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   Chapter 57 The Boss Is So Crafty

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10147

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For stealing concepts and brainwashing, Marvin is the best master of the masters, he deftly slander Kevin.

Lancy tried to recall but finally shook her head. She was sure that no one had ever confessed to her! Alas, speaking of this, she felt sad.' Why no man likes me? Am I really not attractive at all?'

This was the obsession every girl had.

The emotional change of Lancy made Marvin think other way. Marvin raised her chin and forced her to look at him Do you like him? "

"Yes!" Lancy nodded madly. Kevin is a good man... She had stepped on him for a thousand times, but Kevin was not angry at all. How gentle Kevin was!

"Do you want to marry him?" Marvin said in a colder tone. A strange feeling spread in his heart. Marvin only knew that he was very upset now. His black eyes were shining with ruthlessness!

"Get married?" Hearing that, Lancy raised her little face. From confusion to epiphany, the gate of a new world finally opened, which was opened by Marvin in person. A big smile appeared on her pretty face. "Why didn't I think of that? My boss is really something!"

"……" What? Marvin had to admit that he was a bit muddled!

"A married man! If Lenny was her ideal lover, he would definitely be able to raise his children, since he was handsome, smart and rich! More importantly, he is gentle and loves the baby very much. It seems that the babies also like him. They won't reject him, will they? " The more she talked to him, the more Lancy felt that Kevin was the Mr. Right who would get married in a century. She blinked her eyes and looked at Kevin frequently.

Hearing Lancy's words, Marvin's face darkened Was it really good to plan for a "Stepdad" in front of the "boyfriend" and the "father" of the twins?

Why did he have a weird feeling that he made Lancy interested in Kevin?

"Do I show love HMM! " But she failed to do that because of her big brain!

Marvin didn't want to hear words related to "Kevin" from her lips which were said by both love and hatred. Marvin bent down to press her mouth with his lips

As he went forward without any hindrance, Marvin sighed with satisfaction. It turned out that he was so yearning for this sweet and beautiful taste! His closed eyes were filled with madness. There had never been a woman who could make him unrequited like her. Madness was nowhere to describe his desire to escape. He wanted more, more, more

Marvin let go of her when the so-called rational nerve was about to break down. Only he knew how much self-control he needed to release her!

Unable to suppress his anger, Kevin grabbed Lancy's arm and was about to leave.

Did he think Marvin would let Kevin get what he wanted easily?

An uncanny scene appeared on the dance floor. The two handsome men held the petite and lovely girl's hands tightly, and neither of them was willing to let go.

"Let me go!" Upon hearing that, Marvin's eyes turned cold and his sword came to Kevin.

Kevin didn't give in. He had already let go of her once, and he would never do it again.

trustworthy person for Mr. Caspar. He was a respectful elder to the younger generation of Han Clan, and so was he in the company.

Lancy held Kevin's arm naturally and smiled, "hurry up, don't let Gavin wait too long."

Pretending not to see the displeasure and reluctance of Kevin, she pulled him away half earnestly and half coquettishly!

What? Her original boyfriend? I'm sorry, Miss Nina. She told me that the man was just a show. It doesn't mean anything. She would never admit that except for Kevin, no other man is qualified to be her boyfriend.

"I will never give up!" Said Kevin in a low voice, staring at Marvin firmly!

Marvin sneered, subtle provocation and contemptuous. He would wait and see! The person who could grab food from his hand hadn't been born yet!

The girl who was named special food for Marvin suddenly felt chill. She hugged Marvin more tightly reflexively! What could she do? Miscarriage?

The fire of the fight didn't go out. Kevin was still unwilling to leave. He didn't want to forget the existence of Zelda, who had been ignored for a long time!

Zelda looked at Lancy in silence from beginning to end. This woman who could compare with her in every aspect stole her Marvin! They would never admit defeat? Or angry? be hostile to? That was not enough to describe her mood

He didn't know who said that women were born to be good at acting, especially beautiful women! Zelda was undoubtedly the most convincing representative. She lost her manners within one minute, so quick that no one could notice her strange expression.

At this moment, she was still smiling, and also behaved in a decent manner and smiling like a flower. This was the true ability!

"Marvin, why don't you introduce this woman to me A lady? " Zelda was angry, despising and gloating, but no one could find any evidence to prove her innocence.

"Marvin?" The goosebumps on her arms began to rise. Lancy stuck out her little head. Her black eyes were full of curiosity! 'Wow, she is beautiful~~'

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