of Lan Clan. He saw clearly that Lancy was nervous and worried. He firmly held her hand, encouraging her.

However, what was waiting for them was not their accusa

t understand what was on Lancy's mind now. Her mother, who also had a serious look on her face, was also scared of her. Should they feel grateful that Lancy was easier to be cheated?

Nina and her mother exchanged a knowing look. When they saw Lancy has no sign of lying, they heaved a long sigh.

At the same time, a girl, who thought she was seriously ill, kept hammering her head with her soft hand. She muttered to herself, "she became stupid again and" take medicine "and other weird things like that. No wonder the boss watched her take medicine every day. Was she going to take medicine at such a speed!

The happy and unhesitating expression on Nina's face gave way to happiness. Surely, Lancy would take it for granted that she was the one to blame. However, Nina didn't get what she wanted - she was confident that her plan would work out smoothly.

The whole thing must have been a big deal.

The expression on Lakin's face was distorted, and on the other hand, Kevin was stiff. Perhaps, only Jill, and their daughter Nina could laugh out.

Was there anything weirder than this?

"Oh, my sweetheart, don't stand there. You might get tired. And my son-in-law will feel sorry... " Jill was a little annoyed with her words. She poked at Nina's forehead and held her daughter carefully, not intending to say anything improper.

Son in law? Hearing that, Kevin's eyes turned dark. His lips pursed slightly. Subconsciously, he looked at Lancy in a bit of panic. He wanted to explain, but didn't know where to start.

However, Lancy didn't pay much attention to Kevin.

However, the expression in Marvin's eyes was self-evident and a hint of irony could be seen.

What kind of irony could it be? Marvin's words were a kind of irony to Kevin.

He knew a man best, and he was the only one who understood Kevin. He looked extremely awkward standing beside Nina. He seemed not happy as a father at all.

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