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   Chapter 61 Protect Ray's Food

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10834

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All of a sudden, there was a bang at the door. Lancy looked at the entrance in surprise, and it happened to be Marvin!

Suddenly, Marvin stopped and looked at her coldly! He looked at her with his sharp eyes and found nothing different except her dirty face!

"What's wrong?" Lancy was a little confused, looking at the two shining footprints on the door in a embarrased way. Did boss have an emergency? Why are you so impatient?

"What Are you okay? "

'I don't think your focus should be on Lancy now, Marvin. What will happen next is definitely not your fault, but hers in the kitchen!'

The snow-white wall was as dark as ink, which was even more remarkable than the floral face of Lancy!

Because it was a masterpiece of Lancy, the wall on the front had been completely destroyed. It was better to have the whole kitchen repaired than to do the cleaning. The sink was full of bowls and dishes, and more of them were the "trial works" from the hands. No wonder the number on the menu was ten times as much as that of four people. It turned out it was used here.

"I'm almost done!" Lancy said with a big smile. Although she wiped the sweat off her forehead, she was in a better mood than ever! She was busy around the table, decorating the dinning table and so on. That was one of her favorite things.

Marvin was about to speak but stopped on a second thought. His usual cold mask started to crack.

Fortunately, the food there was so eye-catching In addition to her cooking skills. Marvin never knew he could deceive himself.

He didn't even bother to take a glance at Lancy. To his surprise, he didn't even blame her when he saw her little dirty face.

It was just a small kitchen For the sake of the delicious food cooked by Lancy, it was worth it. He didn't care about the money anymore.

Ray climbed to the table in haste and looked at the food with mouth watering. He grinned and said, "Mommy, you are so good!" All the dishes were his and his sister's favorite.

Rani slowly put down her schoolbag and wanted to stall for more time. However, when she was carried to the dinner table by Marvin, she felt even more painful in her stomach!

Honestly, the food Mommy ordered looked delicious, just like the exquisite pictures from the cookbook. However, as they all knew, delicious food needed to be eaten~~~

"Ray, eat slowly. No one is competing with you!" Lancy was pretending to complain, but the big smile on her face didn't betray her feelings. What could be more meaningful

than making food for the babies?

Meanwhile, Ray was stuffing food into his mouth, and his cheeks were bulging. His big black grape like eyes stared at Marvin, but no one took the food away It was hard to say.

In the eyes of Ray, the food cooked by his mother was the best! When it came to delicious food, people always loved eating. The man sitting opposite him was his father. But after careful comparison with Marvin, Ray concluded that his father was taller than him, so he must be eating more than his father. More importantly, Marvin's mouth was bigger than Ray's!

Marvin is simply the most threatening man! '

Marvin felt angry and funny. It turned out that his son regarded him as one enemy because of the snac

and the childish child. Time passed by. Three children had grown up. What Marvin couldn't do when he was a child was still impossible to be done now The siblings felt helpless.

She put her hand on the door handle for a second, and the next second she was surprisingly determined. Marvin didn't like this place. He never liked it.

The dim light did not prevent him from looking clearly the room, a wooden chair, an old four horned wooden table Even the furniture was as simple as a piece of cake. Who could have lived so long in such environment?

Before Marvin entered the room, he heard a shout There was dead silence in his eyes. Marvin thought the only valuable thing here was probably that Buddha?

She spent more time with the Buddha than with the children. This was their mother. She would prefer to practice abstinence from seeing her own child.

At that time, Freda was only four years old and Myron was a primary school student. Just when they needed a mother, she resolutely gave them up.

"Here you are." The woman in the bedroom slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with dead water and no one could provoke her. Her tone was surprisingly calm, without any joy of reunion.

No anger, no complains or dissatisfaction.

She felt that her legs were a little heavy because she was confined in the small world all year round. She was only in her forties, but she even needed to walk with a walking stick. Sherry stood up unsteadily and headed to the main hall through Marvin.

Marvin knew that this small Buddhist prayer room was the last tranquil place for her. She didn't allow anyone to disturb, even him.

Neither of them opened their mouth. The silence was so silent that even people could not breathe smoothly!

Staring at the floor with his dim eyes, Sherry seemed to struggle and didn't know how to open her mouth.

As he spoke, Marvin caught a glimpse of the pieces of broken teacup in the corner. He dropped his gaze and asked, "Did he come to you again?"

"……" With a straight face, Sherry had seen enough of this! "It's okay to be away once a year." For her so-called husband, she really didn't care about it.

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