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   Chapter 71 Too Exciting

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"Is this the patient you are talking about?" The man leant on the door. Finally, his eyes fell on the woman in the bed. The man's temperament was actually very close to that of Marvin, however, Marvin had the innate King spirit, and his indifference and aloofness were closely related to his position. But this person was different, which was more like aversion and dissatisfaction to the whole world than his coldness.

No one can replace him. Of course, this is an exception.

Marvin nodded and said, "okay."

He slowly opened the medical kit and asked, "What are you going to do if I haven't come back yet?"

"You came back five days ago," Marvin said, biting his lips

Man arched an eyebrow, but said nothing. It was his habit to feel Lancy's pulse with a handkerchief. He never liked to come into contact with people, especially women.

"How is Lancy?" Asked Marvin.

The man raised his eyes, and a wicked glint flashed in them. "Is she the woman who has a way with you? Are you really her boyfriend? "

Marvin didn't say anything, just because he didn't want to. The smile in the man's eyes was even wider, "I can't imagine you would be like this."

"…… What happened to her? " Anxiety was written all over his face.

"Nothing important..." The man replied unhurriedly. When Marvin was relieved, he continued, "but that doesn't mean she's fine."

Surrounded by Marvin, the atmosphere fell, "what do you mean?"


"Joseph..." What a warning.

Joseph then explained slowly, "Using the elixir which can make an adult elephant faint in this woman's body Every medicine has its side effects. You know, Lancy's body is cold all the time. And this time, it hurts her. "

Clenching his fists tightly and looking down at the floor, nobody could tell whether Marvin was angry or not.

Gazing at him, Joseph continued, "it affect her fertility..."

With a crisp sound, Marvin seemed to have crushed something. Blood flowed out of his palm and fell bit by bit on the white quilt.

Joseph narrowed his eyes and smiled. What an evil smile!

Because of what happened to Lancy. Marvin, who had always regarded others as onlookers, didn't notice it at all.

"I have given a prescription. She will wake up in 24 hours! As for the rest medicines, I have some rare ones. I'll make some pills and send them to you three days later. " Joseph closed the medical kit.

After hearing what Joseph said, Marvin took a deep look at him and said, "thank you!"

With a meaningful smile on his face, Joseph replied, "you're welcome. Remember to owe me a favor."

The two men nodded to each other, showing their agreement.

After the Joseph left, Marvin was standing by the bedside, holding her wrist unconsciously with his right hand, and groping back and forth with his index finger. Contrary to his cold face, he was so gentle when he helped her push away the hair in front

r house or not, but she couldn't lead the way.

"Don't be like this, Freda!" Sara tried to persuade her.

"It's none of your business!"

"If you keep doing this, I'll shout!"

"Just yell! No one will come to rescue you no matter how hard you try!"



After keeping silent for a minute, Freda and Sara looked at each other and Freda released her hand.

Sara cleared her throat and replied with some warning and something unknown in her eyes, "Freda, you are dragging a pregnant woman, I'm afraid it's not good to you."

pregnant woman? Freda's black eyes darkened. 'no wonder Sara talked to me like this. It turns out I'm pregnant.' "Are you threatening me?"

"How could I threaten you? I just want to remind you that in view of the current physical condition of the heavenly heart, such violent action is not suitable." Sara replied with a fake smile, "I'm sure Freda won't hurt a pregnant woman, right?"

In other words, Freda didn't want to talk with her about that matter.

Sara touched her belly unconsciously. She really hoped that the baby was a boy. It was not true that Sara had no ambition. Her future life would be more guaranteed with her son who was leading an extraordinary life! 'if my son can live up to his day...' Maybe he could help her become a member of the Lu Clan.

Freda squinted dangerously and looked at Sara sarcastically. It was obvious that she was an complacent woman and full of ambition. "You are not the first one to give birth to my father's baby, and you won't be the second one."

"……" There was no doubt that Sara was hurt by the words, because Sara know how many illegitimate children of Wilson outside? Sara knows better than Freda! However, Sara pretended not to understand her and said innocently. "Freda, do you misunderstand me? I just want to have this baby. It's the fruit of your father's love. Am I wrong to be careful? He is your brother, after all. "

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