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   Chapter 48 You Should Be Punished If You Do Something Wrong

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9870

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Hanson was scared, and didn't say anything. It turned out that the game of struggle was the best. Miss Rani, I was wrong.

The bleeding all over his body. Todd's face was completely red and finally got the sign of waking up. He was horrified to find out how his world was broken after he woke up? Heaven and earth are upside down!

He looked down and saw a round, soft face. What a cute girl! What was she doing now?

Rani bent her eyebrows, she put the long thing Cha into the soil, less than 5cm away from Todd's half long hair, and then took out the lighter... "Light a fire!"~~

It was said that this for the wealthy people to play with.

An angel was like a devil in a second.

"Duck, take out your golf club"

Hanson, who just bought a golf club, didn't say anything. Curiosity was more important to him.

Rani held the club and hit his hip skillfully

"Ouch! ! ! !"

Screaming with pain was mixed with tearing. Those men's legs were clamped tightly between their legs. It seemed that they had heard some deep moans

Their forceful locking position made Todd unable to escape. His hip moved close to his weak part. Although there was a thin layer of cloth between them, people could see it.

I didn't expect that Todd's buttocks could be so straight and maintain such a difficult and subtle posture Oh, fool, open your eyes wide, that was the result of hand-made operation.

Does it hurt? Did that really hurt? The onlookers all thought of one thing -- "Bastard, Todd can you still have the upper hand in the future?"?

His fat body remained motionless, but on the contrary, he felt it was too strong, so strong that it plunged into his blood to the marrow, and his hair in all sizes, length and short trembled.

Everyone was shocked by what Rani did, except Hanson, who was used to be bullied. "That's it?" he asked

Wasn't that enough? Everyone reproached Hanson silently.

Of course not just that

Rani turned to Hanson and said in a reproachful tone, "You're so bad, boy. I'm a good girl. If I play too hard, you'll make me cry."

"……" Everyone's blood basket was empty, and they fell to the ground and could never get up again.

Rani pointed to the rows of the hooligans and said, "Mommy told me that the one who did something wrong must be spanked. It's your turn."

Mick stupidly took the golf club, his mind going blank. What was he going to do?

"Come on!" With an innocent look, Rani pointed at the fake fragrance and said, "You can't stop until the incense is finished."

You can't stop Stop Stop. Do you know it can be burned for 48 hours?

She made it sound like she was praising the good weather.

The instantly balanced Hanson showed a satisfied smile. As expected, Rani was not partial to an outsider. He smiled happily and his mood was instantly stimulated.

All the brothers in the eastern region had come and gone in circles. There was no chance for them to win against the enemies si


"Time is uncertain. Sometimes an hour, sometimes half day. The longest time is two days." Hearing from Rani's words, Ray knew how awful the culprit would be? Ray's bright and black eyes were covered with a layer of shadow, and the chillness was not less than that of Marvin.

"Give her a sedative. Maybe she will wake up." The nurse was so anxious that she couldn't wait to perform her skills. She began to prepare the medicine and syringe in a orderly manner. Inadvertently, she looked at the girl who was staring at the syringe without blinking her eyes and said, "Take it easy, I'm very good at it. It doesn't hurt at all..."

The nurse stressed her skill deliberately.

"I know. I know how to make your mother awake," Rani said, blinking her smart eyes and raising her hands

"?" Marvin asked curiously.

Lying on the bed, Rani kicked off her shoes, moved closer to Lancy and shouted in a louder voice, "Mommy, it's the injection." Her lung functions were impressive.

The nurse with the medicated glass bottle trembled and almost scared. But she was tolerant of Rani's actions. After all, her babies were so cute.

Not only nurses, but also Marvin didn't think this method would be effective. It was just a child's naive idea. He didn't think that he would be so stupid to believe Rani. If she shouted successfully, there would be no persistent vegetative people in the world.

Unexpectedly, a miracle happened, and her dim black eyes seemed to have some reaction.

"Mommy, the nurse has prepared the injection. But which part of the injection is easier to pinch? The arm or the hip?" After a while, Rani learnt that injection was not the right thing to hurt her mother. "Don't worry, nurse. My mommy is the bravest. She is not afraid of injection at all Oh, hip! Rani take off mommy's pants! "

With the knowledge that it was a lie, Cody couldn't help turning his face away. Was it really reasonable for gangster Gang to be so shy?

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