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   Chapter 79 Secret Conflict

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Mr.Lakin was even happier. He sized Kevin up and thought to himself that Kevin was a good girl. It could be said that Mr.Lakin had watched Kevin growing up. He was clear about his character and the means of doing business. But he still appreciated him. What's more, he has been noticing how affectionate and caring Kevin had been to Lancy these days. Just as Ray said, Kevin has been the best choice.

Of course, there was another choice.

Mr.Lakin looked at Lancy thoughtfully. There were numerous thoughts in his mind. Maybe they could really be a good marriage?

Thinking of this, Mr.Lakin paid more attention to the engagement. He looked at Kevin kindly and said, "It's a good idea to let you accompany."

The two old men plunged into the study and began to discuss the wedding intently.

"Mommy, change your clothes. Are you going out in pajamas?" People suddenly realized that Rani was wearing a pink pig jumpsuit.

In fact, no one knew that. But in this winter, he always got up in an awkward way. Everyone got used to his weird behavior from shock to admiration, and it took them a lot of time to get up.

Tina lowered her head, watching the pink pig compromise, stuck out her tongue in embarrassment, because she was too excited to forget the birds.

With a doting smile, Kevin patted one "pig ear" and said softly, "Go upstairs. I'll wait for you."

Lancy ran upstairs with a thump. She held her daughter in her arms because she hadn't changed her "little yellow ducks" yet.

Ray carried his little hand and followed her, looking like a small adult.

Watching them go upstairs, Nina moved to Kevin, but seeing that Kevin's face changed dramatically, he took the initiative to distance himself from her.

"Do you really want to do this to me, Kevin?" Nina was heartbroken. No, she had already been hurt by him that day. 'men are infatuated with pretty women. After he is heartbroken, he still doesn't want to marry other women.'.

Kevin sneered. The moment he saw Nina's face, he would think of the shameful night. "How dare you say that?"

Nina bit her lips. She felt guilty, ashamed and angry. It was impossible for him to know. "After you treated me like that, can't you show any gentleness to me?"

A sarcastic smile appeared on Kevin's face. He asked, "do you want me to take responsibility again? Do you really think I don't know what happened that night? " Kevin was not a fool. He was concerned with Lancy, so he would never have sex with other women. Even if not with Lancy, he would not have any knowledge of what happened that night.

But that night, Nina, who kept urging him to drink, was really suspicious! From this point of view, he couldn't hide the idea from him! And this woman, she had the nerve to ask for a marriage license here? It's so ridiculous!

Nina's heart skipped a beat. She looked at Kevin's cold eyes and felt a shiver in her heart! Her mouth opened and closed, trying to say somet

art in other activities, after hearing that Kevin's coming, the chief designer was selected. Lisa specialized in making wedding dress for the party, so what their purposes were obvious.

When Zelda saw that Lancy's lip was bitten by someone, it was the evidence of the love between a man and a woman that lasted all night. Claire snickered, but she looked down on Lancy as well.

"I was thinking about finding time to send the invitation to miss LAN." In fact, Zelda had already found out that Lancy didn't go to work these days. She thought it was because Marvin had fired Lancy. He should have dismissed the idea of provoking Lancy, but he didn't expect her to come to him herself. It was because Miss Lancy's luck was too bad.

Zelda took out the invitation card from her bag, holding it between her two slender fingers, and handed it to Lancy. "My date with Marvin is set on the 25th of this month. I hope that Miss Lancy will attend the party with your wife."

Hearing that, Lancy was stunned. That kind of indescribable feeling spread from her heart again. She did not know why she did that. She just stared at the invitation blankly and forgot to react.

Both of them were just deadlocked. One of them was still holding the invitation card in the air, and the other didn't seem to accept it at all.

Zelda wasn't mad at all! This was exactly what she wanted. The sader Lancy was, the happier she would be. She didn't mind Lancy's "rude" behavior. Mom was right. With her status, it was easy for her to deal with such women.

The last one to receive the invitation was from Kevin. Kevin glanced at it and said in an insincere manner, "I'm sorry. Haze and I were engaged that day, so I have no time to attend your and Mr. Marvin's engagement ceremony."

Zelda smiled, "well, that's a pity. You are really a capable secretary... " Everyone present knew what he meant by that.

What is a skill for a woman? They were both good at finding a "next".

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