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   Chapter 53 Daddy Bullied Babies

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Mrs. Wilson raised her eyebrows and said softly, "Don't be discouraged. After all, Freda is a girl and I'm sure she will get married one day. If she couldn't get married this time, she would get married the next time. But to be honest, Marvin was not young any more. It was said that a good man should get married first and start his own business. It was time to choose a wife from a family of equal status for him. In that case, it seemed like we favour one more than another.

Through all these years, Mrs. Wilson understood that Wilson, the eldest son of the concubine, was a useless man. His mind was either wealth or women. If the Lu Clan was handed over to him, it would take one year and a half to destroy the whole Lu Clan.

The old ladies would enjoy a life of luxury and wealth and didn't want to die at the end of their lives. The other concubines and grandchildren would indulge themselves in drinking and playing all day long. They were usually drunk and lost their face in drinking, so they would not have any face in front of Marvin.

Myron was better. After all, Marvin and Myron had a good relationship. Mrs. Wilson wanted to help him, but Myron did not have any ambition at all! Thinking of that, Mrs. Wilson felt distressed. She had fought against Marvin for years and suffered countless losses. It was time to solve the problem in another way.

Wilson swore at his son in his heart. He had no idea that Mrs. Wilson abandoned him and his dream to be a power holder of the Lu Clan was unprecedented.

Hearing Mrs. Wilson mention Marvin's marriage, Marvin was shocked, "Mom, I think it's not a good idea? Marvin will not listen to us. " Unlike his daughter, Freda was so easy to get sentimental. More importantly, once Marvin got married and had a son, the Lu Clan would have nothing to do with him, right!

As for the inheritance right, once Marvin had a son, even if he died, the Lu Clan would have nothing to do with Marvin and himself would have nothing to do with it.

"Why not? I'm his grandmother. Is there anything wrong for grandmother to plan for grandson's marriage? Or do you think I will deliberately pick up a woman with an ugly face and a poor family for him? " With a determined look, Mrs. Wilson said with a calm smile. "Of course, she should be from a well-known family."

Wilson gnaws his teeth. How could Mrs. Wilson find a marriage for Marvin that was well matched in social and economic status? Is there any mistake? When was she with Marvin in one team? The choice of wife for such a wealthy family like Lu Clan must be very careful! The power of his wife and her family would certainly be a great help to him!

Now Marvin had nobody to compete with him. If he married a "noble lady", it would be more difficult to replace him and take him place?

The pitiful Wilson was extraordinary. More than ten years had passed, and he had never had a chance?

Mrs. Wilson who knew nothing to be rushed. "Just listen to me." she said to Wilson. It is a fact that Marvin has already thirty years old. At present, we can do nothing to hi

ing at the corners of his mouth. At the moment, his mood was similar to that of Lancy. Perhaps it was because that the children had always been too smart for him that he had unconsciously treated them like adults. He had never treated them as children at the age of six. Therefore, it was strange for them to have such embarrassing expressions.

"Rani is the sweetest." Marvin held Rani up and pleased his daughter in his own way.

Leaning against her father's broad shoulder, Rani kept a straight face and pretended to be arrogant.

Marvin reached out and held her soft body in his hands. It seemed that his cold heart was going to warm up again. He stared at her with his cold eyes, which were filled with the warmth that wasn't noticed by him.

On their way to school, the kids didn't talk to each other.

The children seats had been deliberately arranged on the back seats of the car. The children were holding hands in a row, and even furrowed their eyebrows in a chain, as if they were thinking about life principle.

Lancy, who had been watching the fun of the incident from beginning to end, observed the twins secretly through the front mirror. She could not help but feel a little worried and distressed. It seemed that the twins really didn't want to go to the kindergarten. Hadn't they gone a bit too far this time?

Ray looked out of the window and saw the gate of the kindergarten from afar. He poked his sister.

Rani looked around and saw her parents holding their children's hands. Immediately, she understood what her brother meant. She turned around and looked at her parents. It seemed that it was less difficult to go to kindergarten

Daddy, Mommy, brother, Rani Finally, with a happy smile, Rani held Ray's hand and smiled sweetly.

Lancy blinked, wondering why her daughter's mood changed so fast? Looking at the innocent children in front of them, Lancy thought, 'Children still like to play with their peers, don't they?'?

There was a gleam shining in Marvinr's black eyes. He looked at Lancy thoughtfully

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