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   Chapter 78 Waken Up From A Dream

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9898

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Deep in his cold eyes, a plan was running quickly in Marvin's mind The engagement of the Lan clan and Han Clan was indeed beyond his expectation, and he hadn't planned it yet. However, this was also a good way. In this way, all the possible loopholes could be compensated, but the effect was surprisingly great.

A cold smile appeared on Marvin's lips, as if he was sure that he would win. Then he squatted down He leaned his lips to Lancy's

Boss, the twins still sleeping next to Lancy.

In her sleep, Lancy muttered in a low voice. Then, her pink, fragrant tongue realized that the man would plunder it. "Hmm, the food is all mine. You can't rob..."

The girl who dreamed of her drumsticks had no idea how much trouble she had brought to herself.

The man's black eyes sank. He held her hand and tasted the long lost sweetness in her mouth. Knowing that Lancy was struggling for the lack of breathing, he took a deep breath to make her feel better and quiet.

He was so close to her that he just gazed at her face. At the dancing floor, for some reason or other, what she had said congratulations about Kevin suddenly came to his ears. After thinking of that, Marvin bit her fiercely.

With arched eyebrows, Lancye protested against. 'poor girl, how sweet she is in sleep, but she can't wake up!'!

"A disobedient secretary should be punished..." Those cold words were full of affection for Lancy, like the fondness between lovers. The warm breath of Marvin scattered on her small and round ears, and her small ears immediately became red, as if responding to him.

When the clock on the wall pointed to three, the shadow at the head of the bed disappeared As if he had never been here, Shawn left the room and disappeared. It seemed that the light blue curtain was the only thing that she could see.

Of course, it just seemed.

Ray, who was supposed to be asleep, opened his eyes in the night.

The little girl gave a cunning smile. When her father came over in the middle of the night, he confirmed the guess in Ray's mind! 'Getting engaged is not as easy as I thought. He is playing a big game of chess.' Ray thought!

But no matter what his trick was, he was wrong to make Mommy unhappy!

Punishment? Then let's see who should be punished.

The next morning, there was an obvious bite mark on the corner of a girl's mouth, while a baby with two big dark circles under his eyes. What a spectacular scene.

With the other hand holding her teeth, Rani kept enjoying the views. She didn't seem to care at all.

At the dinner table, Mr. Lakin quietly asked her great granddaughter, while Rani spread out her hands innocently, indicating that she didn't know it as well.

"Brother, you've done so many bad things last night, but you didn't do anything with me." Rani protested. Rani had planned to pretend to be angry, but the dark circles under his eyes had gone. Covering his pink lips, he snickered, ignoring his unhappy express

r, the man was indifferent.

"What do you think, sister?" Nina still remembered that Lancy loved shopping very much. Was she tired? That was her only pleasure.

As expected, Lancy's eyes brightened up and she nodded quickly, "Okay, okay, it's more interesting to go shopping."

"Ray will go with you."

"Rani want to go with you." Both babies raised their hands.

Hearing that, Lancy shook her head. "No, I don't agree. Ray and Rani need to go to school. It's not good for them to skip classes."

The two kids then looked at Mr. Lakin with pleading eyes. Mr. Lakin's heart was softened immediately. He coughed twice and his voice rose by three degrees, "Oh, right, Lancy, the teacher from this morning called. It's said that there is a high fever in recent years, and a week vacation for school students."

Trying hard not to laugh, Mr. Caspar thought, 'this old man doesn't know a good reason to lie to me. Everyone here knows the authenticity of what he said.'? Don't fool me~

The "ghost" cooperated perfectly with what Caspar had thought. He clapped his hands and said, "Wow, a week of vacation! Aaugh! I also want to be a student... My dear baby, please go out with Mommy..."

Mr. Caspar almost fell down. He looked at Lancy who was very serious. Well, it was a good character of a child. It was good to be simple as a girl.

Mr. Caspar disliked people who were too sophisticated, such as Nina. In general, the future grandmother of the Han Clan should be very smart. Although she was simple, she was not stupid. Lancy looked like a young lady from a noble family. It was just that she didn't understand the commons, that she was able to cope with the affairs of the crowd with a good teaching later. And the other one, who thought herself to be clever, was obviously not a smart way to cope with the situation.

"I'll go with Lancy." Kevin proposed.

With a playful smile, Mr. Caspar waved his hand and said, "go ahead. Can I still tie you here?"

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