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   Chapter 68 The Importance Of Vigilance

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"Miss Lancy, meet is predestined... It's my fault. I'll punish myself with three cups of wine. " Wilson seemed to be back to normal.

But it's not a good business. Mr. Wilson, you learned Chinese from the teacher in the infirmary, right?

Without any awareness of danger, Lancy stretched out her neck and said shyly, "I can't drink."

Wilson raised her eyebrows and waved to the nearest waiter. "Then let's use tea instead of wine!"

The waiter was first stunned and then responded quickly. The smile on his face was somewhat vague. That was what the man knew. He rushed into the tea room as soon as he got out, carrying the "carefully made" tea in his hand.

"Lady, this is our best tea, please." The waiter bowed his head, secretly gave a glance at Wilson and left quickly.

Lancy had a talent for tasting wine. As long as she got a name for the wine, she just needed to smell it.

Even for a layman, she felt the same when the tea was served to her mouth by the emperor. It was almost the same as when a worker bought two yuan in a cup on the street.

If someone had added something in the tea, she would never drink it as long as it was not with salt or cola.

Please take a warning~

Lancy prepared the dishes in one go. Everyone present began to stagger! "What happened, earthquake?" The foggy eyes tried hard to open, but were unable to resist the effect of the drug and fell directly on the long table.

Lancy was so dull that she couldn't tell what had happened to her. She even didn't realize that she had been drugged?


It was nine o'clock in the evening when Marvin came back home. As soon as he opened the door, it was dark inside. Usually, it was the happiest time between Rani and Ray at this time. How could they be so quiet?

He found two fluffy kids at a corner of the dining table when he walked past the kitchen in the dark. They were Ray and Rani, weren't they?

Two little things were slouching against the table and their heads were against the back of their hands. They covered their eyes subconsciously when the light suddenly came on. Then they didn't have to cover their eyes anymore.

"…… I'm hungry. " Ray looked at his sister and said in a weak voice. He even had the strength to open his eyes.

"Hungry as a dog..." Rani added, her watery eyes filled with grievance.

Because Lancy was addicted to cooking, she never gave the baby the opportunity to learn to cook, she calling it a "patent". Genius like twins could only look at the empty kitchen and sigh.

Ray was even more depressed. After being sent back by the driver, he was still hoping that his mommy would come back. "Your daddy hasn't back yet, Mommy cooks something" all these had become his obsession.

But they had never expected that her mother would come bac

was going to strangle the man. At this moment, he was stopped by Freda and asked, "Brother, Dad, can you calm down?"

"Calm down?" Marvin smiled evilly and said coldly. "Does he deserve it?"

Those cold and ironic eyes really stung Wilson! That year's incident appeared in front of his eyes. At that time, Marvin, who had returned with a lot of wounds, had been looking at him in this way. Pride, disdain, and resentment were mixed in his eyes, as if saying that a person like him didn't deserve to be his father at all

Wilson's face was as red as an apple when he heard what Marvin said. "Well, do you have the guts to admit it?"

"Yes, I did it. So what?" He didn't plan to keep the truth from Marvin. It was only if Marvin knew that, that he would be obedient.

As soon as his voice fell, Wilson took a step back subconsciously and could not help trembling. If there were not Freda between them, Wilson would have been beaten up.

"Brother, what happened?" Freda pulls Marvin. Anyway, Wilson is also their father.

With great self-control, Marvin calmed down and replied, "He kidnapped Lancy."

Freda looks at Wilson in amazement.

"How did you know she was kidnapped? Don't you know my charm, my dear son?" Wilson said. He was implying that Lancy was willing to go with him.

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Freda is in a hurry now. Lancy is her brother's woman, Isn't it against the rules?

"Did I say anything?" As this was the Lu mansion, Marvin dared not to do anything to him. So Wilson was more and more presumptuous.

A light flashed across Marvin's eyes. He gazed at Wilson with an unreadable expression on his face, and some of them sneered at him. "I'm sure that Lancy doesn't like you." Marvin's tone was as calm as death. He could see through Wilson's lies at a glance.

He knew clearly that Lancy didn't like him.

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