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   Chapter 80 The War Between The Bride To Be

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Kevin had seen too many women like Nina. She looked elegant, but deep inside, she was extremely selfish. She was jealous of the woman who had a strong heart and had a high self-esteem. This was definitely the type he hated most. "Lancy, it seems that this villa has no good taste for us. Let's find another one."

He looked at Zelda up and down with his eyes full of disgust. Everyone could tell who was with bad taste.

"Hey, what did you say?" Zelda wasn't a fool and she knew what Leena was talking about.

"I didn't say anything. It's your fault to automatically match others." Hearing that, Kevin turned back and looked at Zelda sarcastically, leaving Zelda a graceful back.

Zelda shouted and jumped with anger. But it was impossible for her to really jump, which was not like the style of a lady. In the end, she had to go back to do her own thing!

Both of them were too focused on blaming Lancy, and she didn't notice that there were two kids of the same size, who were looking down upon Lancy. As a result, if she had been smart enough, she wouldn't have noticed the drama unfolding on the end.

Zelda thought that if Marvin followed and let go of Landy, the mastermind would never get in the way between Zelda and Marvin. She would be happy for that as well. And because of this, Zelda decided not to make a fuss about what had happened between she and Kevin!

Should she tell this to Marvin? Zelda hesitated. She thought for a long time and decided not to provoke Marvin at this crucial moment.

Zelda was unwilling to admit that, but she had to admit that Lancy was really special for Marvin! Therefore, she wouldn't take the risk.

No matter what had happened, she had been longing to be with the one she loved. And now she found that Lancy was with another man. It was really a good news for Zelda. The joy spread from her heart to her heart, and she couldn't stop it.

Now she had changed her attitude towards the designer.

"Lisa, I need your help. Design it for me as soon as possible. You hear me. Time's running out," he urged Zelda pressed Lisa and urged her over and over again. "Give me the design drawing tomorrow night at the latest. It needs time for production, okay?"

She was a frequent friend of Zelda, and it was natural for her to make a mistake to displease her. "Well, well, I've put down all the orders in my hands and decided to cook for you! Miss Zelda, you can rest assured that it will be done before your engagement. "

"I want more than just speed..."

"Of course, we are S.H. When did S.H have a defective product? "

Lisa had her own selfish motive. She had been waiting for a chance to become famous. Marrying Anthony to Ye family was a good chance for her to show off.


"Don't feel sorry for irrelevant people. I'm here with you." Walking out of the restaurant, Kevin gently held the hand of Lancy. Since her silence was regarded as "Sadness", his soft hand was in her hand. If possible, Kevin would never want

o take any responsibility, and she even didn't want to show up in front of me. She tried to arouse a little guilt and responsibility from a man in this way. However, she was "captured" by Lancy again. Her indifference collapsed in an instant, and forced me to make a wrong step.

The word "shame" had been carved in Nina's heart. She couldn't believe that Kevin still looked at her that way? "Kevin, aren't you afraid that Lancy will know about it, and that Grandpa will know?" Once she spoke out the word, the marriage would be completely invalid, and he knew the consequences of it.

"Are you threatening me?" Kevin was so angry to hear that. 'How come I didn't notice that she has an ugly face?' "You are the one who cheated on me, and you were the one who drugged me. Even if our wedding is destroyed, I will never marry you. Nina, you'd better give up!"

Kevin hoped that their marriage would not be ruined because of Nina. Even if this woman said that she was pregnant with his baby, it would be useless!

Kevin pushed Nina away and left. Because he knew that a woman like Nina would never do such a thing to ruin her reputation. There was no good in it.

Kevin had underestimated Nina's love for him, and also underestimated the woman's jealousy.

Nina felt like a broken doll on the ground. The man's eagerness to another woman contrasted sharply with his indifference to her. She reflexively covered her lower abdomen with hands. She kept looking down all the time, making others unable to see any expression on her face. Her lips curved up slightly. Perhaps she was crying or smiling.

Could things between the two be really over here?


On the other side, Zelda was also excited.

On that day, all the servants of Ye Clan were sent to work for Zelda. They thought of her requirements as the most important one and envied Ye Clan's daughters. They could only watch the precious girl marry a rich man. Zelda really looked like the princess of the ancient times.

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