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   Chapter 62 A Strange Mother And Kids

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9755

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He didn't care whether he had a girlfriend or not. He was a faithless and heartless person. He didn't care whether he saw her or not! It was nice of him to only make a trouble once a year for her!

"…… If you want, I can... "

Before Marvin could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Sherry. "No need. That's good."

The expression on his cold and stiff facial features seemed to be more unpredictable. If you were to observe carefully, it was not difficult to find that his tone suddenly became unprecedentedly cold. "Since that's the case, why are you looking for me?" She also treat him like this once a year?

Sherry gave him an impassive look, and his voice was especially loud in the quiet room. "Zelda, a good girl."

Holding the teacup in his hand, Marvin stopped for a while and burst into sneer. He raised his eyes to look at his mother whom he hadn't seen for nearly two years. Was this the first time she said to him? No care, no advice, not even his name... "Zelda". He hated this name more than ever.

"And then?" Marvin asked in reply.

"She is a capable girl. She should be able to help you if she stays with you." With no expression on Sherry's face. "She wants nothing but a position."

Leaning against the back of the chair lazily, Marvin wondered if it was because of the love from Lancy that he had once again had an illusion about her? Every word from Sherry's mouth was like the most piercing ice froze his heart again. He would not be desperate if there was no hope! "Is it just because she had a few words with you?"

"She is a good girl." Sherry repeated this again. That child was the only one who would accompany her to speak. Because of her, her language function didn't degenerate!

However, it didn't occur to her that Sherry had stubbornly chosen such a life style, stubbornly drove away all the people who wanted to help her, and that she isolated herself!

"Anything else?" Upon hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips into a straight line.

With her eyes fixed on him, Sherry swore before he gave any reply, "You should give her a chance!"

She didn't say anything else! Upon hearing this, Marvin became extremely angry but laughed. Yes, there a word "should" in her dictionary!

"As you wish!" Marvin slowly got up and turned around decisively. He gave her a satisfactory answer before leaving!

The mother and the son went opposite at almost the same time. One turned and left, and the other went into the inner room. There was no reluctant look back, nor did she urge him to stay! They seemed to get used to this way of getting along with each other. Getting hurt No one wanted to admit this. In the past twenty years, they had already been used to "protecting themselves".

Walking out of the courtyard, Marvin didn't find anything unusual on the balcony of the second floor. Marvin could imagine that Wilson was smiling proudly without even raising hi

always watching Lancy. When she saw her, she said complacently, "Miss Lancy, I need your guidance and supervision!"

But her eyes were sharp and looked down at the ground, with a message that she didn't pride for long!

Hearing her sweet voice, Lancy felt a little sick. Was it because this was the washroom? Lancy didn't say anything and let the cold water splash on her hands.

Zelda felt even more elated. She glanced at Lancy, and said intentionally, "I will just call you Lancy, OK? I'll help you with your work and I promise it won't happen again! "

As if Lancy did something wrong.

"You don't have to worry that I will steal your job." A smart person didn't need to be told what had happened. At present, Marvin didn't have any intention of firing Lancy at all! Zelda viciously listed all her "credit" on herself. "But I believe that Marvin is not that kind of person... Please let me do you a favor in front of Marvin! "

What a sweet voice! It was so weird?

Hearing that, Lancy pouted. Even the dull person may be sensitive, but she stayed in the company for the sake of Zelda?

Hearing no response from Lancy, Zelda continued, "You know that Marvin and I grew up together. Am I right?"

Lancy glanced at her confusedly. What was wrong with this woman? All the things happened in the same way. If she overworked in a new way, she would not be happy? "Okay."

Lancy showed that because of the lack of memory, Lancy really can't remember whether there was a "childhood sweetheart" in her life and can't resonate with her. I'm really sorry!

Thinking of this, the girl walked out of the bathroom, but failed to achieve Zelda's expected goal. Suddenly, Zelda said, "I'll marry Marvin."

When Zelda learned about Mrs. Wilson real plan from her mother, she was ecstatic although she had guessed it before! When she met Lancy again, she naturally behaved as if she was his majesty, and now she was giving her "advice"?

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