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   Chapter 45 The Brotherhood

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Carrying a living man, Luke drew many people's attention along the way, but no one felt strange! Everyone knew that Luke was the person who worked for the big boss and "disgrace" was his main job. But, of course, Baron was never the first person to be offered.

As for Baron, this was absolutely a great humiliation in his whole life.

Four feet in the air, lying in front of the door of Wilson Group, his injured body was even more painful, perhaps it was too shameful or too painful. Baron was tightly lying there, looking at the sky through the glass.

He looked so calm that people would tremble with fear!

When Freda arrived, Freda somehow felt sad after seeing the scene Why would her beloved brother hurt her lover?

"I'm sorry, Baron. I'm so sorry..." Sobbing, Freda threw herself into Baron's arms.

With one hand holding Freda, Baron didn't complain at all. He looked into the distance with his dark eyes and asked calmly, "How was the result?"

"…… I'm sorry... " Meanwhile, Freda held him more tightly and said, "Baron, let's run away!"

First of all, he got on the car to fill in the ticket; then he applied for a marriage license; he would perform first and report afterwards Hearing that, Baron's eyes brightened. That was also a solution.

Would everything go as they expected?

The noisy office was as quiet as usual, and it was so quiet that even the sound of breath could be heard. With a small face on her hands, Lancy looked at the man who looked as usual, wondering what she was thinking about.

The man was like a statue, motionless. Lancy really doubted that if he would become a stone statue if she went on doing that?

Her fat finger poked the man. Marvin turned around and stared at her silently.

With a heartbroken expression, Lancy pushed her "afternoon tea" to him. Her eyes were filled with fresh and cute strawberry on the cake. She said, "here, you said that I didn't help you and I will feed you. Desserts are the most efficient for me when I'm in a bad mood. "

"……" His cold face softened as he said, "I'm not in a bad mood."

No way! Hearing that, Lancy could not help but roll her eyes. She could see clearly that he was in a bad mood from both of her eyes. Grasping her ears, she looked at Marvin up and down. She did not know why she felt the awkward look in his eyes was so familiar~~

Of course he looks familiar. Our baby, Ray, also looks like this when he gets angry from time to time?

However, she didn't know that her thoughts were revealed on her face. The corners of Marvin's mouth twitched in doubt and he repeated, "I'm fine!"

"That's right!" Lancy waved her hand dismissively.

Hearing that, Marvin who seemed to be staring at a dessert, suddenly raised his head and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Boss, it's time to get off work. Please eat slowly." sparing some time to heal his injuries, was there any secretary in the world more considerate than her?

Lancy was bouncing up and down and the footsteps that only belonged to her were heard in the quiet corridor. Unexpectedly, she

scape! Of course, they didn't think a girl could escape from them.

The head of the group was a fat man with a pair of black sunglasses. Even the sun was not strong enough to open its eyes. He opened his mouth and saw a crumpled picture in his fat hand, asking, "Is she the woman?"

The face blind could not be injured. Mr. Niu was a smart man. The only flaw was that it was difficult to tell people's faces. As long as they were in the same size, he didn't see any difference in facial features among them.

"Well, I think so." The man with a lisp stretched his head and tried his best to open his eyes, but to no avail.

It turned out that she was not sure whether she was the target or not since she had followed him all the way? The paper in charge of the stalkers finally gave a positive reply.

Rolling her black and white eyes, Lancy felt this scene quite familiar. It seemed that she had experienced something similar before? After thinking for quite a while, she finally recalled that this familiar visual sense came from his first encounter with hooligans Perhaps it was because of this, she did not fear at all. She was surrounded by so many people~~

With an obscene smile, yellow teeth said, "Todd, this time the target is bigger than the mark on the photo!" The background of the photo was suspicious of a night club. Debbie's features could be seen faintly. However, due to the dim light, her beauty was weakened. She wouldn't have chosen to kill it on the roadside.

When Todd said that, his eyes were already shining! "Hey, chick, what about making a deal? As long as you stay with me, we won't hurt you that poor face,"

He reached for Lancy. Lancy stepped back a little, just out of his reach. "Do you know me?" Looking at these strange faces with her little head tilted, Austin wondered whether "brother company" had recruited new members?

Lancy's words caused men to laugh, and Todd was even more arrogant. "How naive she is, we don't know, but later we will be more familiar with her."

"Is she a virgin?"

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