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   Chapter 47 The Adorable Girl Looks Imposing

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10098

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Hanson, the man with yellow hair hesitated. He shouldn't deceive himself. Please accept the reality.

However, Lancy was staring at the bloodstained paw with vacant eyes.

"Lancy?" Did she get hurt? Hanson called Lancy several times. "I'm Hanson, do you know me?" She was wearing neatly dressed. Did she get hurt?

Instantly, Hanson's flattering face darkened, feeling that he was in the hell! 'Lancy got injured in my territory. Those guys really got the nerve to do that!'? If Leader knows this... ' Ah, ah, ah, he must ask his brothers to hack this group of bastards into pieces ten thousand times, and kill them only when they die!

Rose's eyes became bigger and bigger. Lancy couldn't hear what Hanson said, and even her eyes were blurred and she couldn't see anything. Lancy was as vigilant as she was. She was even unaware that the burly figure behind her was approaching.

The hooligans could not help but open their eyes wide, and were excited and full of hope. 'Todd, you really need to be ashamed in front of us!

The moment Todd unleashed his strength finally came. Todd held his breath and with all his strength, he slashed the knife at Lancy!

'Damn it! I'm dead this time!'! Hanson had no time to think about anything. He shouted and pounced on the mayor's son, "behind him!"

The blade was aimed at Molly's heart. To break through a person's heart was the key Just in a blink of an eye, Lancy moved left. The sharp knife touched her left shoulder.

Lancy kicked off the unknown object subconsciously and covered her injured part with her hand in pain. The blood spilled from the wound made her hand red. She looked at the blood with a pale face, and her black eyes finally lost focus.

"Damn it! He's dead meat this time!" Hanson whined, as if he was the one who was injured, and his expression was simply unbearable.

"Leader must be very angry, so do us. We're gona get blamed a thousand times.. I'm wrong, really wrong. I shouldn't have gone out for a walk. It's better to stay by Miss Cloris's side and be abused than now. Why did I find that I'm the one Lancy has an affair with? "

Hanson thought that he was not telling a lie, and his local accent was so unusual!

Hanson's whole body was filled with the Black Mist, and he had reached the end of despair Suddenly he smiled evilly. Would he commit suicide or just wait for death?

He would never have a chance to escape again!

With ferocity in his eyes, Hanson stared at Todd, which was stuck in the middle of the branch, and looked around. He didn't know if these people were brave enough to appease Leader's anger?

However, it was not the right time. At this moment, Hanson was only worried about himself, OK? Shouldn't he call the ambulance?

Before Hanson called them, his men had already arrived. Oh, yeah! How dare these scumbags have the nerve to group up and fight in the East region! They looked down upon them! It seemed that they might want to die. Peter decided to give them a hard lesson!

Spark, the firs

e that he graduated from primary school?

He even blurted out his own thoughts

One man looked at him with anger, and said: "Shut up, man! Don't watch what he said! We did it on purpose!"

'You're exposed, okay?'

Hansonr continued to desire to stir up the trouble, and played improvisation "Honey, if you make me happy, then I'll forgive you."

"Hey, beauty, smile at me."

"Woman, it's your fortune that I'm interested in you. Come and knee down and lick it..."

"Oh, I'm so scared. Don't come over. I'll cry if you keep doing that!" Hanson suddenly had a throat between his fingers and twisted his body to become a victim.

"Yeah! Even if you shout loudly, no one will come to save you!"

"……" Cops! This is insane! ! This was the statement of the hearts of the jerks. The sight of the katoey was too strong.

She resumed her natural manner and even imitated the tone of that kid. Was it really okay to describe the words "kneeling and licking" to the child?

Her poor acting skill won't fool any smart person. Right! What a jerk They were not that stupid.

The next second, he sensed the stronger dark aura from the paper. He almost believed it!

'Hanson, stop talking, people will die.' The weak beg.

"Good, very good!" With an evil smile, Rani mustered all her strength to rush up to the sky Everyone only felt the ground trembling, and the sound of something heavy falling echoed in their ears, followed by a muffled hum~

Everyone was hurt after the dust was gone What happened? How did Todd be tied to a single bar from a tree in an instant? The public fitness finally was of use!

Isn't that the exclusive posture of the roast boar? The posture was so good and sexy~

"What the hell do you want to do?" Angela whined?

Men, you didn't focus on all the stuff, okay? What you really should care about was how the little baby could carry the weight of more than 200! Or a single hand!

"Where did the strange kid come from? Is she sent to destroy the spy on the earth?"?

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