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   Chapter 67 Do Whatever You Want

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In her eyes, there was a serious look on Wilson's face. It took Lancy a while to realize what she had said. "Just wait!" Lancy said bashfully

"Of course I can!" Wilson was so pleased with himself, thinking that every woman would be attracted by him! He offered her time to think. It was the privilege of being a beauty.

Actually, one of the most important things for her was to call Marvin right away. 'He is not my father's son, is he? 'did his father get it from the hole in the bridge?'?

However, unconsciously, Lancy took out her mobile phone and pulled out the dial keyboard to open the mobile phone browser! She didn't want to ask why she did that, because Marvin had never mentioned his parents to her.

Wilson was one of the few big shots in Alaska. The information about him could be found on Google. It was all kinds of gossip about him, for example, the name of sherry was on the list of live for him.

In that photo, Wilson was holding slutty woman in his arms. In this photo, Lancy felt sorry for Marvin for the first time It was not easy for Marvin to grow up healthily and become a human being She understood that sometimes he had some mental problems.

The expression on Lancy's face was weird, so Wilson looked sideways at her. Was she ecstatic? Not likely. Miss Lancy, what's your choice? "

Embarrassed, Lancy looked at Wilson and wondered whether he was serious? "Mr.Wilson, how old are you?" For the sake of her boss, she asked the question in a implicit way, at least in her heart.

"…… I haven't reached fifty yet. " Wilson had to admit that Lancy stepped on his Achilles' heel! 'I am the hottest period for men. It could absolutely satisfy any woman.'

However, his resentment was hid by Lancy. She thought she had told the young man what she wanted to say. She knew that Mr.Wilson was smart enough to understand that. Therefore, she smiled innocently and shyly, "I'm not yet 30..."~~~

Lancy had forgotten her innocent face that was about the same age as twenty years old. Most people who knew her thought that she was in her early twenties, which was the most beautiful age for a girl. On the basis of this and fact, Wilson felt that he was laughed at, and he couldn't help but sneer at the woman inside?

"What? Are you worried that I'm not as generous as Marvin?" With a hideous face, Marvin took Wilson's date away without doing anything, and this woman remained unmoved by his intentional flattery. This was absolutely impossible! "I'm older than you. There is an old saying which goes, 'aged people always care about people.' isn't that the rule?"

"Miss Lancy, there are some things that you can't know if you don't give it a try."

His naked eyes, like a radar, scanned the whole process. Finally, they landed at a place below Lancy's neck. The figure was the most attrac

turn a blind eye to it He had to do something to face up to her. Even if it would be highly possible.

Marvin Fall in love with her? Her steady heartbeat suddenly accelerated. He just said that. How could her heart beat faster? Lancy only felt weird, but she didn't know what was going on. She just stared blankly ahead. Alright, she suddenly figured out what was going on~

Lancy's silence gave Wilson an answer. Suddenly, he turned agitated and anxious, pacing back and forth on the deck! It is impossible for someone like Marvin to fall in love with a woman But he kept the little secretary by his side, which at least proved that she was more or less different in his eyes?

That was exactly the reason why he wanted to seduce the little secretary? However, this woman refused to take the bait no matter what she did Since this was the case, the plan must be changed a little!

"Miss, I'll give you one more chance. Would you like to work for me?" As for how much Wilson loved Lancy, that was his last struggle. That was a complete joke!

The former driver told her the truth. He didn't love this kind of innocent girl. Instead, this little "flaw" was made up by Marvin. It was the fact that Lancy was Marvin's woman that evoked Wilson's "interest" in this girl. Otherwise, I don't think Lancy is capable enough to attract other's attention.

Mr. Wilson, are you sure you're not pissed off? Was too proud to be raised~

If the Secretary didn't know how to behave herself, he would never give her any chance!

"NO!" Lancy had a professional ethics and a loyal secretary. I'll tell him tomorrow and ask for his praise~

"Good!" However, when Wilson first met with Lancy, he realized that she was a weirdo! Now that she was so ungrateful, he had no choice but to satisfy her. Anyway, she got what she wanted, didn't she? Marvin has a bad view on women, doesn't he?'~

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