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   Chapter 69 To Order The Boss

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She didn't like him. She just pointed out Wilson backbone! He shook his head and was determined to forget what a woman said in the past. He thought that as time went by, it was not suitable Many people refused him.

However, no matter how angry and sad Wilson was, his face had turned blue. Even Freda knew what he was thinking about, so he had no choice but to turn away. When Lancy was giving her a hard time, she made a mistake. There was nothing more annoying than her innocence and sincerity -- her eloquence was true.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to your secretary for the time being." "I just invited her to dinner. I know better than you about the manners to a guest," Wilson explained, shrugging his shoulders

Upon hearing this, Marvin calmed down immediately. He had been in a rage as he looked at his biological father carefully. "What do you want?" Since they had taken Lancy away at great costs, they must have plotted something.

In the battle between the father and son, this was the first time that Wilson had gained the upper hand. Wilson wiped his face and rarely praised Marvin, "I like to talk with smart people. Good boy, you can see your little secretary as soon as possible. As long as you are engaged to Claire and have a certificate, you can naturally see her. Of course, I will order the servants to serve her well these days. "

He narrowed her eyes slightly, which made it hard to tell whether he was happy or angry. Marvin looked incredibly calm. He looked at Walter, who was listening to Wilson without interrupting. He wanted to see how shameless his own father was!

Freda widened her eyes in disbelief and almost screamed, "Dad! How could you do this to me?" He was so despicable that he threatened his brother to marry Claire with the excuse of Lancy. However, Freda would not admit that she was defending Lancy. She, she hated Claire. That was what really happened.

Wilson waved his hand indifferently and enjoyed the fruit of victory. "It's the marriage arranged by your parents. You and our group will naturally have to consider it. Is the Pearl of Ye Clan less than that silly little secretary outside? The one who can help our family can get the position of Mrs.Marvin "

"As for your little secretary..." With an obscene smile, Wilson continued, "women, especially those nowadays, will follow you as long as you have money."

A mocking smile appeared on his cold face. Marvin lifted up his black eyes and asked, "are you talking about yourself?"

Just like his wife sherry.

Since they Wilson didn't expect that the moment they heard the good news, even Freda turned pale.

Wilson didn't take it seriously. On the contrary, he took it for granted that he could handle women well. "What? You don't have the ability to conquer my secretary?"

'Mr. Wilson, is he really your husband in front of his son and daughter?

In terms of the normal sexual qu

If only he could be like an ordinary father. He would be so happy that he could see the harmony between husband and wife, the friendship between brother and sister-in-law, and the father and son. Could such happiness be nothing but the desire for power?

In fact, the reason why Marvin said he didn't need it was because he really didn't need it. It was a piece of cake for him to find out where Lancy was. He didn't take Wilson seriously at all!

Marvin's mind told himself that Wilson would not find trouble for Lancy at the moment with the way of doing things, He was more determined that with his ability, he could find her and protect her well! However, his frown exposed his worry. After all, he still worried about her.

Ten minutes or five minutes would be too long for him to calm down as long as he didn't see Lancy safe and sound It turned out that this was called worry.

In the dark, Marvin dialed a number. The man on the other end of the phone was busy at the moment!

How busy was he?

The night life on the earth had just begun. A person who always boasted himself of being handsome and extraordinary was always snatched away by beautiful women. He was most proud of having sex with different women every night. From his voice and impatient tone, it was not difficult to guess what the man was doing at the moment.

"Who is it?" A man with red hair was busy with his work when his cell phone suddenly rang, which distracted him for several times. He shouted without checking the caller ID. the next second, he was so frightened that he almost collapsed.


His cold voice sent a chill down his spine. He must have died, so was he.

The man called "Gary" instantly became obedient and even heard the sound of the woman being kicked off the bed. After a few seconds, he said with a flattering tone, "Ha ha, boss, you get up so early -".

That was what Marvin wanted to say. Marvin hadn't slept at all.

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