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   Chapter 87 Daddy's Grandpa

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Did grandpa really come to the island for this reason? Marvin knew what had happened. He realized that someone could no longer restrain themselves from disturbing his grandfather.

Marvin sighed. The coldness in his eyes had faded. He said gently, "Grandpa, I'm sorry to make you worried."

"Unfilial grandson!" Sidney called him. His red ears exposed his feelings.

Whoops, the wind was so strong that Sidney could hear everything. He said he didn't know who he was worried about!

"Unfilial grandson."

The painting was getting more and more bizarre. At last, Marvin came back to its original trajectory.

"Grandpa, that's what you should tell me." Marvin said to the old man, supporting him with his hands.But was asking why he suddenly entry to the island. If someone went out without anyone by his side, what if he met any danger.

The old man glimpsed at Lancy and the two little kids behind her and said impatiently, "you didn't tell me, why should I tell you?"

Sidney had his own plan.

"I'll tell you when it's appropriate." Upon hearing this, Marvin lowered his eyes. Because of the old man, Marvin looked much more gentle than used to be. It could be seen that he really cared about this elder.

As Sidney finished speaking, he cast a reproachful glance at his grandson. When he caught sight of the babies, his heart softened. "When you open your mouth, I have stepped into the coffin"

As Sidney said, he turned to get close to his great grandson like a naughty kid! The little Ray looked so familiar, just like his grandson.

Marvin and Lancy walked side by side. Marvin gazed at his grandfather, son and daughter quietly. The happiness spread from his heart. He had never felt more satisfied than this.

Money, status and success could never make him satisfied.

Something was about to spill over his heart, and the man said softly, "Lancy, how about we get married?"

No flowers, wine, romance, and even rings. Is this a proposal? It's too urgent!

Hearing that, Lancy turned her eyes, with a faint smile on her face Did Marvin think that she would respond? How naive he was! "Boss, what did you say?" The wind was too strong to be heard.

Marvin gazed deeply at her, saying nothing more. Wind is without a trace, as if he really didn't say anything.

But now she was here. Since they met again, Marvin had never let her go!

It didn't matter whether she would tell him or not.

The man lifted the corner of his lips and walked straight forward without looking sideways.

Lancy scratched the back of her head in confusion and followed him without hesitation. As expected, boss was so unpredictable that she couldn't figure it out!

Lancy totally unaware that she has watched by Marvin, and now she wanted to deliver her own goods to Marvin's home.

On the island stood a castle, where the "owner" lived.

What an ancient word the island owner was. It was the admiration of the citizens of the island. They could live a peaceful and happy life on th

ence of the twins.

"Did Mrs. Wilson come to you?" Marvin probably guessed that, one of the reasons for the engagement and the most important reason was that Mrs. Wilson came to him in person? Only grandpa knew where Marvin was That was the reason why grandpa visited the island suddenly.

This small island stood for the calmness in Marvin's heart. Even Myron and Freda didn't know where this island was, and the only insider of the Lu Clan was Sidney knew about this place.

"All right. Just take advantage of the time I have a few seconds left to resist." That was to say, the Lu Clan didn't need his grandson to worry about them. Sidney was confident that he was not that old to be able to handle those people.

"I'm enough." Marvin shouted in high spirits.

But unexpectedly, Sidney pouted at the Lancy and said, "How about Lancy?"

Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips into a straight line. He could not tell whether he was bitter or he was sighing. He said, "Lancy, I have been worried too much."

It sounded like he was happy to hear that "Your kids are nice. They remind of the Lu Clan. Anyway, you are not the only one she loves. " Sidney said.

She could be easily caught by the attention of the things around him at any time, and was so dull to the matters between men and women. Such a person was naturally the invincible opponent of men.

Sidney is the most able to see people. Lancy is a simple and good child, but this is also his worry.

Sidney thought to himself, if there were no children, he wouldn't have accepted Lancy so easily He never believed that a woman as pure as the bright moon was suitable for his grandson. Instead, he hoped that she would be a woman who could go forward and back side by side with Marvin.

But, Sidney can tell from his expression that he likes Lancy, doesn't he? Sidney stared at his grandson thoughtfully, and then smiled. The most precious word in the world was "love". Perhaps his grandson was happier than him in the marriage.

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