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   Chapter 75 Getting Engaged

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During most of his life, it was the first time that Mr.Lakin got choked by something and couldn't utter a word. It was so coincidental that the old saying came out so earlier? With twisted facial features, Mr.Lakin peeked at Lancy and the babies. Could he say that he just said it casually?

With expectation on his face, Kevin stared at Mr.Lakin intently and his eyes lit up. Nobody knew how to tell him the truth.

Mr.Lakin also felt very stressed.

Gloomy Ray suddenly spoke, "Uncle Kevin is indeed a good choice."

The whole scene was in dead silence.

Kevin felt that today was his lucky day. He was extremely flattered and couldn't believe that he had been approved by Ray!

Kevin really thinks too much.

What should Ray say? Mr.Lakin's hair turned pale and he didn't know how to explain, especially in front of Myron.

Rani didn't notice the difference in their facial expressions. Instead, she thought it was fun.

"Mommy, do you think so?" Ray raised his head and looked at his mother with his black eyes. He seemed to see his mother's true feelings. Did she feel sad?

Hearing that, Lancy lowered her eyes, which were as clear as crystal. Then she looked at Kevin and nodded heavily, "I agree with Ray!"

Well, Lancy, do you know the consequence of saying that? Don't supported him unconditionally once he said a word. Overturning the table! What was a good idea? What was the wisdom?

Hearing that, Myron was totally stunned. He gazed at Lancy with his eyes wide open. 'When is the end of the world? 'No, there must be something wrong with my ears. I should take him to have a check-up, ' Myron thought? And Kevin beside him was in ecstasy.

"Mr. Myron, You'd better leave now," Mr.Lakin said to Myron.

Mr.Lakin grabbed a vase which was filled with water from a servant and put it in Myron's arms. "Have some water. Mr. Myron, you can leave now if you have something to deal with. Don't bother about my family affair. I'll treat you well again." It was said that Lan Clan were so rude that they didn't allow her to drink any water when the guest came to their house.

He thought, 'We should be tolerant to the elder. Time is money for the elderly. To waste my time is truly a waste of my life.'. Who knows if he will be in the next second 'no, I can't do that. My granddaughter is still living a happy life. I won't listen to anyone who says anything. So cut the crap and don't talk too much. I am the master of this land and it's not convenient for the guest to realize it. Please feel free to visit my house next time, ' he thought.

Getting fooled out of the room, Myron looked at the gate with a vase in his hand. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry This time it was a vase. God knew what it would be next time.

As he stood outside the door, Myron was unwilling to leave. He couldn't forget Kevin's eyes, and he didn't believe the last the Marrying Man was Kevin!

The struggle before death maybe referred to Myron.

Ten minutes later, Kevin also came out, but he was not driven out, but rushed home! It was said that strike while the iron was hot. It was rare that the Lan Clan nodded. He was eager to go home and discuss t

, Mommy looked tired.

Although mom was dull, she was influenced by Dad's "cheating"?

Ray watched her leaving, feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Your mommy has something to do with Marvin?" asked Mr.Lakin hesitantly

Seeing this, Ray pouted. He was not sure what his mommy was thinking, and more importantly, he had a doubt in his heart. Only when the doubt was solved could he know the real purpose of his mommy.

The angry baby finally calmed down. It was because of calmness that he found all the behaviors of Marvin were very abrupt and full of doubts, which could not withstand deliberation.

Although Ray was not sure whether Marvin wanted to marry his mother, he was sure that he had no intention of marrying Zelda! After entering into Marvin's family, Ray had spent a lot of time to know the personal relationships of Lu Clan secretly. To be honest, he also knew a little about what had happened that year.

That was why Ray was very certain that Marvin would marry no one from Ye Clan! The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she felt. What was the man planning? As her nose twitched, he sensed conspiracy.

"Ray, tell me your opinion?" Mr.Lakin was now facing Ray.

After pondering for a while, Ray made up his mind. He insisted, "Great Grandpa, if Han Clan really want to come, just agree."

Mr.Lakin raised his eyebrows, seriously?

Nina, who was squatting in the corner, couldn't hear them any more. She broke into the room angrily, pointed at Ray and shouted, "when does it matter to a little kid who makes a fuss about our family affairs? Don't try to confuse grandpa. "

Mr.Lakin was not young anymore and didn't like her anymore. "Nina, how could you talk to a child like that?"

Ray was not surprised at all to see Nina here. He believed that she must be attracted by what he was talking about?

"Auntie, don't worry. Uncle Kevin will come or not? Am I right?" How polite Ray was.

Nina was so angry that her flesh trembled. She couldn't tell whether she was angry or hurt because she knew that Kevin would come.

It was time for her to wake up from her daydream.

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