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   Chapter 88 Appointment

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"……" It was indeed a question. Marvin tapped the railing with his fingertips, his eyes flashing a mysterious color.

"When are you going back to Alaska?" Sidney asked again, with obvious irony and jeer in his eyes.

He couldn't hide there for the rest of his life. He thought, "I'll be back in a week." As soon as he finished speaking, Marvin couldn't wait to step forward. His hurried footsteps had betrayed his true feelings. He wanted to blend in

Sidney smiled with relief, as if he had foreseen a grandson's change.

"Mommy, I was wrong, again!" Rani's face was covered with some white strips.

Lancy was even more beautiful. She only showed her eyes, staring at the strange puzzle puzzle. She took a small piece and didn't know where to start. "Of course, Mommy will."

'Brother is so smart. I told myself many times not to team with mommy next time. If I lost, I would be the loser, ' Rani told herself.

Then they started to "battle" as if there was no one else present. The battle was very intense. At this moment, Lancy suddenly leaped into the air and was surrounded by a warm hug.

The man held her hand from behind and put her in the most correct position on the jigsaw. Lancy raised her head in astonishment. Her black eyes were full of surprise. "Oh, so this is the place."

Ray spread out his hands and thought, 'Daddy, you cheat!'.

Marvin raised his eyebrows and concentrated on playing with his son. The two of them didn't accept each other and neither of them would allow the other to win. They played chess and even had many "war".

The sea breeze blew over, making them feel sleepy. Their two babies were run away by Sidney.

Ray and Rani struggled, but their protest was ineffective and relentless. Daddy was so shameless to take away mommy!

Deceiving the baby's feelings.

Both Ray and Rani pouted.

However, Mr. Sidney was so happy that his brows were knitted! Having been alone with babies, Sidney was so touched that tears streamed down his face.

"My little girl, boy, great grandfather will play with you. Just ignore your bad daddy." With these thoughts in his mind, Sidney licked his face and held the delicate hand of Rani's in his. "perhaps they will have a new brother when they come back."

"……" Ray's face was tightened up. As a result, the temperature around fell to zero degree centigrade.

Isn't it a comfort rather than a flea?

Brother, isn't that the final result of daddy taking advantage of Mommy?

Glaring at their smiling great grandfather, Ray and Rani were not excited at all. On the contrary, they felt depressed?

Perhaps the babies' eyes were too clean, Mr. Sidney suddenly h

not keep on the helm?" On the small yacht, there were only two of them. Lancy was so worried about her own safety that she stared at Marvin with burning eyes.

She had babies to take care of, so she couldn't lose her life. Moreover, the little girl had no confidence in a man's driving skills.

Lancy was just trying to change the topic?

"……" Seeing that, Marvin could not help but clap her forehead with his hand. He climbed up from the open-air stairs and turned the control room to the automatic driver's seat at a high speed.

Lancy raised her little face. In a trance, she could see Marvin in front of her, which was different from the one she had known before.

After taking off the serious suit, Marvin was wearing a simple white casual shirt. The buttons of the shirt were askew, revealing his strong chest. A pair of eyes hidden behind the sunglasses could not help but blush.

'perhaps, this is the first time that Lancy has spent with Marvin?

Lancy turned over on the deck. She really didn't understand why they went to the sea all of a sudden She wondered if the boss wanted to show off his navigation skills?

But it seemed he was really good at it now~

Hearing that, Lancy supported her head with one of her hands and her rosy cheeks had betrayed her thoughts. She could not understand what Marvin meant to do to her?

She was a little silly, but she was not that crazy! Why did she change the topic? Of course because She couldn't tell him that she fainted because of shyness?

"If only the babies were here." Feeling bored, Lancy moved her neck. At this moment, the man came to her again and lay next to her. Their shadows overlapped intimately.

"……" Marvin raised his eyebrows slightly. Didn't Lancy want to go out with him alone?

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