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   Chapter 70 The Boss Will Back Me Up

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Rubbing his forehead with a headache, Marvin was not in the mood to tease him at all. "You have five minutes to find a person."

"Five minutes?" Gary held his "more beautiful" face and screamed. He even couldn't fix his clothes for five minutes.

"Cut the crap. You have four minutes left."

'Boss, can you be more naughty?' Gary thought? Gary held his head in pain, knowing that there was a reason otherwise the boss would not be like this, " Message. "

"Lancy must be in Alaska. I don't think it's difficult," Marvin explained

'well, it's not that hard not to say it out loud Gary just wanted to laugh. 'Boss, dare you be more angry?'?

"Well, can't you do it?" Marvin said coldly, raising his eyebrows. Pleasure could be seen in his eyes. He must have a close relationship with Rachel.

"If I can't do it, how can somebody defeat me?" With his eyes wide open, Gary jumped into the "deep pit" unbelievably. A person, who had been professional for a hundred years, quickly activated the working mode, and quickly sent an address to Marvin.

It was a small building in western region, and now the woman who lived here was the person Wilson liked most in the past two years -- Sara.

Sara was only twenty-six years old, not too old, but she was not out of date with tender m, who was in his early twenties. It was precisely because of this that she had the innocence and romance of a little girl, and the light flirtation of an acquaintance. More importantly, she had an inborn cute mouth, and knew men's mind, so as to Wilson dote on her.

She had been with Wilson for more than ten years. She was the woman who had stayed beside Wilson for the longest time. That was another proof of her extraordinary ability.

A few hours ago, Wilson gave her a golden card to go out for fun. She had been living in a house in the Southern District and would not come back for the time being. Although Sara was confused, she knew what to ask.

A man of great wealth and power like Wilson would not clean his hands! He wouldn't tell her about all the intrigues she had done. As long as Sara was sure that was not the case, she would be fine as long as Wilson would not came back with a woman.

Why was Sara so sure? For God's sake, if it was really a woman's idea, then it would not need to be this difficult. Wilson was not the only woman to pay for it.

Sara had already been having fun with her sister naughty outside. The small villa was dark, and in order to ensure the safety, Wilson asked all the servants to leave, leaving only a few guards. They were drinking and peeling at the hall!

They were no match for Marvin? No, they were not qualified to be his opponent at all.

The three-dimensional structure of the small building was transmitted to Marvin's cellphone with three-dimensional pictures. At the moment, Lancy was shut in the innermost guest room on the third floor. The tall and straight man disappeared from the street in a short time.

A few minutes later, the floor to ceiling windows at the far left room of the third floor were gently pu

oops, don't let me hurt you. "~~

At the same time, Ben stopped Marvin and Jesse threw himself at Lancy! As a sophisticated man, Jesse knew that this man was not easy to deal with. Therefore, he was thinking to try his best to make Lancy stay with him.

Jesse didn't think that he was discovered by anyone. He saw that he was getting closer and closer to the target, so close that he could pull Lancy out of the bed with one hand. All of a sudden, he felt an unbearable pain in his abdomen, and the whole body was risen. Before he could react, he fell heavily, and with a loud noise, countless glasses fell into his body.

The glass coffee table broke into pieces, leaving only an empty shelf. Jesse was stuck there and smashed. As a pathetic man, Ben fainted at Marvin'S feet, and all this was done within a second. He was as elegant as an aristocrat, who was now taking out a white kerchief and gently wiping his slender hands.

In the blink of an eye, the three men left. The man looked at Marvin in horror, trembling, and a faint look made his knees weak and half kneel on the ground, not to mention the strength to walk.

"Tie them up," Marvin snapped with his back to the relatively weak men.

The relatively weak men suddenly shivered and tied up Jesse and Ben in a few seconds. They were so foolish that they looked at Marvin Hey, man, you are an ordinary hooligan who kidnapped an accomplice. Since when is he a loyal dog?

Hearing that, Marvin turned his head back. As soon as he took a slight glance at that woman, the paper on which the man had been written was immediately understood! She quickly wrapped herself with the rope and wasn't relieved until she felt the man removed his eyes.

The paper man looked at unconscious Ben on the left, and then looked at Jesse who was in a coma in the left. Suddenly he felt that he was so smart that he immediately understood the role the middle-aged man had in a fight. So it was better to surrender with both hands.

At this time, the people who Marvin waited for finally came.

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