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   Chapter 46 Call Me Good Brother

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10496

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"…… no Then what do you do here? " Looking these people up and down with her big clear black and white eyes, Lancy seemed to finally feel their "unkindness". She clapped her hands and said that she had met them before. She was familiar with them before because they wouldn't be so impolite!

"Hey, girl, look at our situation, we don't even need to ask, of course, I want to give you a good care..."

"Hurt?" Lancy looked at the fat man, Todd. She really didn't want to be loved by him, so she said, "Uncle, please move aside. I have something to do."

The fat on Todd's belly shook a little, and Todd stood steadily in front of Lancy, "Maybe you call me brother, I will give you face..."

Brother? My dear, please look in the mirror.

Seeing that, haze pouted and touched her cheeks with her index finger. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She took out her wallet and shook it in front of Mr. Niu. "Is it a robbery?"

Even if they wanted to rob someone, they didn't have to take out their wallet, did they? The end of the pink head was in the bulgy wallet. Ray was worried that his mother would disappear on the way, so he didn't pay the bill. He had no interest in the identity of an orphan.

He took a glance at Lancy with his turbid eyes. Todd grinned and said, "you want money, too. She I also want it! " After all, who would complain about the extra money? Look at her purse! She was a fat cow!

However, the cost was far less than that of the mercenary. He could get all the benefits by doing this.

"Pretty girl, we will suffer less if you make us happy." Looking at this smooth face, he wondered who on earth did this beauty offend, and why that man paid a lot of money to teach her a lesson.

No matter how Lancy thought, Lancy finally understood what he meant. Especially, all of them looked at her with eager eyes as if they had never seen a woman before. It turned out that they liked her.

"I'm not interested in pigs." Lancy said directly and sincerely. She was a human and had a good sense of propriety. "Let's face the reality now. There is no future between us,"

Man to beast Many of the new comers held back their laughter. They found Todd was just like a pig. He had the same boobs, big ears and a fat figure. The difference was that no one was going to kill Todd, even if he was a fat pig.

Todd glared at them. The henchmen dared not to speak. He hated it the most when people made fun of his figure. "Hey, beauty! Do you want a fight? Fine! I'll punish you!"

"…… Actually, you don't need to do me a favor, really. " Lancy's face was honest, proving that what she said was true.

Todd's face was as red as a turkey cock. He secretly hated that Lancy didn't appreciate his favors, which made him lose face in front of his brothers. He thought that her beauty was nothing compared to his face! He waved his hand and the atmosphere at the scene changed dramatically under his command

Oh, what's that? Did the man with the iron chain hit me?

"Come on, Janet. Be careful with your posture. I scratched myself.".

He saw the awe inspiring group of the man, and he brought an electric gun as

tell me that you have a fight? Wow, if I hadn't exercise for a long time, I would have been stiff. "

Hey! You stepped on my foot?

The man who claimed to be Hanson walked closer to one of the minions and touched his nose with his finger. He sighed, "blood! It's been a long time since the last time I saw blood I've missed the bloody scene since Leader assumed office! "

Was it really good to get excited over a nosebleed?

One guy opened his eyes in fear and screamed, "Help! Todd! Help!"!

Hanson didn't listen to what the man said at all. Instead, he pulled his haircut. He hadn't done anything yet! "Well, well, well. You are not from our region, are you?"

He looked at a few people in a row and thought that they looked like good-looking soulmates and absolutely were not from the same region!

'Not a joke. Is he Hanson's friend? Does it have anything to do with his handsome face?'~~

"Look at this skill, this sign, this angle, what a professional method! It's completely comparable to our Leader!" Hanson continued to study the physical condition of the people without realizing how inappropriate his sudden words were. "Tell me, what's the date?"

One of the guy said. He just wanted to laugh. Even if he was beaten to death, he would not tell him that it was n one on one

Hanson was looking around. Hanson rubbed his eyes and was so excited that he almost screamed. Oh, God, he seemed to see a very powerful person! With the eyes, nose and mouth, face gathered together, it was the face of Leader's beloved mother, right?

Shrimp, what is the master? You don't know this at all, how can you be in the gang? It was obvious that their boss was superior to their boss -- master!

Well, Leader's mother probably wouldn't be here, let alone fight with those ugly men! No, No. Maybe he opened his eyes in a wrong way. He opened his eyes, closed them and then opened again. The innocent, pretty face greeted him again. Hanson raised his head and looked at the sky, roaring, "It's a nice day today. The sun is shining. The weather is good for taking a walk." Haha~

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