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   Chapter 65 Added Humiliation

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Mrs.Dora, who was comforting her daughter, heard her sobbing and couldn't help complaining! As the saying goes, a married daughter is like water. Mrs.Wilson had already been a member of Lu Clan, but she still extended her hand to Ye Clan. No one could stand her holding her head high. She couldn't understand why her husband and her father-in-law would listen to Mrs. Wilson.

Ye Clan tried to maintain a marriage relationship with Lu Clan. Mrs.Wilson had lost her husband's heart thirty years ago No, the man in Lu Clan had never really loved her. Fortunately, the woman still had a conscience. Although he couldn't give her love and affection, she still kept the proper respect and dignity as the hostess of Lu Clan for the sake of husband and wife.

Besides, after Mr. Lakin left the company and family affairs to manage, Mrs.Wilson had been in charge of Lu Clan for a long time. Therefore, she had an important position in Lu Clan. Even at present, the ruler of Wilson Group, Marvin had never embarrassed her face to face.

To be honest, in the public, besides Marvin, the representative of Lu Clan must be Mrs. Wilson.

However, Mrs. Wilson was old and would not be successful for a long time. If the relationship between the Lu family and the Ye family wanted to keep, it needed to be a marriage.

Zelda was not the only daughter of Ye Clan, but the best one.

As far as Mrs.Dora was concerned, no one in the world would give a smart girl like her a hard time.

"Honey, Zelda, don't cry!" Mrs.Dora held her daughter and comforted her softly. "No matter how bad Mrs. Wilson is, she has a good starting point. Isn't she able to follow your heart to his side?"

Zelda rubbed her eyes and shook her head repeatedly. "No, it shouldn't be like this..." She couldn't understand why things didn't go as she had planned?

The ideal was nice, but the reality was cruel.

"Zelda, tell me the truth. Do you have to marry him?" Mrs.Dora said seriously.

With her eyes wide open, Zelda said firmly, "Mom, I want him, just him!" Now Zeldawas just like a little girl who lost her favorite toy. As long as she asked him, he would get what he wanted. Her parents and grandpa will do everything to satisfy her wish.

Willful? It would be better if she could realize that she was self willed And the doctor said that there is nothing to be done, "Thank you."

Mrs.Dora coaxed her daughter like a spoiled child, "Okay, okay, I know. In that case, I will discuss your marriage with your grandpa. And you needn't go to that class. Your engagement with Marvin is the real matter. " Only with a legitimate identity could he be the key.

"Engaged?" Zelda stopped crying. She was surprised and delighted but she was confused.

"Of course. Our real purpose is to get married. Silly girl, if he didn't want to marry you, why did the elders of the Lu and ye family worry so much? " Mrs.Dora pointed at her daughter's nose.

"…… But, will Marvin be willing to engage me? " Thinking


Poor Lancy, she was remembered again!

From ancient times to the present, it was widely known that Lancy was as dangerous as the other women according to her own experience and blood relationship!


One day, Marvin was not in the company because of the explosion of landmark, and the bored Lancy finally arrived at the off-duty time.

As soon as Lancy stepped out of the gate of the group, a fancy car stopped in front of her! How can you describe it in this way? Embarrassed, Lancy looked at the golden logo on the front part of the car. The shiny body and even the tires were so glowing.

How can you be so rich?! "This is the message from this Lancy.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Lancy?" The driver got out of the car politely and bowed to her.

Lancy was flattered. She nodded numbly to answer his question.

His hands in white gloves opened the door for her in person. The driver said respectfully: "Please get in the car."

"Me?" Lancy pointed at herself and asked in a cute voice.

But, honey, you're already in the car. What's the point?

The driver looked at her through the front mirror, with a strange and incredible expression in his eyes! He looked up and down on the "distinguished guest" in the back seat and sighed again that the boss's sexual orientation was getting more and more difficult to catch. He was unable to judge with common sense! This young lady didn't seem to be the type he liked

"Um... Where are we going?" Lancy looked out of the window at the scenery passing by. It was a very strange way.

"You will know when we get there." The driver's tone was just like the throat reading machine. It seemed that he often answered similar questions.

After a short silence, Lancy launched the attack of harassment again. "Driver, who told you to pick me up?"

The driver switched on the speaker mode again and said, "You'll know when you arrive."

If you dare not say one more word, I swear I won't beat you to death!

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