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   Chapter 51 Just Like You

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"……" Freda was wondering what the tone of "the best friend in the world" was? With great difficulty, Freda said, "well, if you have nothing else to do, I'll leave now."

As a result, Freda felt like she was unable to leave now.

Hearing that she was going to leave, Lancy grasped her and said plaintively, "I have something to do. Look, I was injured and bleeding..."

It's just a wound. Miss Lancy, you lost your memory because of it? Have you forgotten who was so aggressive? Who wanted to break your neck? And who insult you?

In fact, Lancy was a careless girl, but she didn't have such kind of nerve at all?

"I've done that to you Aren't you angry? " Freda lowered its head and stared at Lancy, but she found there was a drop of tear in Lancy's eyes. Freda couldn't understand her at all.

With a bright smile, Lancy replied, "because I love you..."

Thousands of reasons flashed through her mind, but she never thought of this one It was so incredible that Lancy liked her.

Freda tried to see trick from her eyes but failed. She turned away her head and blushed. She was too shy to admit it.

"Although you have a bad temper and are not very clever, and you have very soft ears But I still like you. " Lancy said sincerely.

'There is no need to be shy. It's just an illusion!' Freda thought "I have a bad temper? Stupid? Who is more stupid? " As if she was the cleverest one.

"All right, all right. Please don't be mad at me. I'm so silly." the commander comforted her in a soft voice. Lancy knew how to deal with the situation.

The more Freda was distressed, the angrier she was, instead of calming down.

"Auntie, what did you do to my mommy was to bicker with her?" Rani tilted her head.

Freda focuses on the babies this time. She points at them in amazement and can't say a word 'Oh my God! What's going on?'?

It seemed that she had seen the same appearance of her brother in childhood. Was the girl called Lancy Mommy?

"What Who is this? " When she looked at the little face which was familiar and strange to her, Freda indeed wanted to ask whether his daddy was Marvin or Myron!

"This are my babies, Rani and Ray." Lancy said and pushed the kids out.

Sitting on the knee of Freda, Rani looked up and said, "Aunt, you haven't answered my question yet."

"Question? What is it? " Freda was a little confused.

With arms folded across his chest, Ray raised his chin proudly and said, "Are you here to make trouble for mommy or to laugh at mommy?" Their mother was too stupid to distinguish between friends and enemies. She would smile when she saw others, their mommy is so stupid.

"I..." The corner of the mouth of Freda was twitching, and even under the boy's black eyes which seemed to see through people's minds, it was difficult for her to say sorry! She had never said those three words

Due to the restless expression on her face, Freda was struggling to speak but then hesitated.

Seeing that, Ray's littl

e?" With a low and pleasant voice, Baron bowed his head and looked quite pleasant. "I have thought it over. Let's go to the Berkeley to get married. I have arranged everything there." He couldn't do anything to Marvin at home, but at least he could go abroad. The fact that the shares were acquired has not been investigated yet. In a few days, it will be the selection meeting of the new shareholders general meeting, without any mishaps.

Thinking of this, the smile on Baron's face deepened.

"To Berkeley?" A hint of sarcasm was revealed in the smile of Freda, but the latter was observing the man with serene eyes. "Actually you don't have to. As long as we are together, it doesn't matter whether we get married or not, does it?"

"No way!" Baron denied. Until then did he realize that he had overreacted. "Freda, I don't want to hurt you. It's your wish to have your own home. "

Meanwhile, Freda raised her head and smiled, "So, what if I don't want to get married now?"

"…… What do you mean? " Baron was totally confused and didn't know what to do.

Her slender legs clung together, her last hope for the man was extinguished. The temperature gradually went down. She looked down with a cold expression in her eyes, "Baron, do you love me or the daughter of the Lu Clan?"

Baron's heart skipped a beat and he felt guilty with his eyes blinking. He drank the coffee down and said, "Of course I love you! 'Freda, you're weird today. Did your brother say something to you?'? He was trying to separate us... "

The accusation against Marvin was ironic. But Freda got impatient and interrupted him, "it's none of my brother's business."

After the phone buzzed twice, Freda replied with a fake smile, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost my temper with you. I was thinking nonsense."

"It doesn't matter, Freda." He was her sweet fiance. How could he mind?

Freda pulled away the man's hand around her waist stiffly and stood up, "I'm going to the bathroom."

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