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   Chapter 73 Exposed

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Marvin's eyes were mysterious like the bright moon in the dark night, but inexplicably reassuring. He gazed at Lancy, with unprecedented tenderness in his eyes. He said lightly, "From now on, don't go with strangers."

Lancy scratched her head with her restless hand. She looked at Marvin with confusion and asked, "Is the father of boss also a stranger?" Generally speaking, what Marvin said was not wrong.

Hearing that, Marvin raised his eyebrows. A tinge of cold flashed across his eyes as he said, "he's not a stranger."

Lancy nodded incessantly. After all, he was the boss' father.

"He is a bad guy. Stay away from him as far as you can from now on." Marvin lowered his head and didn't say a word. It seemed that he was all ears into the congee.

"What?" Hearing that, Lancy was completely stunned. It turned out that Wilson is inferior to strangers.

A big smile crept on Marvin's lips. She was so cute that he touched her nose and said in a doting tone, "Good girl, be obedient."

'be obedient? Well, my boss is so tender that I can't stand it.'. Lancy stared at Marvin with her red face and nodded stiffly.

So what? Of course, Lancy could only be obedient! That's what a cold man can do when he is gentle~~

"Let's get some more sleep." Marvin tucked her in.

It was not until the door was closed and the man left that Lancy realized that she wasn't sleepy at all. She was in high spirits. Something must be wrong with her sleep.

Hearing the footsteps, Myron raised his head. He had never been as anxious as now. "Brother, how is Lancy?"

After casting a glimpse at Myron and Freda, Marvin replied, "She is fine. She just ate some porridge and then went to bed."

Myron couldn't wait to go upstairs and have a look at Lancy, even just one glance. He stood there, in a dilemma. Just like his situation, he had no courage to take a step forward.

Myron every expression and every action gave away his secret thought.

Under such obvious nervousness, Freda took a look at Marvin subconsciously.

"Myron." Marvin's eyes were cold, sharp and dreadful. It was easy to see through one's mind. "We are brothers and have great resemblance since childhood. Both Ray and Rani were still kids, so it was natural for them to mistake others There are some words that I don't need to tell you. You should understand. "

Marvin didn't say any mysterious words because they were good friends. Likewise, he didn't want to hurt Myron as well. However, the last thing he wanted to do was to break up with one another because of love.

Freda uneasily looked at the two brothers and wanted to say something, but she didn't know where to start.

Myron opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking. After a while,

sure flashing in them. He stared at her, trying to spot any displeasure on her face! However, Marvin was disappointed. Was she really congratulating him on his engagement?

When the boss cast a glance at her, Lancy was frightened and wondered whether the congratulations were not sincere enough? The girl scratched her braid and said sincerely, "I hope you can be united as one, and hold kids in three years..." Lancy said as she stared at Marvin innocently?

The corner of his mouth twitched. Marvin felt a dull pain in his stomach.

The intense atmosphere in the room disappeared because of a woman's flattering words. The man was angry and funny. Was she serious?

Lancy smiled back innocently. In her simple mind, it was the normal reaction that she wished others engaged. "Well, I will come to your engagement party I will go there. " Lancy thought, 'my boss really likes the gift money.'?

"…… All right. " Marvin took a deep breath and stared at Lancy. He dared not anger her any more.

Poor boss, you are still mad at me. As soon as mommy asked you to do this, the baby naturally answered it.

"Mr. Marvin, thank you for taking care of us during this period," Ray pretended to "thank" Marvin and called him "Mr. Marvin" instead of "Daddy". He bowed to "Mr. Marvin" respectfully and respectfully.

With the dissatisfaction in her big black and white eyes, Rani pouted. Imitating her brother's gesture, she said, "thank you for taking care of us."

Marvin's efforts and image in the children's mind collapsed all of a sudden. It's so unfair!' he thought.

In Myron's eyes, the dull look of Lancy was the pretended toughness after she was hurt. Wasn't her smile the best evidence? As for the kids, the estrangement between them and Marvin was the best proof, because he had hurt three of them.

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