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   Chapter 49 No Injection

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No injection... No injection... They were just like the second order of the magic array. They flied into her brain and filled all the blank. She struggled and her eyes became bigger and bigger and soon her eyes were full of the sacred color of an angel in white.

But for Lancy, death was the most horrible thing.

"Ouch! No injection!" Lancy returned to her senses with the quilt in her arms and shrank into the man's arms. All right, she didn't realize that the person beside her was the big boss, Marvin.

No matter who he is, who can help me get rid of the injection is her biggest husband!

She was so excited. How could she keep calm? The nurse looked serious, holding the needle in her right hand and staring at Lancy. She just did what the doctor told her to do and tried her best to complete her work. "Miss Lancy, calm down!"

With her head shaking, Lancy yelled, "stay away from me. Ten meters! No, one hundred meters!" One hundred meters was enough for her to get out of the hospital.

"Lancy!" "Here I am." there was resignation and gentleness in Marvin's voice

"I'm fine. Why would I have an injection?" "Are you okay? Where is it? Who is the man who just looked dead"

"Mommy..." Ray lowered his voice as if he was warning something.

Hearing that, Lancy curled her mouth and raised her chin in a proud manner. "Ray, don't be so cruel. I am your mother!" It was only then that Lancy would act like a mother.

Hearing this, Ray's eyes turned dark and his little face tensed. He wondered if he was angry.

"…… Ray, I'm really ok. " Lancy clapped her chest hard She was too eager to confess her love to him, so she forgot that her arm was injured. She grinned and her face wrinkled in an instant.

It was not a big deal. She could endure the pain through gritting her teeth! Lancy stood on the sickbed barefoot and looked down at them. Was it really good for her?

Is she excited? If not, how can she remain calm?

The nurse's wanton face said, "She is seriously ill. Be sure to press her." She revealed a row of white teeth and rushed at the patient.

When the transparent liquid was ejected from the shiny silver white needle, Lancy was in a bad condition. She stared at the nurse with her bloodshot eyes. It was an enemy holding the needle!

Lancy was in the mode of fighting. How could a weak nurse be her match, on the condition that no one would help her.

"Mommy, don't be afraid!" Rani remarked in a sweet voice, as she wrapped Lancy's arms around Lancy's legs and acted in a pettishly charming manner~

However, this little girl couldn't resist the grown-up's footsteps. Lancy held her in her arms all of a sudden, and while scurry, she forced her back into the

little butts in disbelief. It was not painful at all that she did not touch the rarity in her butt~~

This was the most bitter and pitiful experience in history. Hanson heart was so tired that he had no strength to whine.

Why he was always the one who was hurt?

The effect of the tranquilizer was so strong that Hanson felt dizzy for a few minutes. He had something to say before falling asleep.

In spite of the dim light, Hanson had already accepted the cruel reality. Staring at Ray, he said pitifully, "Leader, is this a compensation?"

Hanson, is the work hurt here? And the most important thing now is to make amends!

The young nurse with yellow hair fell down smoothly and ran away.

The medicine in the hospital was decided according to the doctor's prescription, which meant that Lancy's crisis came into handy successfully.

Lancy, who was like a koala clinging to Marvin, patted him gently and said, "put me down."

Marvin stood still, as if he didn't know what had happened.

Hearing his "betrayal", Lancy frowned and said, "let go of me!"

Marvin raised his head and asked coldly, "do you want another injection?" The wound needed to be bandaged again. No patient could be so quiet.

Hearing that, Lancy lowered her head. She became a coward in an instant. Giving an injection or something must be a dead point. "I will beh well..."

The two babies couldn't bear to look at her, so they didn't dare to bully her anymore?

Lancy lowered her head and introspectively pulled Marvin's sleeve, "don't stay here, I want to go home."

In this way, the VIP ward was left to the unconscious Hanson, and Lancy finally got her wish and went home She was like a koala bear and never wanted to pass this hospital again~

Even a shameless person could not bear such a posture!

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