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   Chapter 41 Breathing (Part Two)

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 5775

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What happened to them? When he arrived, Baron asked the Freda in silence.

Meanwhile, the Freda, however, was also distracted and pulled back his hand.

As the man still didn't show up, Mrs. Wilson nodded at Mrs. Han. "We still haven't seen Mr. Marvin. We can't let our future relatives wait for him, can we? It's really impolite.

How could Mrs. Han bear this apology from Mrs. Wilson? She quickly saluted, and her tone was even more humble. She was afraid that Mrs. Wilson would be unhappy about their marriage.

Everybody knew that once the Mrs. Wilson took actions, the whole Lu Clan would be boiling and almost all people would follow her.

Mrs. Wilson was very satisfied. She smiled seriously and said: " Hun Clan is a literary family. Only in this way can you cultivate a gentle and good child like Baron. We all know how nice Baron is to Freda. I agree with your marriage... "

"I admit that the Lu Clan is rich and powerful, but Freda is the only daughter of Lu Clan. It is also related to the reputation of our family. Even if it's just engagement, it can not careless. We have to make a fuss... How about Mrs. Han? "

"Of course, of course!" Mrs. Han said yes. Lu Clan was a big tree in her eyes. There was no doubt that their engagement would make a sensation, which should be known by the whole country.

Wilson had an idea about the marriage of the two families long ago, so he couldn't remain silent at the moment. He hurriedly cut in, "Yes, Freda is my beloved daughter, so I can't be wronged at all." Whether she was wronged or not was reflected directly in bride price.

Baron respectfully presented the list to Mrs. Wilson, and handed it to her after she read it in detail, then passed it to Wil

Wilson would lose his life for three years.

As if he hadn't heard of his father's anger, Marvin approached Baron, "Are you Baron?" Baron's face was totally different from that of a pig's head that night, but he was the only one outside who wanted to show off that he was the apple of the Lu Clan.

"Nice to meet you..."

Ignoring Baron's hands that stretched out, Marvin leaned against the sofa in a lazy and aggressive posture and said, "good looking." So technically speaking, he wanted to win a girl's heart back with his handsome face. No wonder he was so popular with his sister.

"……" Baron thought he had heard it wrong, and the words of the attack would not come from the people he met for the first time.

"Brother, can you stop?" But there was a plea in Freda's eyes, which only Marvin could understand.

"Is this the man you are dying to marry?" Marvin said coldly. Even his sister was annoyed. "Your criteria for choosing a mate is as bad as ten years ago."

Freda was nearly shrieked, "Brother, Baron is different!"

"Where is the difference?" Marvin asked coldly. The pungent smell of Baron could be felt even from afar.

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