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   Chapter 42 A Life-Or-Death Struggle

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Mrs. Wilson remained silent all the time. If she doesn't care about Lu Clan's face, she doesn't mind Wilson and his son fighting for each other. However, it was the first official visit of Hun Clan. She couldn't let outsiders watch them fight. More importantly, she wanted to take this opportunity to let people know who was the real master of the Lu Clan.

"Marvin, where's your manner?" The old lady was strong and confident, not at all weaker than the old man. "Is this how you talk to your father and treat your future father-in-law?"

Hearing that, Marvin's cold eyes blinked slightly. Full of irony, he could not deceive her. "Future relatives? Grandma was too anxious. Who admitted? "

They seemed to have forgotten that he, Marvin, was the true master of the Lu Clan. Over the years, they had been behaving more and more recklessly.

"I have agreed!" Wilson tried to get what his father wanted. How could he agree to the arranged marriage by his parents!

However, Marvin didn't care about it.

"Oh!" the last word followed in a long way, making people tremble with fear. "It seems that my father couldn't benefit any more from my being the general manager. you can't afford to support any other women, so I'd better retire from the second tier to live a peaceful life. What do you think?"

His speed was neither fast nor slow. Word by word grabbed his seven inch grip, making Wilson unable to move.

Gritting his teeth, Wilson glared at him furiously as if the man in front of him was not his son but his enemy! Well, a father would never submit to his son?

Her good education prevented her from swearing at others. Mrs. Wilson scolded Marvin, "how could you abandon your dignity and filial piety for so many years? In Lu Clan, we don't need to sell our daughter? The Hun Clan is not as wealthy as Lu Clan, but they are also well-known. More importantly, Baron was infatuated with Freda, so Mrs. Han takes Freda as her own daughter. There will be absolutely no problem with mother-in-law in the future. Is there anything more precious than this for women? "

"Infatuated with her?" Marvin laughed with conceit. It was ridiculous to hear this kindness for his granddaughter! "What a fool If you are not allowed to give up the shares of the Freda to a third person, are you still so ignorant? "

The man stared at her coldly. There was a hint of hesitation in her eyes. She clenched the handrail and tried to be calm as she could. "We are talking about the marriage of Freda. Why did you mention it?"

"Mrs. Han doesn't look well. Are you sick?" All of a sudden, they found Mrs. Han was involved in.

Mrs. Han was stunned and forced a wry smile. She looked at Mrs. Wilson uneasily, but Mrs. Wilson just looked away.

"Brother, I have said that Baron is different from others. He really loves me." Meanwhile, the Freda was struggling with what was going to happen. It was sandwiched between her brother and her family, which made her feel even more exhausted without the support of her brother! "If I transfer all my shares to you, will you promise me the marriage to Baron?"


The disciples were all surprised They even Baron and Mrs.Han.

The reaction of all people, especially the hypocritical

' she wondered? "Why is my brother with his secretary?"

In fact, it was weird if it was any woman other than Freda.

"I finally knew why Mr. Marvin opposed us," Baron added

"…… What? "

"Come with me." Don't act rashly and alert the enemy. After the first round of fighting with Marvin, Baron understood that it was impossible to have a head-on collision with him. This man was too deep and unfathomable!

If he was the reason why Mr. Marvin broke the engagement, he could explain it clearly now. His eyes were full of hatred for Lancy. He would let all the old and recent grudges be counted together. Anyone who stopped his plan must pay a painful price!

She learned "everything" from Baron in the room of Freda.

"All this came from a single party a few days ago. Kenny brought a woman with him..." According to Baron, Lancy became a woman with ulterior motives. She was obviously the female partner of Kenny, but she took the opportunity to seduce him and even get him drunk! However, Baron was too pure to be hooked. If he failed to achieve his goal, he would have an immortal beating. His wound was the result of stubbornness! "It never occurred to me that I would see that woman by Mr. Marvin's side It's so unbelievable, isn't it? " Asked Baron confusedly.

What she said clearly indicated that Marvin bribed Lancy to frame him up.

On the other hand, Freda understood that her brother was too proud to do that! "Marvin would never do that," To put it more bluntly, it was not worthy of him to do that. Baron was not qualified!

According to his past experience, he had left behind the name of his lover in front of her. He even asked his lover to make a choice between them in front of her He didn't need to use such an obscure way.

"You just said that woman was Mr. Myron's secretary?" His first step to fix all these problems was not to get over with Lancy. He would definitely throw mud on her.

There was no doubt that Baron was eloquent. So, Freda was lost in thought, 'well, why is my second brother's secretary here?'? Or Myron just couldn't satisfy her ambition, so she took advantage of him to get close to Marvin?

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