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   Chapter 59 That's A Disgrace

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10253

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"Freda, no, Miss Freda, can you help me if you don't feel pity for us? I really have no other choice now. "A disgusting and flattering smile played on Baron's face.

"…… Get out now! " As Freda took out her phone, she didn't mind calling the police.

"I'll leave right now!"

In a flash, Baron vanished from Freda!

A faint smile appeared on the Freda's face, and Freda seemed relieved from depression. In the end, Freda recovered to peace in the cold wind!

In the shadow at the corner of the flower bed, a man was standing there, kicking cigarette butts all over the floor with a playful smile on his face.

The dark colored tie had been left in a corner, which made him boring. He found an opportunity to slip out.

His keen ears moved, and he signaled to the person coming from behind him to be quiet, until he couldn't hear the pitter patter of footsteps, and she had left.

"Someone you know?" Ford craned his neck to see the back of the car.

The man was unmoved, and the smile in his eyes was particularly intense.

Confused, Ford asked, "What did you see?"

"Someone An interesting woman! " The man looked at the direction where Freda was heading. He didn't expect to meet such an interesting woman here.

"Woman? Woman! " Hearing that, Ford could not help but roll his eyes. She was just a woman, not worth his mystery? "Carl, you are rich and have a lot of women," Patricia said to Michelle in a serious tone and acted like a young girl in love.

Carl knocked on Ford's forehead impatiently and threw the suit back to him.

"Hey, Carl, the party is not over yet!" Ford took off Carl's suit reluctantly because it just covered his gorgeous face.

Without turning his head, Carl could feel Ford's resentment from his tone of voice. "Boring!"

"No, you're the boss. What should we do if you leave?" Ford still got a little impatient~

"It's none of my business!" The voice came from a distance, and in the blink of an eye, Carl disappeared in the darkness.

However, poor Ford stood in the cold wind, feeling very helpless. He knew that Carl had never been patient with such an occasion. But Carl leaved Can you be willful enough?


Zelda wasn't a three-year-old kid. She would complain to her parents if she was wronged!

Instead, she chose to say nothing about what happened that night, especially about the identity of Lancy. No matter how Mrs. Wilson tried to find out, she was easily deceived by Lancy. Because she didn't need to embroider. There were so many people at the party, who would tell Mrs. Wilson about the existence of Lancy.

Especially, as far as I'm concerned, you have no chance to defeat me Zelda believed that what she wanted to say was what Wilson would say.

A few days later, she was invited by Wilson.

In the most sacred place of Wilson Group, she saw the woman again that night -Lancy.

It turned out that she was his secretary Zelda sized up the woman calmly. She didn't know how to dress up, and she looked stupid. How could such a person be his secretary?

Of course, o

whole sentence correctly.

Both Wilson and Zelda felt like that their faces were swollen.

"How could you Is it a coincidence? " Wilson twisted his face and mumbled to himself.

Hearing what she said, Lancy rolled her eyes at her! "If you don't believe, I can really do nothing to you!"

He then wasted no time in explaining himself in a series of language that Wilson couldn't understand. Besides, it was mixed with at least those from two countries.

This time, Wilson was completely silent. What he said was only a slap in his face. He'd better shut up obediently.

"How many languages do you know?" This gave Wilson a horrifying sense of powerlessness.

After the fingers were used up, Lancy hesitated and looked at her own paw, then at Wilson, " I can't count... "

"……" 'is it really appropriate to be so serious, Lancy?

Wilson took a deep breath, and put it in front of his chest. As he met those eyes, he felt nothing but heartache Whether she was "innocent" or "stupid", he just asked her casually?

Zelda's expression was complicated. She couldn't find a word to describe the expression on her face. Zelda thought, 'Lancy looks like a silly girl. Why did she look down upon me? What was it to be?'?

'didn't she do it on purpose?

With a smile on his face, Marvin shrugged his shoulders without saying anything, perhaps because he was sneering at Wilson and Zelda, or because he was also proud of Lancy's "talent". Lancy proved her "strength" with her actions!

Actually, thanks to her years of traveling in different countries, Lancy could speak the language of many countries. She was really a talent! He deserved it. What a bad luck! Wilson happened to pick the only thing that Lancy was able to do to embarrass her?

"As you can see, my secretary is very capable!" Marvin was implying that they could do whatever they were supposed to do.

Zelda bit her lower lip, feeling both aggrieved and embarrassed. With tears in her eyes, she said, "Marvin, I can really help you. Please give me a chance, okay?"

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