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   Chapter 74 Running Away From Home

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"Mr. Marvin won't stop us from going home, will you?" With his brows raising slightly, Ray smiled at Jessie, like a little beast protecting his mother. It seemed as if he would rush forward and bite Jessie if he dared to stop her.

Marvin's cold eyes met Ray's. everyone thought that ray might want to say something, but they were interrupted by Marvin, "It's okay for you to go back." What's more, he stepped aside to make way for them.

"Marvin!" 'Will he let Lancy and children go?' Freda asked herself?

"Let me see you out." Myron couldn't stand it anymore and pulled Lancy and the children out. If he had known that things would come to this, he would not have quietly quit.

The heavy slam of the door was deafening, and a few moments later, the sound of a car engine returned to peace.

Freda looked at Marvin, she really did not understand. "Since Lancy has come back, why did he marry Claire? You don't have to worry about your father. You not only hurt Lancy, but also cut off the relationship with our children! "

Ray's cold eyes coincided with Marvin's twenty years ago. Why did Marvin do that? Freda really did not understand. He cared about Lancy and he agreed to marry her in order to save Lancy?

Besides, whether they were Mr. Wilson or Mrs. Wilson, Marvin had never cared about them. The marriage was up to him

Marvin pursed his lips and said with sarcasm and indifference, "Didn't Mrs. Wilson say that Ye Clan and Lu Clan are well matched?"

"…… Have you ever heard of Mrs. Wilson? " Freda frowned. "Brother, have you made any other deal with them?"

Marvin glanced at her coldly.

In fact, Freda was reluctant to get the kite, so she disagreed and said, "brother, no matter what deal you make with them, you should not gamble on marriage..."

When Freda was speaking, Marvin slowly went upstairs.

Hearing the door open, Freda had no choice but to sit back on the sofa.

Marvin shut himself in his room and looked out of the window silently. His dark eyes narrowed slightly as if he was watching Lancy and the twins leave. After a long while, he turned a button, and a secret room appeared in Nora's bedroom


The twins all the way with knitted faces, and Myron also didn't seem to want to talk to her. Glancing at each other from time to time, Lancy decided to shut up and keep silent.

They arrived at home soon, but Myron had no intention of opening the door.

"Uncle Myron." Ray tilted his head to one side, his black grape like eyes piercing into Molly's heart. "We are home now. Thank you, Uncle Myron." In other words, he should have opened the door.

Do not say or do anything. No matter what he wants to say, the fact that he is Marvin's brother can't be changed.

Not to mention the baby's reality and indifference, he had heard too many rumo

ld be solved?

Myron, stupid as he was, knew that he had been beaten on the spot. He forced a smile and said, "Mr. Lakin, I know why you got angry. I apologize to you on behalf of my brother..."

"Stop!" Mr. Lakin glared at Myron. Mentioning Marvin infuriated him. As if he had never been engaged to her

'My precious granddaughter has been cast aside by a horse, and she has been chased away by Marvin!' Mr. Lakin was burning with anger. Breathing heavily, the stick hit the floor heavily. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

When Lancy was promoted to be the Secretary of Marvin, he never thought of forcing Marvin to marry her. But now, how could Marvin turn her down?

He took a look at his precious granddaughter, who was always good-looking and cute and never lost her temper. Where could he find such a cute and lovely girl paper? Look at his two small children, who are sensible and obedient, well-educated and smart, how can not be comparable to ye?

Lancy looked at her grandfather innocently, showing that she had never been engaged.

Hearing that, Mr. Lakin was stunned. He cleared his throat and immediately said, "my daughter has never been engaged. She has always kept her chastity! Besides, there are so many people who want to marry my granddaughter. I think that Kevin is not bad! She had been dreaming of going to his house and propose several times Get engaged? No problem! "

Mr. Lakin was so angry that he spoke without thinking. He had lost his senses and was thrown into a corner.

Mr. Lakin's voice was so loud that Kevin could hear it from far away. He was extremely delighted as he knew that Lancy had come back in a hurry.

With an expression of "I'm dreaming", Kevin, who was standing at the door, came in. He looked at Mr. Lakin in disbelief and asked, "Is Mr. Lakin really agreed to my engagement with Lancy?"

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