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   Chapter 84 See No Evil

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Lancy, who was surrounded by the man, dare not move. She looked up at the blue sky and listened to the sound of the seagulls singing, and gradually relaxed. Subconsciously, she put her hands on his shoulder and said in agreement, "yes, I like it very much."

A hint of satisfaction flashed through Marvin's black eyes. He smiled even brighter. "This is our island."

"…… Ours? " Hearing that, Lancy raised her eyes in astonishment.

"Of course." Marvin lowered his head and looked into each other's eyes. The air was filled with pink bubbles~

This small island was Marvin's private property and had a very important place for him! He would tell Lancy the truth in the future.

The man's temperature is getting hotter and hotter, and Lancy really wanted to say, boss, can you stay away from her, a little further? She couldn't breathe.

His long and narrow eyes caught the unique beauty of the delicate woman. However, Marvin didn't show any expression on his face. Instead, he moved closer to her Lancy saw her sexy thin lips and swallowed subconsciously.

Hiding in the forest, Rani covered her face with her hands while peeping through her fingers. She pouted and murmured, "kiss! Kiss!"

Kissing is the funniest! 'thought they!

"Sister, see no evil!" Ray scolded in a low voice. His round face, which was used to be serious, turned red. His big eyes could not help but peek at them.

As Mom and dad got closer, suddenly, Marvin stood up, glanced at the bushes out of the corner of his eyes and said carelessly, "Lancy, it's time to take medicine."

The little kids all fell down to the ground. Daddy, it's not right!

Are you really to take medicine or something? '?

This was the voice of the mother and son.

Embarrassed, Lancy stared at Marvin. The man really took out the pill. As soon as he opened the small box, he could smell the smell of the medicine. It was not heavy, but with a faint scent. This was Really?

Before Lancy could say anything, she opened her mouth and put the pill into her mouth. At that moment, the pill was so bitter that she burst into tears. "Water... Water..."

No matter how exquisite the pills were, they were still medicine. But who had ever taken sweet pills?

The clear water washed away the bitter taste, and her small face wrinkled into a bun. Lancy stared at Marvin and grumbled, "Why I need take medicine?"

"It's good for your health." Marvin tucked her wet bangs behind her ear and said, "have a pill before your meals."

"Tonic?" Frowning, Lancy hated any magical drug. Debbie clenched her fists and swore to herself that she would learn from the human ape to pound the chest to prove how strong her body was Unfortunately, some boss did not give her the chance to "exercise" at all.

Without seeing, Marvin had guessed what she was thinking. He said, "you want to take the medicine or have an injection, which one?"

"I will take the medicine!" At the thought of the injection, Lancy was waiting for him anxio

as if he could use them, though his face was red and his neck was thick. "Fuck off! Back to your prayer room!"

Wilson was snubbed, but he dared not really do anything to Sherry, so he had to be led out irritably.

With a wave of his sleeve, Sherry left the area immediately.

She hoped from the bottom of her heart that these people would not disturb her peaceful life for the next twenty years

This is Sherry's position in the Lu Clan. She was always at her beck and call.

Mrs. Wilson looked at her coldly and didn't want to help at all. If she was 100% dissatisfied with Sherry, she would take 200%.

"We can't deal with him, but someone can!" Her mother's home was her only support. She had totally offended her this time. And she still had to think about her mother-in-law. Mrs. Wilson couldn't fall asleep all night.

After a pause, Wilson looked up abruptly and asked, "Mrs. Wilson, you mean?"

Wilson was pretty sure of his guess.

In the Lu Clan, nobody could say anything else to Marvin except Sidney! That was the man who had been in charge of the Lu family before, Sidney.

Sidney had been hiding himself for nearly twenty years. It was time for him to come out. He wanted to see how the Lu Clan and Wilson Group, which were run by his most proud grandson, looked like?

What happened this time spread around the city It was a good chance. Didn't his grandpa appreciate Marvin? Didn't he stick up for him particularly? Now, it was his grandson who had put the Lu Clan at the spotlight. He was glad to have Charles as his successor. How would he feel if he knew that?

"Although Mr. Sidney has retired a long time ago, his prestige is still there. Many senior shareholders of the group are still loyal to him. He was willing to bow down to Marvin only because of Mr. Sidney! Now, something big had happened in the Lu Clan. Someone had to tell Sidney? If we don't tell, it's our fault." Mrs. Wilson dropped her gaze to conceal the malevolence and schemes in it.

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