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   Chapter 72 A Bitch Is So Argumentative

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9283

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Freda grinned wickedly. "Nowadays medical technology is so advanced. Can you find out the gender of the baby before her belly bulges?" younger brother? How ridiculous! Are you insane of missing your son?

The smile on Sara's face froze, and she gave a ferocious stare at Freda, but changed to an expression of a victim white rabbit. Her black eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Sara stared at Freda sadly and raised her voice deliberately, "MissFreda, please don't embarrass me I really can't do that. I knows that you have always looked down upon me, but I really can't do that... "

In fact, both of them were the opposite kind. They were both bright and beautiful, but Sara was sweet and harmless. Freda is more aggressive.

People had been cheated by Sara's deceitful face and her ambiguous words, making people stare at Freda in an unfriendly way.

As if, Sara was the innocent female lead, because she was forced to engage in prostitution. For a moment, all the accusations were directed at Freda.

"Look at this woman. She is quite pretty and kind. How could she be so vicious?"

"You are right. How shameless of you to bully me in broad daylight."

"TSK, TSK. She looks like a rich lady who bullies people with her power."

In just a few minutes, Freda had been under attack. If the eyes could kill people, Sara would die for numerous times.

With tears on her face, Sara attached herself to Freda, and the outsiders looked like she was begging, "Freda, we don't interfere with each other. Don't worry. I won't put you into trouble. You can go there if you want to, but I will not accompany you. "

Both of us mind our own business? Freda gave a weird smile and nodded back to her car.

It seemed that the Freda had given up the intention to embarrass Sara, which made Sara very proud She was right. The kid was her possession. Even the arrogant Miss Freda had to compromise.

Really? Sara was so naive!

Some were malicious and vicious This could be considered a praise for Freda. What made her upset was that she was cheated by a shameless woman!

'now that I am a bad woman, then just be bad as you like!' Freda thought in mind!

Her beautiful eyes in the mirror was frightening. Freda stepped on the gas to the end... Followed by a loud bang, followed by a deafening screech of Sara.

Both of the two cars were destroyed, with one front and one parking space.

Indeed, it was a great joy to fly there. After shaking down the window, Freda said to Sara smilingly, "Oh, I'm sorry. I mistook the gas for the brake by accident. Please rest assured, lady Yang. I will compensate for everything you suffered Oh, if you are still worried, you can ask my father for help. Anyway, you are familiar with each other Ask him to buy another car fo

gry that she covered her stomach with her hands. She hurriedly ate a lot. How long had she not eaten? She remembered that she had her dinner. Was she so hungry because she missed the breakfast?

Lancy was totally confused by his words. Her big eyes blinked, she looked at Marvin and pouted as if she was complaining, "Why don't you ask me to have breakfast?

Hearing that, Marvin was a little frustrated. He felt both annoyed and funny. He could not expect any normal response from her. However, Marvin didn't tell her that it had been the second day after she had dinner with Wilson. It was natural that she felt hungry.

Marvin instructed the servant to bring the porridge here every ten minutes to ensure the porridge's freshness and heat. It happened that the servant brought in.

Lancy didn't see any servant because Marvin took over the bowl at the door.

"It's porridge!" Lancy bit the spoon and frowned. "No porridge, I want to eat meat. Drumsticks, duck legs, KFC. I want meat..."

Perhaps it was because of the strong effect of the drug, Lancye felt the coldness in her mouth and the sadness.

However, she didn't expect that he would be slapped back by Marvin! Although Marvin didn't say anything, his eyebrows, lips pursed into a line, all of which made him very unhappy.

Lancy kept swallowing saliva and hesitated between taking the anger of the boss and eating meat, and finally won! Her eyes were determined and she swore, "I want eat meat!"!

Marvin sent a spoonful of chicken porridge to her mouth and said concisely, "have some meat."

Lancy opened her mouth stiffly. She didn't want to spit out anything? Seeing that he was so far away, Lancy suddenly did not know what to say. She could do nothing but let him take one spoon after another Anyway, no matter how small piggy was, it was still meat in the porridge.

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