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   Chapter 44 Parted With Each Other In Displeasure

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Was she questioning him?

However, Marvin didn't take the matter seriously. Marvin replied calmly, "My dear sister, you are more daring than before! Baron, are you getting out of here yourself, or do you want me to have you thrown out? "

Hearing that, Baron was speechless. Baron had never expected that Marvin would refuse him directly.

"Brother, that's enough. How can such an outsider sit here peacefully! Why can't Baron? He is my fiance. We are a family! " Finally, Freda broke out.

"Don't talk to Marvin like this, Freda." Baron added

Marvin stood in front of the table, with his hands supporting his body leaned forward like a king who was overbearing. His imposing manner was wild and sensual. "Get out!"

It was the majesty of the emperor, which made Baron almost fall down on the ground! How horrible a man he was! A cold sweat broke out on Baron's forehead, and Baron's heart was still fluttering with fear. 'Marvin, is he really just the eldest son who was "exiled"?' He wondered?

There was something strange in Marvin's dark eyes. He was extremely dangerous!

Baron gave a wry smile. If he was a little bit rebellious, he would have the ridiculous idea to break his neck without hesitation! But Baron did not notice that there was fear and calmness in the eyes of Freda.


"Yes?" Melissa's explanation vanished into thin air.

Hearing that, Myron grabbed Baron by the shoulder. With a solemn expression on his face, Myron said, "let's go!"

Only they two knew clearly that if Baron didn't leave, no matter what the consequences would be. He couldn't talk about the real business.

'Is it possible that Freda is not afraid of Marvin?' In Lu Clan, she was the apple of the eye. She could do anything she wanted except that Marvin.

In the past, Freda wouldn't do anything that she couldn't do to him. But now, Freda was sure that Lancy was in good condition. So Freda held back her stubbornness and pride, she forced them not to hurt Baron.

"Baron can leave as long as Kevin wants!" "If this woman leaves, then Baron will leave," Freda added stubbornly

The innocent Lancy was shot again.

Marvin burst into laughter in anger. How could a mere virtuous Baron compare with her?

"I don't care if it was this woman who put obstacles in my way or you did it on purpose, Kirk. I came here only to tell you my decision, not to ask for your permission! Even if you take all my shares, I'll marry Baron. " Taking out the signed share transfer agreement, Freda showed its determination in actions.

Thus, in terms of negotiation and explanation, Freda had been ready for the worst.

This share transfer agreement made Baron greatly alarmed. Even if he tried hard to cover it, he couldn't escape Marvin's eyes.

On the other hand, it would be improper for Myron to do that. After all, they were brother and sister, how could they come to this situation? "Don't be silly!

truggled. A mixed feeling of grief, unwillingness, despair and anger turned into hatred for Lancy.

It had never occurred to Freda that the decision-maker was an outsider, but what Lancy said ruined all her efforts, and her brother didn't even give her a chance to defend herself! "Are you satisfied now?"

Freda's sarcastic smile was more ferocious than crying and frightening.

When Myron subliminally blocked the sight of his sister, Freda realized that sister was no match for a woman. "Don't worry. I can't do anything to her," Freda reassured them

"Are you feeling smug that my two best brothers are both on your side?" Squinting slightly, Freda kept staring at Marvin and said, "My dearest brother, you always think yourself as a fair person, right? It's reasonable. If I don't agree, will this woman still be unable to enter Lu Clan? "

But before Marvin could reply, Freda told Lancy ferociously, "I'm here, and you will never have the chance to take the Lu family name!" If she couldn't get what she wanted, this woman wouldn't succeed either! Because of Lancy's words, the situation has reached a deadlock. There is no room for negotiation The initiator should pay the price!

It would be a big trouble!

"My dear brother, you know what I can do!" Freda was wearing a half smile but its eyes were cold. It ignored everyone and left decisively.

Myron was speechless ''Freda! "

The deafening sound of closing the door deafened Myron.

"…… You shouldn't do this. You know Freda is a stubborn girl, can't you say something more? " Myron was in a dilemma. His brother was always like this. He could explain, but he never said anything. "She will hate you."

Marvin couldn't help but ask, "do you think I care?"

Hearing that, Myron gasped and smiled bitterly. Didn't he really care? If he didn't care, why did he have to interfere?

Marvin looked down at them with an ironic smile on his face and watched them leave.

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