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   Chapter 55 Ye Clan Has A Daughter Named Zelda

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10197

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Wilson was known as the "face" of the Wilson Group, and of course, he was involved in such an occasion as a charity banquet of an enterprise.

He had brought different girlfriends to every occasion. People were used to it! The general manager always kept the fresh date for a woman within a month, and sometimes he would have a change of blood every three days. He loved it so much.

Many people at the party were familiar with this woman and they all knew what kind of woman Wilson likes. She was a beautiful woman in her early twenties, with her breasts out and fair skin in her chest attracted the attention of all the men present. Men strolled up and down in the room with their buttocks up slightly. They were so attracted by her that they desired to be Wilson's right hand resting on her slim waist~~

The road tonight was even more eye-catching, for it was said that his eldest son, Marvin would appear.

They were really curious about whether the father and son were as real as the rumor said -- disagreed.

Outside the party, Marvin attracted everyone's attention as soon as he showed up. The guests who were running could not help but stop. They were guessing his royal identity. It was difficult to believe that he did not bring a female companion alone.

"You broke your promise!" Coincidentally, Mrs. Wilson got off from another car and found well-dressed Zelda behind. The old lady frowned and was very unhappy about Marvin's "disobedience".

Marvin turned back and replied coldly, "I don't remember what he has promised."

"You!" Mrs. Wilson was quite angry. She and Zelda had waited for Marvin for nearly five hours at the Lu mansion. Fortunately, she guided Zelda to the meeting room directly and tried to stop him.

"Aunt, don't be angry. I understand that Marvin was too busy with his work." As she expected, Marvin turned up, elegantly and considerately! With a gentle smile on her lips, she timely expressed her "sensibility" and "obedience". Men don't like unreasonable women. She doesn't mind his breaking his promise at all.

Zelda's air was as tender and gentle as water. Her beauty was beyond description. Anyone who saw her would dream to marry such an elegant and demure lady. She half lowered her eyes, daring not to look at him. Just now, her heart was just like the burning magma in the magma! He was more charming now.

Mrs. Wilson was aware that she couldn't get tough at the moment. "Look how sweet and obedient Zelda is! Why didn't you bring your date in?" She knew he didn't have a female companion.

Zelda stood there shyly, waiting for his reaching out.

"I don't need it." Marvin didn't even look at Zelda. He knew who she was for sure. Marvin looked at Mrs. Wilson with much discernment. No matter what she planned, it was useless! He would never marry Zelda because her surname was Ye.

Zelda's face was as pale as a ghost. 'Was I refused?

Mrs. Wilson stopped Marvin and gave him a warning look. "You need!"

Marvin sniffed and ignored the old lady's anger.

"Is it your etiquette to

d asked, "Uncle, is this your date?"

These words were not only a reminder to Wilson, but also a reminder to the young model. As a mistress of others, she should be aware not to covet "her man" so randomly!

Marvin chuckled and his handsome face gave out an evil smile. He said, " Father He is really different. "

With a darkened face, Wilson cast a ferocious stare at his companion before dragging her away in a rude and rude manner!

Ignoring the young model's cry of pain, Wilson angrily pushed her into an invisible corner. "Didn't I satisfy you? Shame on me! "

"No, honey, let me explain..."

"Fuck off! Never show up!" This was a huge insult to the dignity of Wilson, especially in front of unfilial son! He hated that others would compare him with Marvin because he was always the loser.

As the saying goes, "the rising river waves pushed the former wave forward and the latter one died on the sand.".

Fortunately, this was just a small episode, and no one cared about it. Of course, Jacob was also included.

Zelda followed him closely. She was so smart that she wouldn't make Marvin dislike her or make herself embarrassed, and indirectly listed herself into his property. Of course, she was only a bystander and it didn't represent the will of the person who cared about her.

Marvin didn't say a word to her voluntarily from the beginning to the end. His silence seemed to be more like a restrain.

"Brother?" They were surprised to see Zelda. When Myron and Freda walked slowly, they looked at Zelda up and down curiously. They thought it was Lancy who would accompany Marvin.

Zelda was relieved to see an acquaintance, and she felt much more relaxed!

Familiar? 'Yes, Freda and Myron are acquaintances!' "Long time no see, Freda! Myron!" She called him Myron instead of brother Myron. That was the difference.

Myron was not sure. These years he had been alienated from Ye Clan. If it was not for her voice that was too intimate, he really could not remember who she was. "You are Zelda? "

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