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   Chapter 50 Tore Away The Hypocritical Mask

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10182

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Trapped in an unprecedented situation, Freda and Baron couldn't meet their priest without church appointment. Even the marriage registry returned their marriage application.

'Freda didn't know that it would be so difficult for an open-minded woman in the 21st century to get married. After so many failures, Freda finally understood what Marvin meant.

It turned out that this was the real meaning of unable to get married without his consent. Ridiculously, she still naively hoped In contrast to Baron's anger, Freda had been divorcing angrily for a long time.

What if they couldn't get married? Without the marriage certificate, she could still live a happy life with her beloved man.

It was unexpected that her brother would wait for Freda in the Lu mansion.

"You're back?" In the dim light, it was Marvin who sat in the corner. The window is already deep and heavy. Marvin has already known who his good sister is hanging out with until now...

Freda ridiculed, "Why you are not with your little secretary, and have time to wait for me? Or, did you just take time to watch your victory? As you wish, my dearest brother, you've ruined my happiness again. "

"I forgive you because we are family." Marvin said.

"What do you mean?" Uneasiness flashed in Freda's eyes, and Freda had an ominous premonition.

"I come here just to inform you that there is no Han Group's electronic technology in Alaska a week later. I will give you time to deal with the aftermath." He said in a cold voice, showing no emotion.

Trembling, Freda looked at Marvin in disbelief and roared, "You've gone too far!"

Going too far? Struggling to stand up, he came to Freda and said coldly, "Freda, I knew you looked weird when you looked at men. So many years have passed, can you be smarter? When will you stop deceiving yourself?"

"Have you found any signs of breakthrough in the last period of time? Why even you don't care about the paper, but look at Baron? He is so flippant. If he gives you a name, you really think he has to marry you. Have you ever wondered why all the members of the Lu Clan have no objection to your marriage? Does Mrs. Wilson really love you so much? "

There should be a limit to being unrealistic! "I'm very disappointed in you!" The man lowered his eyes, and the storm calmed down again. Then Marvin opened Freda.

Since he had told all the truth, the voice was full of scare. Freda covered her ears as if it was trying to deceive herself. All she wanted to do was to believe what she had seen, believe what she was willing to believe and desire for true love.

Marvin snorted. He took all the photos out of his briefcase and threw them in front of her one by one. "Open your eyes wide and look at those photos. Tell me who want to hurt you!"

The pictures were so clear that Freda was reluctant to open her eyes, but Freda had buried her doubt deep inside its heart.

The faces on the paper looked familiar. It turned out that Mrs. Wilson had already met Mr. Han a long time ago. Their expressions had cha

en she could restore the ruined face Is it possible to have your face disfigured? Biting his lower lip, Freda nervously opened the door.

At one glance, all the speculation was overturned. Embarrassed, Freda looked at the woman who was crying out of pain.

"Mommy doesn't hurt at all. Let me blow the air in." the sweet little girl curled up her red small mouth in front of Lancy. Her hair was blocked from the little wound.

It was right and was invisible After making up all the bloody scenes, the length of his index finger was just a tiny wound~

The pink lace sleeveless Pajama was useful for the baby to apply medicine to her wound, and her pinky, snow-white skin made Freda blind. 'Aren't they hurt? Wasn't it a disaster?

Grumbled Lancy, who was lazy like a cat, with a satisfied expression. She knelt on the white soft blanket, opened her mouth, and the serious baby put the cherry into her mouth obediently.

This is the paradise for Lancy.

The twins could take care of them one by one, they must have been bribed? Freda has nothing to speak.

There was a word "well" on the back of Freda's head. Wondering why she couldn't fall asleep for a whole night?

"Miss Lancy, there is your guest."

"Wow! Sister Freda!" Lancy grinned, revealing her white teeth.

Since when did she call her Sister Freda? Freda had no strength to chase her. Sitting on the sofa, Freda looked at Lancy up and down.

In contrast to Lancy's joy, the two babies were much more cautious. They still remembered that Freda had been engaged to Baron, so they were standing on the left and right of Freda, deliberately keeping a distance between them.

"I heard that you are sick." Freda has a stiff face, but there is a trace of uneasiness in her eyes, especially when her clear and clean eyes stare at her without any hostility

Hearing Freda's voice, Lancy held her little face in her hands and moved her, "Wow, you are the first one to come to see me. MUA." Freda was the best friend who could ignore Marvin automatically.

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