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   Chapter 60 Mommy Makes Soup By Herself

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9984

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"Marvin?" Zelda? Lancy gave Zelda a weird look. Somehow, she felt a little weird in her heart.

Women's tears were never a good weapon for Marvin. "Miss Zelda, as Mr. Marvin said, it's impossible for you to find a good job with your qualifications."

"……" Zelda's heart was bleeding. The way Marvin addressed her Miss Zelda was like a cruel sneer to her.

"Lancy, see off the guests!" Marvin waved his hand.

The striking contrast between "Miss Zelda" and "Lancy" was so obvious. It seemed that Marvin still thought it was not enough to give a heavy blow to Zelda, and he swore to strangle her fantasies and hopes within the cradle. The way he stared at her was so cruel that his eyes were even less than one percent of that of strangers.

Wilson wanted to say something more, but he gave up at last.

As time went by, Zelda saw that Marvin had no intention of inviting her to stay, so she went out alone.

After that, Lancy kept lowering her head. As a matter of fact, she was good at observing people's reactions.

"Your triumph will not last long!" The voice suddenly sounded depressing and suffocating.

Lancy stopped and looked up. "Are you talking to me?"

The corner of Zelda's mouth twitched, and she was even more sure that the woman was playing pig and eating tiger. "Why do you pretend to be stupid in front of me! Let me tell you, Marvin is mine. Nobody can take him away from me! "

"…… Oh. " Lancy blinked. It seemed that Marvin didn't have the trademark of "only Zelda" on his body, and he didn't wear a dog chain or something else~~

"You!" The elevator arrived at the second floor, but it didn't make Zelda feel better!

In her eyes, Lancy was the challenge. Just wait and see, she would cry!

Lancy touched her arms and felt cold all of a sudden. Confused, Emily thought it was a sudden cool day and went back to her office happily.

In fact, she didn't understand why her boss looked so weird every time he talked to Mr. Wilson. Of course, she didn't ask about it directly.

With a serious expression, Lancy sat back on her seat. She stole glances at Marvin from time to time, trying to keep her eyes off him!

Step by step in front of her, Marvin gazed down at her and asked, "What do you want to ask?"

"…… Boss, am I not humiliating you? " Lancy looked up at Marvin with the bright eyes on her round face. "Well She is a capable lady, isn't she? " After reflection, she started to worry about her own job.

Although she was a little clumsy, she knew that Zelda came for her job.

Hearing that, the hard look in his eyes softened. Marvin could not help but rub Lancy's fluffy head with his fingers. "Yeah, you're right. You are a capable girl!"

The woman looked like a Persian cat who had been pampered by their master, with her big round eyes narrowed to a seam. Then Lancy hold her fists tightly and said seriously, "I will try my best I'll do whatever you say. I'm a good employee! "

Did her eagerness mean that she was unwil

mmy, are you at daddy's home?" She struggled desperately.

"Daddy's home." Marvin looked back.

With a thin smile Rani must have seen through all the things in the world? She was not sure if daddy had any first aid kit, so she wanted to get some stomach medicine!

Her spare medicine bag was still hidden in her great grandpa's house, with the voice saying "that's a secret that even my brother doesn't know."~

Looking at his son and daughter through the front mirror, Marvin could not help but imagine that the little woman was busy working in the small world where there was no one to set foot. Her heart was warm. Was this the so-called happiness?

When the fine light of the setting sun shone into the window, she felt unprecedentedly warm.

However, haze told us the fact that although the watches were too ideal, their expectations were too high

However, the moment Marvin drove into the garage, a huge bang reached his ears This time, there was only Lancy left in the villa! At the thought of this, Marvin signaled the kids not to follow him and he entered the room as fast as he could.

Neither Ray nor Rani listened to him. They slowly walked into the house hand in hand, carrying their schoolbags on their backs. The two kids tried to slow down their pace, for the new daddy still needed time to adapt!

To blow up the kitchen Ray replied. He thought that the top-level dishes must be cooked at a low price. "Wow, dear daddy. You will learn how to cook after one second delivery!"!

The small face was slapped with a dark fingerprints on it, one on the left and one on the right. Lancy was holding a cooking pot in one hand, and the other lifting a spoon in the other. She was holding her breath and staring ahead, without any awareness of another explosion in the kitchen!

Perhaps it was because she had experienced so many similar experiences that she was numb enough to have no impulse to take a small step towards the exit. Anyway, she would not be hurt.

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