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   Chapter 83 A Big Plan

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Zelda's heart skipped a beat. She could still hear the reporters' voices that were blocking outside. She was scared indeed! She was afraid that she would be on the headlines of newspapers and magazines in the whole city early tomorrow morning. She was so embarrassed that she was not able to face those bitchy questions!

Why did Marvin abandon her... This was the most difficult question for Zelda, because she didn't know the answer either.

Abandon Zelda suddenly felt flustered. It seemed that her fiance had never said that he would marry her. It was all because of the Lu Clan, but he just didn't refuse her. The man's cold and ironic eyes appeared in front of Zelda, as if he had been watching a play from the beginning to the end

No, no, No. how could Marvin joke about such an important thing? Both Ye Clan and Lu Clan were damaged, weren't they?

However, did Marvin really care about the face of the Lu Clan?

Overwhelmed by tons of questions, Zelda collapsed into the sofa. With her mother's strength, she managed to stand up. "Mom, I want to go home."

Mrs.Dora patted her hand to comfort her and called someone to take her daughter out through the safe passage.

After sending Zelda away, Mrs. Dora felt relieved secretly. She coldly stared at the man who was fighting with Mrs. Wilson. The relationship between the two families was about to be destroyed by Mrs. Wilson.

"Brother..." Gritting her teeth, Mrs. Wilson pretended to be calm.

However, to her surprise, Mr. Ye slapped back immediately without mercy. "Don't call me brother."

Mrs. Wilson had never seen other people's looks in her life. But she was almost drunk. After all, it was the Lu Clan who was in the wrong. She had to bow her head and said, "Brother, don't say that."

"Okay, that's enough. Let's just wait and see how to solve it." Mr. Ye waved his hand and interrupted her impatiently. "Although Ye Clan is not as good as Lu Clan, it is still well-known. Now Marvin set a trap for us. How will Zelda face these rumors in the future?"

Obviously, he was blaming the Lu Clan? Even though Mrs. Wilson was unwilling to admit, she tried her best to keep calm. "We didn't expect it at all. Lu Clan is also at a disadvantage. Besides, Brother was satisfied with Marvin, weren't you? "

Mrs. Wilson would not yield. Mr. Ye want to put all the mess on her. Would smart Mrs. Wilson accept it?

At the beginning, it was Zelda decided the marriage of the two families in a hurry, and also Zelda decided it would never be a problem! Not Mrs. Wilson

She said she had captured Marvin's heart long time ago. If she did, would today's thing happen?

Mr. Ye pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, which fully showed his displeasure. However, he didn't say anything and directly walked towards the media.

As the head of the family, he didn't think it was a good time to put on the show.

Mrs. Wilson's face

he felt so annoyed that she had no choice but to lie on the bed, doing nothing?

To her surprise, the man straightly pressed on her, his strong chest against hers. Through the thin bathrobe, Lancy's ears became red in an instant. "What... What are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" A sexy smile appeared on her thin lips, which looked somewhat evil. Marvin looked at her snow-white skin, and her black eyes were immediately covered with a layer of glass. "Lancy, you seem to be eager to get engaged to Kevin?"

Hearing his hot breath, Lancy was almost suffocated. Staring at the cold face close to her, she reminded him weakly, "what? Boss is also going to get engaged, and Miss Zelda is still waiting."

Marvin was almost entirely piled up. His face turned red when he saw the two shadows on the ground. He responded indifferently, "when did I promise to be engaged to her?"

"Well Yes, he not promised. The Lu Clan's engagement was being held? Lancy didn't understand at all. It turned out that boss Lu was the most annoying one. What if he couldn't communicate?

The truth was, her brain went blank the moment she met Marvin?

"It's one-sided love. Do you understand?" Marvin said as he knocked on Lancy's head.

Lancy blinked her eyes. She seemed to understand what was going on, but she didn't seem to.

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand. Just keep it in mind. I won't get engaged to Zelda." Marvin naturally held Lancy in his arms. They were so close to each other that the man still looked calm, as if he was not the one who took advantage of her.

Lancy answered dully, "okay..." Just keep it in mind.

"It's so rare for me to have a leisure on the island I haven't been back for a long time. I hope you like it. " Marvin was holding this beautiful and soft woman in his arms. Although Marvin was cold and indifferent, he still couldn't control his impulse to have a romantic relationship with her.

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