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   Chapter 76 Congratulations

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Many people of Ye Clan gathered in Lu mansion. It could be seen that how much they attached importance to this marriage.

Even Sherry, who went into closed door all year round, showed up. It was Mrs.Wilson who asked the "mistress" out in person. After she came out, Sherry looked at Lu Clan expressionlessly, as if she had been separated from the world. She even felt that her home was strange to her

Sherry looked at Ye Clan in a calm manner, and looked at Wilson's pretentious flattery in front of her. Her black eyes were full of sarcasm! This might be her only value in use In such an occasion, as Marvin's natural mother, Wilson's wife must attend, even if this went against her will.

The brand new high-end clothes could not cover her complexion. Sherry was totally indifferent to everything, hoping to calm her down as soon as possible! However, Sherry seemed to have forgotten that it had something to do with the happiness of his son for a lifetime.

Although Zelda tried her best to suppress her excitement, some of her actions still exposed her true feelings. For example, when she saw sherry, she greeted him warmly and held her hand all the time. She was more enthusiastic than her own mother, fearing that no one knew that she had a good relationship with her future mother-in-law.

Until now, Zelda still couldn't believe that Marvin really agreed to be engaged to her. She even had a smile in her dream. Thinking of this, she hugged Sherry more tightly. It was indeed useful to please her future mother-in-law?

How could there be any man missing in such an occasion?

As a result, Marvin was here.

"Marvin!" Zelda's eyes lit up. She couldn't wait to be with him in justifiable way. Her pretty face blushed because of him, which was the unique shyness of her little daughter, extremely gorgeous.

As for this surprise, even without any response from Marvin, he failed to draw her attention back. The man became more indifferent and unattainable when he saw Sherry. He hadn't invited her over the past twenty years, but this time he "came out of the mountain". She really paid attention to his marriage. Should he be moved?

Ye Clan didn't seem to care about Marvin's indifference. It seemed that Mrs.Wilson had told them in advance.

Ye Clan's grandfather, in particular, had heard a lot of disparaging remarks about Marvin from his sister. He swallowed all his dissatisfaction for the sake of interests of Ye family.

Marvin casually leaned against the sofa, hearing the group of people attentively talking about the details of the engagement and feeling a woman's "admiring" to him by the way. In his eyes, all of this became a joke, and he could not help laughing.

"Marvin?" Zelda looked at him fawningly. She thought he was going to post something. Of course, she wished him to be involved.

It seemed that Marvin hadn't heard it at all. His eyes fell on Sherry, who was as pale as water.

Many years later, facing so many people again, Sherry did not feel uncomfortable at al

in's hand reflexively. He took a deep look at his brother with his tipsy eyes, and then staggered upstairs.

After getting back to his room, Myron didn't close the door and didn't want to take off his coat. He threw himself directly on the bed, looking at the ceiling with a hint of drunkenness in his eyes.

When a person with something on his mind got drunk, he would be soberer and more conscious of how to drink.

Without raising his eyes, Myron knew that Marvin had come in. But he didn't want to speak to anyone or let anyone talk to him.

Marvin sat down quietly, his eyes burning in the dark. If Myron didn't open his mouth, he wouldn't ask. He also had his own thoughts. As soon as he thought of the group of people downstairs, he wore a cold smile, while his bony fingertips slid along the back of the chair.

His silence was too solemn. Just when he thought that Myron was asleep, he suddenly said, "Brother, do you know that Lancy is going to be engaged?"

His finger stayed in midair for ten seconds before returning to where it had been. "Oh?" Marvin lightly opened his eyes and asked

"Kevin ." Hearing Kevin's words, Myron couldn't bear it. "Maybe Mr.Lakin will be engaged on the same day," These words made people uncomfortable, and people who heard them feel even worse.

Marvin's eyes became cold. He murmured the name "Kevin", which could be seen in his eyes. The man in front of him didn't give up. How could he try to seduce his wife by hook or by crook All right.

"What did she say?" After all, Marvin just wanted to know how reluctant Lancy was.

"Do you care?" Myron asked with a tinge of sadness and irony

Marvin remained silent. Then, Myron asked again, "Since you care about her, why did you hurt Lancy?" As long as Lancy was happy, he didn't mind hiding his feelings for her all his life, and because he was his brother, he would make concessions again and again Why did her brother marry someone else in the end and she herself did. He was not qualified at all.

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