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   Chapter 82 Where's The Hero

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Ignoring Jesse and the others, Wilson hurried away. Wilson even summoned his second son and his daughter, Myron and Freda, because they knew where Marvin was.

Jesse and the others stared at the back of their employer, silently complaining about whether they could untie them first or not. They would die of hunger later?

She was forced to give up

In fact, Myron was the only one who could help Wilson. But Myron was pressed by Mrs. Wilson with Ye Clan entertainment, and Freda did not plan to come to the engagement party.. As a father, it must be very hard for him to reach such a high level, isn't it?

Where is Myron? He didn't even bother to ask, because he had to report to the party held by the two families.

He couldn't help but want to see Lancy, not only for his brother, but also for himself. Perhaps only after he witnessed Lancy marry another man could he really let go and feel at ease?

Mr. Lakin knew Myron. When he saw Myron, he looked behind Myron subconsciously, but he didn't see the man. Mr. Lakin's expression became even colder in a second! Mr. Lakin didn't know whether he was disappointed or not if Marvin didn't come. But since they were engaged on the same day, he certainly wouldn't come.

"My distinguished guest, how come Mr. Myron is free today?" Mr. Lakin still couldn't smile. Well, he had a magnificent transfer of anger! It seemed that he didn't take his precious granddaughter seriously at all. "Isn't Lu Clan very busy?"

"Please don't say that, Lancy I won't refuse the engagement of Miss Lancy. " The hangover had worn Myron out. Myron gave a weary smile.

It reminded Myron of the accusation he made to his brother that night, and now he regretted! Because he knew that the elder brother who was engaged to Zelda wouldn't be happy. And he didn't want to attend such a party either On the contrary, Lancy was so silly. To be honest, Myron knew that Kevin cared for her, at least she would be happy?

Looking at Myron carefully, Mr. Lakin couldn't speak out the resentment in his heart. If he could continue to be so cynical, it would seem that he, as an elder, was making things difficult for the younger generation.

"Where is Lancy?" Myron glanced around and didn't see Lancy or Kevin.

Mr. Lakin looked at the entrance. It was Kevin. All of a sudden, he sighed with emotions. His precious granddaughter was really going to be engaged, and he was loath to part with her!

In the eyes of the people of the auction house, Mr. Lakin and Myron didn't feel comfortable about his words. They just felt jealous! Mr. Lakin pretended to be fine and looked away. He coughed and kept comforting himself that there should be at least two or three years between them no matter they got engaged or married.

Wearing a white suit, Kevin looked gentle and elegant. The joy in his black eyes was even more intoxicating. As soon as he arrived at the hall, he couldn't help wanting to see Lancy at the first time, but he could only be dis


Zelda grabbed the edge of the table tightly and shook her head, "No, I have to wait for Marvin. What if he comes here and I leave? He will be very disappointed... "

Hearing that, Mrs. Dora pouted. She gave an angry glare at Mrs. Wilson and said, "Since things have come to this, why do you still care so much for him? If he had come earlier, you wouldn't be left in an embarrassing situation."

Mrs. Dora didn't care about Lu Clan's prestige. But this time Ye Clan really had no dignity. In this case, why should she care about Mrs. Wilson? Didn't you see that the face of Mr. Ye was frightening.

"Mom, Marvin will come back. He will. He must be held up by something very troublesome, otherwise he would never treat me like that. " Zelda was almost hysterical. God knew how hard she had tried to control her emotions which was about to collapse.

Zelda felt that everyone around her was laughing at her. How proud she was! How could she give in now?

Zelda had made up her mind to wait until the engagement with Marvin was over. She would not be abandoned! Zelda craned her neck to cut in. She kept her eyes on the entry while talking with her mother, hoping that something miracle would happen the next second.

Mrs. Dora held her daughter's hand tightly and said word by word seriously, "go back first. We'll deal with the matter here." The media couldn't stop it anymore. Mrs. Dora didn't want to see her daughter being attacked by them.

What they should do first was not to hold Marvin accountable but to solve the problems of both families. But they didn't want to bring shame on Lu Clan and Ye Clan. Instead, they spoke highly of their marriage, which spread throughout the city Mrs. Dora made up her mind to ruin Lu Clan. Lu Clan and Ye Clan will become the joke of whole Alaska absolutely.

The first suspect was her dear daughter, Zelda.

Some people were easy to be ditched, while some were easy to be ditched. It's why this world was so unfair to women.

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