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   Chapter 66 The Fierce Battle

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Seeing that, Lancy pouted. The driver was really not cute at all! She searched the possible candidates one by one with her head down Kevin? Myron? Or Marvin? The girl said that her brain was not enough, so she gave up the treatment after a while Well, we'll know what we can do when we get there~

There were various kinds of champagne and red wine in the small refrigerator of the car, and her round eyes looked at them from time to time For Lancy, who was a bloodthirsty person but forced to be abstinent, this was undoubtedly a great challenge!

'Once I took a look, I would never allow myself to be with her again!'! She was obedient Very obedient! Sweetie, it would be more convincing if the person you were looking at was actually Leena. However, Lancy was a persistent girl. Moreover, the last time when she was drunk, the ban on drinking was delayed again by another year. She would not make the same mistake on purpose again.

Thinking of this, Lancy felt sad It was not easy for a mother to do that. Every time ray pulled a long face and glared at her with his black eyes, she would lose all her confidence.

Hearing her sigh, the driver misunderstood her meaning and said, "Don't worry, Miss Landy. We will arrive soon. Boss is waiting for you in the dining room."

Perhaps it was because the expression of Lancy was too lively, or perhaps it was because she gave a feeling that she was too harmless, the driver was still softhearted.

Compared with other female companions of Wilson, one was more arrogant and sweet, and Lancy was undoubtedly the most approachable. Daisy sat there quietly, with no arrogance at all. She did not look like the lover of the rich at all. Her sweet appearance was very hard to be cold. The driver could not help but expose himself to the boss.

"Boss?" Hearing that, Lancy's eyes shined. In her opinion, such a generous amount of money could only be obtained from her boss.

Marvin, you are such a rich man. Lancy smiled happily, with faint sweetness in her eyes But Lancy didn't realize that. It had never occurred to her that when she knew the person who invited her, she could not be more calm. Strange to say, she had never worried when she stood by Marvin's side

"Cough, Miss Lancy, you will know as soon as you arrive!" The driver kept silent.

After more than ten minutes, they reached the destination.

Hearing that, Lancy got off the car. She lowered her head in astonishment The snow-white carpet extended from the inside to her feet, and the waiters standing side by side respectfully bowed 90 degrees. They were obviously well-trained!

But how did it look like on the screen? The white carpet Lancy felt that he could never run out of money like that, so Marvin decided to ask for help?

Of course, such as being proud, romantic, flattered All these were not true. Lancy felt embarrassed! She didn't expect that Marvin was such a flirtatious man. She really wanted to turn around and pretend that she didn't know him?

"Miss Lancy, please!" The waiters responded simultaneously

y conscience inexplicably, she said sheepishly, "I'm not as good as you said!"

Wilson lowered his head and hid the smugness in his eyes. The girl's shyness instantly brought back his confidence. "How can it be? When I meet a real person, I think Miss Lancy is more attractive than what the rumor says!"

While speaking, Lancy, who was gluttonly eating, didn't seem to take the hint of his "kindness". However, her perfect dining etiquette was that no one could find anything wrong with it. After saying that, Wilson kept watching her to eat, which made him unable to go on talking.

Beauty, do you really think you are here for dinner?

"Miss Lancy, how did you become my son's secretary?" Wilson made an excuse.

Biting the fork, Lancy's small face became serious. Yes, this was a serious question. She couldn't tell him that she didn't know what to do? "How did you become his secretary Suddenly she became the Secretary of Mr. Lu. "

Upon hearing this, Wilson thought that Edward and Daisy had slept for a night and she was entitled to stand by his side. There must be something fishy between Marvin and his little secretary! "My son is too arrogant to be protected by shrewd people! I can see that you're both smart and beautiful. I bet you have a lot of pursuers. "

Beauty lied as wisdom 'Mr.Wilson, you are such an idiot!' She thought.

"I wonder if I have the chance." Seeing that Lancy was unwilling to accept his offer, Wilson made it clear.

Do you know what the word "shocked" means? Lancy vividly told everyone what "shocked"!

She was still chewing the half piece of steak, and ate it leisurely. She threw the piece of steak to her mouth in a casual manner, and then looked at his wrinkled face in front of her with surprise~~~

In fact, Wilson wasn't that old. But in Lancy's mind, she always regarded him as the father of the boss. Even his son was older than her, so it was normal for her to call him experienced man.

What's more, he had a husband and a wife. Why would he ask such a question?

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