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   Chapter 64 The Secretary Of Secretary

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Besides, photocopying and errands are all her work... You can order her to do any work from now on. " Marvin was smiling and his voice was as soft as whispers between lovers.

Hearing that, Lancy stared at him in astonishment. All of a sudden, she felt that her brain was not working. She managed to find the words -- "from now on". She could continue working here?

Marvin touched her little head and said meaningfully, "You are my exclusive secretary. You don't have to do those petty things. Do you understand?"

"…… I don't understand. " Lancy shook her head. She felt something was wrong?

"She's your secretary." A smile appeared on Marvin's lips.

He, Marvin, was not a man who could be tricked?

Lancy finally became enlightened. She opened her eyes and asked incredibly, "a secretary can also has a secretary?"

He pointed to two positions with his fingers and explained patiently, "of course, there is a huge gap between you and her."

Lancy understood it completely.

Lancy smiled from ear to ear, while her eyes were narrowed into two thin lines It means she got a promotion. Then all the bad mood was gone, and Lancy's sweet smile spread in Marvin's black eyes.

Poor Zelda, racked her brains and finally came to Marvin's side. It turned out that she was to be a loyal assistant to Lancy~~

Zelda was so complacent. If she had known that she was so important in her prince charming's eyes, the scene she had been arrogant in front of Lancy must have been the funniest joke of the year?

"Are you satisfied now?" Marvin gave a wider smile. Lancy could not be happier even if her eyes were still full of tears She cried and laughed now and then, just like a child! She wasn't the person who would get mad at him as she used to be However, seeing Lancy like this, Marvin had a different feeling.

Perhaps it was because she was really happy, or perhaps it was because the man looked at her too concentrated and spoiled, Lancy blushed and looked very beautiful. As careless as she was, Lancy was too shy to look at him.

When Zelda went back to her office, she sensed something wrong. She looked at Lancy, who was smiling joyfully. Isn't she in a bad mood? Isn't she frustrated? What's wrong with that?

It was so obvious that there was a trace of affection in the air between Marvin and Lancy. Zelda frowned and wondered is it possible that the two have made up again? She bit her lips unwillingly until Lancy waved at her.

Some one's eyes were shining with excitement. It was the first time she had her own secretary! Lancy stared at Zelda with burning eyes. At this moment, she was no longer angry with what Zelda did to her before.

Startled, Zelda wondered why she was so enthusiastic about her all of a sudden? Was there a plot? She gazed at Marvin shyly and tried to seek his protection silently... However, the latter didn't respond at all.

"Miss Zelda..." her voice was prolonged and Lancy

willing to admit it. "Is it because I have found Aunt Sherry?"

"Shut up!" Marvin scolded harshly, and his face immediately darkened.

"I Marvin, listen to me. I didn't mean to put pressure on you... " Zelda was really scared, her body could not help shaking. She could not face his simmering anger, but she could only brace herself to explain.

The sound was clear and clear. He broke his pen into two pieces again. At that moment, Marvin looked extremely cold. "If you want to stay here, you have to obey Lancy's order; if you don't want to stay, the door is there."

This is a two choice proposition. Neither A nor B is what Zelda wants.

Zelda had never been in such an embarrassing situation. She almost ran away from the room.

Zelda couldn't stand the contempt from Marvin, and being mistreated by Lancy. She ran home crying.

As soon as they got home, they locked themselves in the room and refused to see anyone! However, as she had made a scene, the whole family was alerted, and she couldn't even think about it quietly.

The moment Zelda threw herself into the soft bed, there was a knock on the door.

The woman was Zelda's mother who had three sons and one daughter, and Mrs. Dora loved her little daughter the most! Her youngest daughter resembles her most, inherited her beauty, and has been the most obedient child since her childhood. No wonder Mrs. Dora loves her so much that she can't bear to see her being hurt a little.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Mrs. Dora pulled up the quilt. She was very sad when she saw her daughter's tears. "Didn't you have a good time before you went out?"

Alisa's eyes were red and swollen. She threw herself into her mother's arms and sobbed, "It was all Mrs. Wilson's fault. She asked me to go for Sherry. But now, I can see that Marvin is angry and he even gets mad at me!" Yes, Mrs. Wilson.

All the injustice and anger were directed at the same person, that is, Mrs. Wilson of Lu Clan.

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