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   Chapter 54 Duties Of A Small Secretary

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9635

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Mrs. Wilson seldom went to the Wilson Group, and she had seldom come to the office area on the top floor these years.

Although the Wilson Group was known to everyone, it had become the world of Marvin ten years ago. Being the hidden underground emperor, he didn't even need to stay all the way to defend it Ironically, in the past ten years, they failed to deprive his power in the group and shake his position.

That was why Mrs. Wilson was reluctant to come here. It was the Marvin's empire. Everyone here admired, looked up at and was loyal to him!

Compared with Mrs. Wilson, Wilson's extraordinary feeling is more profound! No one knew what he was suffering. He went to and out of the group day and night, thinking about everything that should belong to him.

These two people were really rare!

Marvin laid back on his chair, like a furious cheetah. If anyone dared to say something wrong, he would jump on him and bit him to death.

With red eyes, Wilson looked around the room. He was supposed to be the owner here. He felt uncomfortable every time he was with Marvin, as if he were an ant looking down at by him, extremely humble.

"Is this how you treat your elders?" Under the indifferent gaze of Marvin, Wilson found his seat sulkily.

"What's up, Mrs. Wilson?"

Wilson, who was ignored, flushed and hummed heavily. He was afraid that Marvin didn't know he was angry. Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.

Mrs. Wilson glanced at Wilson and indicated him to be quiet. They came here for something important, not to make trouble for him. Mrs. Wilson took out the album and put it in front of Marvin, and then she said, "Of course I have something to tell you. It's the most important thing of the Lu Clan."

"Here is Miss in Alaska. They are about your age. Do you like them?" Mrs. Wilson said directly, "Out of kindness", she opened the photo album for him.

Jasper smiled without any emotion. If he remembered correctly, the beautiful girl he saw was -- Zelda. She had the same surname as Mrs. Wilson's mother. Was that obvious? She doesn't even bother to pretend?

Mrs. Wilson was confident in herself! Zelda was the most excellent candidate among appearance, cultivation, education and family background. It was natural for her to pick such an excellent girl. And the most important is her last name.

"Grandma, what do you mean?"

"Don't pretend that you don't know." As soon as Wilson got the chance, Wilson would make fun of him both openly and secretly.

With a proper smile, Mrs. Wilson gracefully put her hands in front of her and said, "You are old enough to get married. You don't have a girlfriend these years. I think it's because you're too busy to have time. Well, I should worry about my grandson. I will arrange for you if you meet someone you like. "

Grandma? Only in this way could she acknowledge him as her grandso

uld be seen how close they were. Therefore, she was quite familiar with Marvin and his sister.

In fact, she had already known that Marvin was back. For several times, she almost couldn't help going to see him! However, she restrained herself because she was a well-educated lady and it was impossible for a lady to seduce a man on her own initiative.

What's more, Zelda didn't want Marvin to find any flaws in her.

Zelda managed to suppress her desire to see him and waited for the chance. A romantic, coincidence, like a destined opportunity She had been waiting for that day for ten years.

Zelda would never forget the first time they met. He was so different from others. He was handsome, intelligent and perfect. He was the most beautiful masterpiece of God! From now on, no one could enter her heart! Her eyes and heart were full of him, only he.

Although he often came back from abroad these years, Zelda would always hide in a corner and keep an eye on him secretly.

Her love for Marvin was getting stronger and stronger day by day and it was almost beyond her control But he came back at this time and still stayed in Alaska. Wasn't it God's good arrangement? Therefore, she knew what to do without Mrs. Wilson's instructions!

Zelda had been busy in the past ten years. She worked hard to be the only woman that could deserve him!

Her slender fingers touched the beautiful face in the mirror, her watery black eyes, her smooth skin and her curvy figure, and her most charming part was her pure half hidden in the mirror This must be the look a man loves most?

"Will he like me?" She blushed and felt shy at the thought of that man. "He will love me. I'm sure we will be happy together."

With the support of Mrs. Wilson, Zelda became more confident! At present, the only thing she needed to do was not to amazed the people present on that day, but to intimidate them with Marvin's eyes!

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