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   Chapter 56 t The Boss Got Angry

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"But why are you with my brother?" Myron wasn't so thrilled as they finally met each other. Especially Zelda's surname was Ye!

Zelda smiled shyly as she stole a glance at Marvin. Zelda smiled, "I'm the female companion of brother Marvin."

"Marvin?" Freda looked a little strange. 'There is something wrong with it Well, it was a bit twisted Freda remembered that this was the kind of girl who was anxious to live and play with her elder brother when they were young! On the day she was sent away, all the people in the street had heard her crying. Should Freda sigh that a girl had changed a lot?

"I've been calling him like this since I was a child!" Zelda said to Freda as Zelda drew Freda intimately. People who didn't know her would think that Zelda was in good relationship with Freda and Marvin! "Are you a kite? How could you tease me like you did when you were young?"

what? 'Freda is a light sleeper, but there is no' Zelda 'on her list. There is a bottom line, ' She thought!

"By the way, Freda, where is your boyfriend? Why did you come here with Myron? I heard that Myron is the peach blossom tribulation, and if you forcibly occupy him like this, you will break the hearts of countless beautiful women.'' Miss Zelda, you were just pretending to be familiar or flattering him! "!

However, Zelda knew nothing about it?

Freda, who had just experienced the scum, was not glad to hear the news and her face told it directly, 'I hate you!'

However, Myron, who used to be gentle and smile, immediately showed a sign of alienation. It was obvious that Myron had never touched any woman since he met Lancy. What's wrong with this woman!

No one answered, and Zelda felt uncomfortable all over. So innocent! 'What's wrong with me? Why is the weather changing all of a sudden?

"Marvin, did I say something wrong?" She gazed at Marvin with her big teary eyes and wished Marvin could comfort her.

Before the golden goose bumps fell down in an "elegant" arc, the hands that were about to touch the man suddenly began to tremble uncontrollably. Zelda raised her eyes in fear. Things were going to be out of control!

Who can tell me what happened to me! !


Kevin's eyes were sparkling with fascination. But to him, the girl beside him was the most beautiful thing.

Out of curiosity, her eyes became more and more bright; the straightforward and cute child's words made Kevin laugh; even her little wrinkled nose was very cute in his eyes The longer Kevin stayed with her, the more Kevin felt that her beautiful face, slim body was not as good as her inner personality.

What a wonderful girl! Kevin had never thought that he would be so obsessed with a girl.

"Hey!" Hearing that, Lancy frowned and shook her little hand in front of him again and again. "Are you silly?"

"……" The softness in his eyes betrayed him. "Yes, I am indeed an idiot." Because of her, he was no longer like him.

How could he say himself stupid? Lancy's eyes were filled with confusion~~

Kevin smiled and put her hand on his arm. Then Kevin praised her, "you look very beautiful tonight."

Hearing that, Lancy's face immed

"You and he What's your relationship? " Marvin remembered that man. Compared with that night, Kevin was more determined to get close to Lancy.

"Kevin? Friend... "Hearing his words, Lancy quickly came to herself and gave him a pat on the hand. She felt that her waist was almost broken and could not breathe anymore! "Ah, we had a blind date, Grandpa introduced it to me."

With Marvin's eyes narrowed dangerously and a hint of forbidding, "a blind date? Very well! " He looked at Kevin and thought, "I hate blind dates!".

Was she too stupid, or was she too honest? Marvin looked down at Lancy, his eyes in the flow of light overflowing, after adjusting his mood again recovered calm, he said," Well, I see. This is the regular date after we met on the blind dates. It's not a big deal," Marvin said

A routine date after a blind date? Really? With a confused look on her face, Lancy asked, "is it a routine date?"

"…… What do you think of him? " Instead, Marvin used another method to sound her out.

"Not bad!"

Hearing that, Marvin could not help but curl the corners of his mouth. It was his fault. He shouldn't ask such a question. This woman had a good impression on Baron!

"Did he ever say that he likes you?" At the same time, Marvin held her tighter unconsciously. Their bodies were almost attached to each other from zero distance. It was a possessive posture, as if telling all male creatures that this woman only belonged to him!

What? Boss, if Kevin had expressed his love to her, would Marvin abandon her?

"Ha ha?" Staring blankly at the face that was so close to her, Lancy didn't admit that she was a little distracted 'Boss' skin be so fair without any pore!'

Well, this is not important!

After casting a cold glance at Kevin who was as though he was facing a formidable enemy, Marvin began to fool her in a serious tone, "Generally, after blind dates, both men and women will exchange opinions at each other, and see if they can continue to develop! If the man doesn't have a clear attitude, it means that he just takes you as a friend at most. "

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