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   Chapter 85 Undercurrent

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Mr. Sidney Mr. Sidney How long had it been since she last saw her husband? It was so long that Mrs. Wilson almost forgot her personnel section.

Since Mr. Sidney had been hiding himself behind the scenes for a long time, Mrs. Wilson couldn't wait to ask him to "walk out", to clear up the "mess" for his grandson.

As soon as Mrs. Wilson said that, Wilson got an idea. But he was hesitant because of his hesitation. He asked, "Really? Is it necessary to ask my father for help?"

If Mr. Sidney was willing to quit the job, there would be no need to wait till now. Many years ago, Marvin had just taken over the family business and made such a big mess in Lu Clan. This showed how much Mr. Sidney trusts the unfilial son.. Wilson couldn't promise anything

However, the main reason was that Wilson was very afraid of his father, who was so old that he dared not say a word to Mr. Sidney.

Though Wilson had great understanding of the matter, Wilson was still the one who Mr. Sidney hated most among the family members. He even forgot when Mr. Sidney kindly talked to him last time To put it more bluntly, no one would know whether Mr. Sidney would really punish the unfilial son or Wilson!

Look at his coward face, it was unbearable to look at!

Mrs. Wilson saw through Wilson's mind at a glance, and she glared angrily, "You haven't found Marvin. Are you really going to clean up the mess for him? Do you think that your father really doesn't know anything if we don't tell him? Who will be responsible for the crime? "

For her own purpose, Mrs. Wilson had to tell the truth, "We'd better take the initiative and speak simultaneously You know how much Mr. Sidney loves Marvin. " It was a good chance to run the strategy when Marvin was not here.

It was the scheme of Mrs. Wilson. In the whole Lu Clan, the only one who had the ability and prestige to completely pull Marvin down was Mr. Sidney.

"You and Warren took the elders to visit Mr. Sidney." Mrs. Wilson was determined to take advantage of this farce to stir up trouble. She had more things to do without Marvin.

"Okay, I'll do it." Wilson was quite relieved to see someone else was there. He didn't want to be alone.

Looking at his back, Mrs. Wilson shook her head with a helpless expression. 'People who don't learn never learn.' Mrs. Wilson thought.

Mrs. Wilson, who didn't sleep well, was massaging her temples rhythmically. She suddenly stopped as her fingertips touched her temples She looked at herself in the mirror subconsciously and wondered since when her hair had turned white!

Mrs. Wilson stroked her temples with one hand, recalling the past. She couldn't even remember what she looked like when she met him the last time Her face was good in keeping, no longer as elastic as it was when she was young. Would he notice it?

With that thought, Mrs. Wilson smiled bitterly. Now that she couldn't win his heart when she was young, why should she expect more when she was no longer handsome?

Then Mrs. Wilson requested, "Setlla, arrange a car a

ni finally smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"Not necessarily. Daddy, behave yourself." Rani didn't know where she could take out her small notebook, but she recorded it seriously and stated solemnly, "Daddy, you've only got a passing grade in the first round of the examination. You've got two matches in three rounds. If you fail again, you'll be passed."

Three rounds turned out to be quite impressive. Was he playing a boxing with bare hands? Can you really face up to the happiness of your mommy?

After Marvin saw the legendary red marriage certificate, he raised his eyebrows. This list was very complete! The name, background, capability level PK, and the advantages and disadvantages were clearly listed in the file. And her column was marked with the red color. How dared the man on it covet his woman?

With a smug smile, Rani thought to herself, 'Dear Dad, I'm only nobody Understand?

The existence of the red baby meant to arouse his daddy's sense of crisis all the time. His mommy would never belong to anyone, so he must cherish and be grateful.

"…… Where's your mommy? " Marvin decided not to ask for details.

"An hour ago, she rode a bicycle to have fun." Rani said as she poked her cheek. All of a sudden, her hand froze in midair.

Hearing that, Marvin pursed his thin lips slightly. There was a flash of hesitation in his black eyes. "An hour ago?"

As soon as their eyes met, Ray spread out his hands helplessly. His mother was known for being a prodigal, and some people were more obsessed than her

Clenching his fists, Marvin coughed and pondered, 'at least, there is something wrong with wood on my island...' However, Marvin was eager to go out, so he could not do anything about his safety?

At this moment, Willy, the housekeeper, came in. With a serious look on his face, he leaned over and whispered in Marvin's ear a difficult thing to do!

Marvin's face froze. He was a little helpless and nervous. This time, it was impossible for him not to go out to look for Shirley.

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