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   Chapter 86 Getting Lost And Encountering

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In the center of the island, there was a park. It was not only the most beautiful scenery on the island, but also a place for tourists to take a rest during their leisure time.

Her tender green bike was swaying at one side and in no mood to drop the chain! Reluctantly, Lancy moved her bike aside and climbed up to the wooden chair of the park.

On the other end of the wooden chair stood an old man, who was about eighty years old, simple and lovely, as if he was amiable as a Maitreya Buddha. The two strangers' eyes met in the air and smiled at each other.

Lancy wiped the sweat off her forehead. She had no way of doing anything on her bike. She opened her small mouth slightly and gasped for air. She realized that the old man was looking at her and stuck out her pink tongue embarrassedly.

The two of them sat silently for five minutes, and then Lancy explained resentfully, " Is broken. "

"Oh, I'm lost." The old man looked at haze with an innocent expression. After thinking for a while, he continued, "I'm not lost. I wanted to find a friend, but unexpectedly that old man entered the coffin last week. No one informed me! I'm so sad that I came here after I left, "

Lancy nodded her head heavily and said seriously, "no, it's human nature."

"That's great!" Finally, someone agreed with him. Michael smiled happily. "When my grandson arrives, please help me explain."

"No problem." Lancy agreed without hesitation. As the saying goes, one's happiness should be based on a person's inside heart.

Lancy was totally different from other "white skinned" people today. She was healthy and round, and her skin was as white and tender as steamed stuffed buns. There was always a warm smile in her big, bright eyes. Such a girl was the most pleasing to the old.

Lancy were very close to each other.

The old man looked at Lancy from head to toe and suddenly asked, "Do you have boyfriend? My grandson is still single. Although he is rigid and has no romantic cell, he is a good man, very good. "

"……" Lancy stared at the old man, and the old man did not stop talking.

Under Lancy's gaze, the old man put up his hands in surrender and said, "Fine. Girls shouldn't be romantic! Although he is a little cold, he is a member of the Gu family. Garrett is powerful, but I promise he won't beat women. By the way, his economic conditions are also good. More importantly, he is a smart man. "

Was the old man praised his grandson or was he low?

"Oh, that's smart. My baby is also smart." Lancy needed to find some words she could talk to.

The old man paused and asked uncertainly, "honey, do you mean the other half or..."

"My son and daughter." In a jewelry box, Lancy took out her wallet. With a photo of mother and son making faces on it, she said, "Rani and Ray, they are six years old. They are smart and obedient!"

It turned out that the girl had got married. The old man sighed sadly. It was not that he loved to worry about, but

etting close to them.

But Mr. Sidney, you have such a horrible smile on your face, which makes me feel scared.

"Thank you, great grandfather." both Ray and Rani replied in unison. They were incredible!

Everyone has to go on the proper procedures of engagement, Grandpa. That's handsome, my dear. From the first sight of you, I know you are a generous man. Rani's little paw sneaked into your pocket greedily. "Howled," calm down, pay attention to your demeanor. "~~

'What? How could a six-year-old girl be so overweening?' Rani wondered?

Instead, Lancy smiled shyly and her pretty face flushed red. "I'm sorry, Mr. Sidney. I'm just a child. If you want a surprise gift, just give it to me."

"……" "Shame on you! Said her beloved mother. She was worried that grandfather might be a fool to give such a small order?

Now that he spoke out his mind, he was really a jerk.

Lancy looked around innocently. Did she say anything wrong? The girl racked her brains to search every word on the paper?

Mr. Sidney glared at Marvin who was gloating. Anyway, it was all his fault!

"Does great grandfather live on the island?" Ray asked in a cute voice. "Are you lost too?"

This word was absolutely shiny.

As for Mr. Sidney, he was so embarrassed that he kept his eyes open. The people who got lost were hardly related to him. "Great grandfather doesn't live on the island. He is here to meet a friend."

Marvin cast a glance at them and remained silent With the undisguised doubt, Mr. Sidney almost jumped up. "A few years ago, my old comrade in arms moved to this island. I wanted to chat with him, but I didn't expect that he would go before me. Don't you think it's annoying?"Mr. Wilson

"Oh!" Marvin heaved a long sigh of relief. Obviously, he had a strong aversion to Mr. Sidney.

Mr. Sidney turned his face away angrily, ''Well, fortunately I'm coming, otherwise I may not see my dear great grandson before I die."

Such a master was really amazing.

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