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   Chapter 58 You Don't Need To Know Who She Is

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10172

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"Who is she? You don't need to know." said Marvin. His watery eyes made Zelda suffocated as soon as he looked back

'It's unnecessary to know, or it's not in my position to know...' That was the most wonderful thing in a word.

Zelda grabbed the bag tightly and left in the most graceful manner. She was not a fool. His indifference to her was in stark contrast to his enthusiasm to her It turned out that he had a heart! If Zelda stayed here any longer, she would be humiliated! Before leaving, Zelda took a deep look at Lancy. Zelda had seen his tenderness. How could she give up?

For men, women were also very different. They behaved to cater to the circumstances and treated each other affectionately Zelda wouldn't believe that the stupid woman who only knew how to hide behind a man was unusual.

"Another dance?" What Zelda would think about was completely out of Marvin's consideration from the beginning to the end. As Marvin was gently stroking the girl's delicate face with his index finger, he found it a little hard to put her hand down.

Hearing that, Lancy lowered her head. She looked at him numbly and refused decisively, "No." Kevin's the kind of guy she can step on his shoes as she wishes. If it were Mr.Marvin, that man who looks gloomy every minute in every day. Lancy just wanted to laugh. She didn't want to live too long.

Boss was someone to be admired, not to be played by~~~

She refused him again? His long and narrow eyes stared at Lancy. His dark eyes were horrible, did he know?

Lancy was so experienced that she swallowed the saliva and fell down in an instant. She put on a flattering smile and said, "it's my pleasure to dance with you..."

Lancy, if she had a tail, she must be shaking it like a dog.

Where's your backbone?

Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips. He thought she was clever enough to follow her example and be a henchman~

Not far away, Myron and irises saw them walking into the dance floor again. Compared with Myron, Freda couldn't take her eyes off the person who was in the another side.

"My brother is out of control." Meanwhile, Freda was telling the truth and it felt a little worried when it stared at her father, Wilson

Myron squinted at the crowd, and as expected, his father, the one they loved most, kept drinking as much as he could. He stared at the couple on the dancing floor, eyes almost popped out. Even from ten meters away, they could feel his displeasure and cruelty.

"I don't think dad will succeed," Said Baron with a slight smile on his face. He was a little distant. He didn't want to talk about his father's appropriate tone in this house. That was too cold. "If I were dad, I would definitely keep away from her."

Freda was surprised and looked back at Myron. When he was staring at Lancy. "Myron, Marvin won't let her go. She gave birth to Ray and Rani." She had to remind him.

"…… Do you mean that Kirk came here for the kids? " Without looking at her eyes, Myron pretended to be relaxed.

But Freda became serious and said, "

and her black eyes shone strangely. Meanwhile, Freda approached her step by step. "Am I too gentle and harmless to you? How dare you threaten me? "

Her red nails scratched the man's profile. Freda was fascinating and dangerous. 'I, Freda, have never been a rabbit!

Hearing that, Baron raised his eyebrows. He opened his mouth but could not say a word.

"On October 15, 7956757, he has transferred one million and two hundred thousand to his account. From the next day, he transferred three money into the 916888 account and 1179..." Her black eyes firmly locked him, and his thin lips opened slightly, showing all kinds of numbers and bank accounts slowly. Looking at Baron who was incredibly pale, Freda smiled meaningfully.

No way, how could she know that Baron's blood was frozen all over. Except for his father and him, no one knew his bank accounts, let alone the flow of money so clearly. Did it mean that he also came from the capital?

"What do you think? Pretty familiar?" 'my brother's information is always the best, but fortunately, I'm good at martial arts, because I didn't expect that it would come in handy today, ' Freda thought.

"Mr. Baron, do you need me to make it clear to you?"

"No need! You don't have to... " With his eyes wide open, Baron shook his head with great fear.

"I was going to let you go," This man didn't deserve to die! "What's more, intentional assault is a serious crime. Prison is also a good place to go."

Baron only felt that his back was cold and gloomy. His legs were as heavy as if they were filled with lead. He finally understood that he couldn't afford to mess with Freda!

"If you want to play, I can play with you!" Freda with her head down high

"I... I don't want to play..." Baron stuttered and couldn't even finish his words.

"Then, you found out..." Meanwhile, Freda squinted dangerously.

Baron spoke in a hurry, "I haven't found anything, really. It's just the old news in the newspapers that year! I won't do anything, really, I swear! "

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