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   Chapter 77 The Battle Finally Broke Out

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9335

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How could Myron not be upset? He blamed his brother, the Lu Clan, and himself He couldn't get angry with Lancy or give vent to his anger in the Lu Clan. It seemed that he could vent his anger on Marvin.

"Brother, if it weren't for you, I might still have a chance, wouldn't I?" Myron had been keeping a low profile all the time, and he blamed all the faults on Marvin. If Marvin didn't have the affection with Lancy, then all the problems would not be a problem.

It's unfair to Marvin, really unfair In the end, Marvin was the first person who had met Lancy. However, the man who was sad in love was unreasonable. Fairness was far more important than his own sadness to him.

If it weren't for you Marvin's eyes dimmed. But he said nothing. Nothing unusual could be seen on his face. This was the most familiar name in his life.

"Brother, I really want to marry her..." Myron finally spoke out his heart, with his back to Marvin.

Marvin kept his eyes half closed, and looked out of the window: " Lancy won't marry you. " He said firmly. Perhaps in his heart, he was the only person that Lancy would like to marry in the world.

"Brother, I can't compare with you. Can't I even compare with Kevin?" Myron closed his eyes sadly. At last, the topic returned to Marvin. If Marvin hadn't had the relationship with the baby, he wouldn't have lost a chance. "I really want to marry her."

Myron mumbled to himself. Nobody could tell whether he was telling the truth or he was just drunk... It was true that alcohol could mess people's mind.

Marvin said nothing and left, leaving Myron alone in his own world.

In fact, Marvin was not in a good mood.

The people downstairs were still discussing heatedly. When Zelda noticed that Marvin was downstairs, she walked up to him and greeted him with a sweet smile, "Marvin, I have something to tell you..."

Zelda thought for a long time and still wanted to explain to him what had happened before.

Marvin didn't want to hear it at all.

Without casting a glance at Zelda, Marvin walked straight to the door.

"Are you going out at this late hour, Marvin?" Zelda didn't give up and kept asking. "How about I keeping you company Marvin, I really have something to tell you. "

Upon hearing that, Marvin's mouth twitched. The expression on his face changed greatly as he looked back. Then he said on purpose, "There's always a chance in the future"

Surprised and flattered, Zelda stood still, stupefied. She smiled with sweetness and thought to herself, "Will we have so much chance in the future?"

Her rosy face made him look even prettier. With a hint of happiness in her heart, Zelda immediately dispelled the idea of following Marvin. Just like the most graceful and virtuous wife, she watched Marvin leave.


ly smile.

Lancy puffed out her chest and said seriously, "it doesn't matter. I will engaged with Kevin?" She would not be affected by the boss. She had nothing to do with the breaking up of the boss.

The baby blinked his eyes and smiled knowingly.

"Mommy, you agreed!"

"Yes, yes. I said yes." Lancy turned her back to the baby angrily. She didn't know if she was angry with herself or because of Marvin, who was about to get engaged all of a sudden. "We need to go to bed now, or we'll be late for school."

Rani looked at her brother worriedly and wondered if they had gone too far?

Ray shook his head silently and looked at the floor to ceiling window with his black eyes. He covered himself with the quilt and murmured, "go to sleep. Being late for school is not a good kid..."

'is he so keen on schools?' Rani wondered? In the kindergarten, the atmosphere was as cold as air-conditioning.

Another person in the bedroom had the same feeling.

As time went by, the lights in the room were turned off. The room was so quiet that she could even hear the steadily breathing of the twins and Lancy. After a long time, Marvin walked out from the floor to ceiling window.

As the clock was pointing at 1, the room was filled with sounds of ticking. It was not until quite a while later that Marvin came to bed.

Lancy was still angry even when she was sleeping!

He gently stroked her cheek with his warm finger pulps. As soon as he thought of the conversation among his wife and son, he felt angry and funny. It seemed that he really had offended Ray and Rani this time! All Ray's words were to mock him. Was Kevin really that good?

The children kept brainwashing Lancy and bringing her to the engagement of the two families. Marvin was so annoyed that he covered his temple. He was their real father. How could they do that to him?

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