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   Chapter 81 An Engagement Good Day

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10093

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'No wonder I'm so useless that I don't deserve to marry into Lu Clan. I deserve to be envious and jealous, ' thought Sheryl.

The priceless jewelry were divided into piles until Zelda was satisfied. When she caught a glimpse of them, she couldn't help smiling, "Betsy, come here and pick whatever you like."

"Zelda, you are so beautiful." Betsy, being a simple and honest girl, walked up to the bed, not noticing the angry sisters behind her. Betsy was the stupidest one among the sisters and could not bleat.

Zelda smiled brightly and put the bracelet on Betsy's wrist. "You are so silver tongued."

Betsy smiled shyly. Betsy gazed at Zelda and asked curiously, "Zelda, what does my future brother-in-law look like? I heard from my cousin that he is a very powerful man! "

Hearing that, Zelda could not help but feel sweet and elated. She took out the magazine. The headline of the magazine clearly showed that she was engaged to Marvin. On the magazine, she saw that Marvin was arrogant and she was pure and lovely. Everyone thought that they were the best golden couple. Everyone was jealous of her

"My brother-in-law is so handsome." Betsy didn't hide her admiration. She stared at Marvin's photo, thinking that her future husband would be like one tenth of him.

Zelda thought this was the best compliment. Not everyone could get what she wanted. And such a handsome man like Marvin, is a thing of the millennium.

"Zelda, when will Marvin pick you up ?" Betsy stretched out her neck, wanting to see Marvin.

Undoubtedly, the word "brother-in-law" successfully pleased Zelda. She was also full of expectation, but she said, "After all, it's just an engagement, not a marriage. Besides, Marvin is so busy. I can't make trouble for him! We'll meet her in the party, "

Zelda boasted that the biggest difference between her and other women was that she was sensible and obedient. But what she thought was correct, because Marvin did not come to pick her up.

However, as a member of Ye Clan, Zelda was good at dealing with such a situation. Louisa was not only disappointed, but also very happy!

Zelda was good at socializing with the guests and handling unexpected matters about Marvin! However, the calmer she appeared, the more restless she felt in her heart. She was enveloped by an ominous premonition.

The sun rose to the top of the sky, but Marvin was still nowhere to be seen. Hadn't she seen that Lu Clan's members didn't change their countenance, Zelda could no longer contain her happiness, which she had tried to pretend to be!

Both Ye Clan and Lu Clan were not happy.

Mrs. Wilson had walked several circles at the entrance of the restaurant. Mrs. Wilson went there once every five minutes, but her neck seemed to be five centimeters taller than usual. Mrs. Wilson was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks. She even pretended that everything was fine on her face. It was an excellent test of her acting skill.

At first, Lu Clan just didn't take Marvin seriously, because their

se and the others wrinkled together, and their ears were almost deaf. Besides, she starved to death. She could not even hear a thing clearly? It was one of the most wired death methods in the world.

"I'm asking you, where is she?" Wilson asked grimly, pulling Ben's collar.

Damn it! Ben haven't brushed his teeth in the past few days! ' She has been taken... Taken away...'

Who took her away? Was there any other man in the company besides Marvin? Wilson was so angry that he suddenly threw his hand away, not caring whether Ben was alive or not. He only knew that he was doomed this time.

'No wonder Marvin doesn't bother me anymore; no wonder he doesn't pursue the matter of my secretary anymore; no wonder he cooperated strangely...' Marvin was waiting for him here!

As a matter of fact, it was Wilson's unluck. When Mrs. Wilson was involved in the kidnap, Mrs. Wilson had no idea of Lancy, while Zelda, who treated Lancy as her opponent, didn't know anything about it at all! Wilson was so eager to enjoy the fruit of victory, which made his intoxicated.

Although Wilson had heard about the marriage between Lan Clan and Han Clan, he had only heard about it before. He didn't marked Lancy's marriage with Lancy's portrait which was locked in a small villa! 'It's just that they are the same name. If it were a girl from Lan Clan, Lancy wouldn't be a little secretary to Marvin, ' Wilson thought to himself.

A series of things happened in succession made Wilson nothing different from the truth.

Until now, he still couldn't draw the same number as that little secretary, Lancy. Wilson turned several circles in the room, "unfilial son, you won't elope with that woman, will you?"

Jesse were all in a daze. Nobody could stop them from leaving.

"It's impossible. He would never joke about such a serious matter. Since she was rescued a long time ago, it means that Marvin still want to marry Zelda. " Wilson muttered to himself. The only thing he could do now was to comfort himself.

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