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   Chapter 43 The Wedding Day Is Approaching

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Maybe because Marvin was really busy, or because he was trying to avoid it, Freda couldn't meet him in a few days! As the wedding date approached, all the persons who were responsible for the engagement ceremony stopped their work, which made Freda more anxious!

One day, Freda inquired about Myron ahead of time and asked him where Marvin was. Freda took Baron's hand and went straight to the top floor of the group, just to block the way.

On his way to the success of Wilson Group, Baron had seen the great achievements and realized that this marriage should not be changed. He witnessed the scale of the Lu Group, which lighted up his ambition completely.

Everyone appreciated the supreme power, worship and worshiping, and the condescending quality of all people. This was what every man pursued throughout his life

It was the exclusive place of Marvin. The black marble floor was just like this, quiet and cold, which showed no human breath. People would feel great pressure if they just stood here.

Freda didn't have as many regrets as Baron. Meanwhile, Freda also fixed her eyes on the person inside the gate.

When they pushed the door open, the full words of Freda were hard in her throat. "What Why are you here? " No surprise, no surprise, no surprise.

Since when there was a small world in this big office besides the "throne"? 'Did I have an illusion because I didn't sleep well? How could the Royal Palace have pink color that doesn't fit in?' Freda rubbed her eyes. The teddy bear at the corner of the deck chair was her illusion. The Yellow Unicorn doll of different sizes was her illusion, and the pure white girl who was bold enough to occupy the throne was also her illusion?

She couldn't open her eyes in this way!

"How dare you? !" Freda was flabbergasted.

The girl lowered her head and her brows were wrinkled tightly. She looked cautious and distressed as if she was handling a national matter! Her ears turned red and her hands kept pulling her braid. She spoke loudly, but nobody knew what she was mumbling.

"Stop it. I'm busy." The girl protested, "is this golden apple kindergarten or Hess?" The poor baby was forced to go to the kindergarten one year later, just because its birthday was thirty-one days after August. Even though it didn't work, its resistance didn't work~~~

Lancy would never admit that the reason why she had chosen to form an alliance with Marvin was that she was so jealous of the twins' closeness to Marvin!

'I want you to be close to an outsider, I want you to show your love every day, humph, now you know it's like lifting a stone to hit your own feet!'! Lancy couldn't help but shake her baby's little tail when she thought of the bitter expressions on their faces. She was very proud of herself.

With cold eyes like snow, Freda was staring at Lancy. Finally, the last doubt disappeared under her bold resistance. Who gave Lancy the courage to "occupy the throne" and ignore her?

Without saying a word, Freda unplugged the power supply. Paying no attention to what the woman was doing and whether there were important documents in her computer, she only knew that she was about to explode wi

they were close to the ground?

He didn't care whether Lancy got on Mr. Marvin's bed or not. Therefore, his marriage with Freda was the most important. "Miss Lancy, nothing happened between us that night, right?"

There was never (I failed) so Baron did not feel guilty at all. His eyes were so bland. As long as Lancy agreed, he was sure to clear himself.

"No, I'm not!" Lancy directly expressed Baron's thought. As soon as she heard that night drinking, she couldn't help but think about sleeping in the same bed with Jacob Oh, no, no, you must forget it and smash it to pieces No, she had already forgotten.

"You admitted it!" Freda had never suspected lovers so she thought she had something on Lancy and the witness was her brother. "Vance, you heard it! She admitted!"

"That's because she is so stupid to be led by you!" Marvin leaned against the door and listened intently for a long time.

He glanced at Baron with cold eyes for one minute. It was so cold from Baron's feet that it almost cooled her down. But Baron still forced a smile on his face, hoping to get some favor from Marvin. Unfortunately, it was not an extravagant hope.

"Brother, you heard it. It's this woman's scheming." Freda was anxious to explain.

"Are you ready?" Marvin asked, he raised his hand and interrupted Freda

"…… HMM... " No matter how obtuse she was, Lancy knew that they were talking about choosing kindergarten. Didn't she notice that Miss Freda was staring at her again?

In fact, Lancy was so highly valued that Freda didn't want to swallow her pride and defend her love. "Since you have heard what I said, you should know that Baron is innocent," she argued

The word 'innocent' couldn't make people laugh?

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Marvin asked in reply, rolling his eyes. The underlying meaning of his words was that no one knew better than him who did it. Nobody wanted to muddle through.

"Yes, you are right. My shrewd brother will never be deceived by a little woman." Meanwhile, an idea flashed in Freda's mind and her face changed dramatically. "Did you do it on purpose?" She asked.

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