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   Chapter 52 Baby, Come On

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Watching her leave, Baron put his hand over his forehead. Was it his illusion? He felt that she was a little weird today.

After left, Freda heaved a sigh of relief and ran into the next room. Ray, Rani was waiting for good news!

"He drank it?"

"Yes." The twins were so mysterious that they wouldn't tell Freda what they were going to do. "Did you put something in the coffee Drug? "

Is it possible? 'Is it okay to let a six-year-old kid take that drug?' Freda wondered? Where did they get that kind of drug?

As Rani was fiddling with the cartoon watch, she began to count down. "Brother, you'd better strengthen the effect of the drug. The show will begin in five minutes." She said to Ray

In the room, Baron even drank up the coffee. After a while, he felt his whole body was boiling. His white face turned red. Was it because the air conditioner was too high?

In a trance, he heard a sound of door opening. As he unbuttoned, he asked, "Freda, are you back?"

It was Bob and Kenny came in. They had thought that Baron would settle accounts with them. At this moment, they stood by the door in embarrassment, with their heads down, but they didn't find anything unusual in Baron.

The smell It was really seductive! After licking his lips, Baron opened his eyes and stared at Bob and Kenny with fire in his eyes.

"Mr. Baron?" Asked Bob, who nerved himself to look up and was shocked by his red eyes. What happened?

Except for the red spots on Baron's cheeks, there was no difference from his normal appearance, and people would only feel that he had drunk a few glasses of wine. Baron came to them silently. The closer they got to each other, the more tempting their breath became. Baron couldn't help but approach, closer and closer A coquettish smile.

There was something wrong with Kenny, and his hair stood on. He felt that the way Mr. Baron behaved was strange and familiar!

Kiss, isn't this the reaction that a man is thirsty for the beauty!

"Come, drink with me." Pushing the two people to sit down, Baron loosed his buttons and exposed his smooth chest. He exhaled a hot breath, and his eyes were a little blurred.

"……" 'Mr. Baron is too close to me. What's wrong with him? Bob shook his body and stopped talking. They touched each other's arms. It was disgusting. Kenny wanted to push him away, but he dare not. What should he do?

There were three people sitting in a row, with two men in the middle of Baron. He was indeed drunk Until Baron's hands on their thighs go straight in

The next second, both Bob and Kenny jumped out of the sofa, staring at Baron in panic as if they had seen a ghost.

"Mr. Baron!" What the hell! After working for Mr. Baron for several years, they just know that Mr. Baron likes man. "Mr. Baron, you, you, you..."

With his thin lips curled, Baron sat in the S-shape sofa gracefully.

Kenny rubbed his eyes with all his strength, and found that the man who winked at them was real Mr. Baron! ! "Mr. Baron, what's wrong with you?"

"Handsome boy" ~ Baron is bewitched and laughs." Comeon, the night of rendezvous is always too short. You guys, come on, don't be so polite..."

'Son of a bitch!

rried about is that they... They will do something to hurt the kids. " Among those people, including their biological father, were also the children's grandfather.

Marvin snorted. His dark eyes were full of murderous look. They would like to have a try!

Sensing the tension, Freda turned around. Embarrassed and reluctant, she stammered, "I'm sorry. I'll be careful Anyway, you can no longer interfere with my private affairs. "

"No way!"

"You? Humph!"

This was the curse that a brother and sister could be friends within five minutes?

***The next day

The Han Group's electronic technology finally hit the headlines of all the major newspapers and magazines.

On the XX day, the shareholders of Han's electronic technology company changed. The chairman, Peter, whose shares were 10% fell to R company. after that, he was deprived of his power and became a normal director who no longer took part in the operation of this company. His son, Baron, lost the trust of shareholders due to the mysterious video, so his executive power was greatly reduced, which indirectly led to the failure of the Hun Clan's leadership.

Mrs. Wilson put down the newspaper. There was dead silence on the table.

Wilson was more unbelievable. He looked at the news over and over again and said, "How could it be possible? How could Hun Clan fall down?"

Mrs. Wilson rolled her eyes and said impatiently, "Except for your good son, who else in the world will be against the Hun Clan?" To her surprise, that brat was capable of doing that.

"……" Gripping the newspaper tightly, Wilson felt as if that sheet of paper was his good son, Marvin. "Well, you have changed a lot since you came back."

Mrs. Wilson didn't respond. Marvin's treason is hard to deal with, but it's not the only one who returns home this time.

"What about Hun Clan's marriage?" Wilson is most reluctant to lose his dowry, "No marriage!" At a haughty glance, Mrs. Wilson said, "The declining Hun Clan is not worthy of our Freda. This marriage should never exist."

Wilson pulled a long face. He couldn't bear to see his son ruin his plan.

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