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   Chapter 40 Breathing (Part One)

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"Good decorum in drinking?" Standing by the window with bare feet, Marvin walked towards Lancy step by step, with a playful smile on his face all the time. He unbuttoned the buttons with his bony forefinger one by one, and the scratches on his bronze chest were particularly shocking. "Is this the good decorum in drinking?"

Lancy looked away, pretending to see nothing. If It would be more persuasive if she didn't hide her tender hands in the quilt.

As the man approached her step by step, Lancy almost wanted to bury herself in the quilt. His hot breath fell on her face, and her eyes became bigger and bigger. Did she think that this man and woman's battle was decided by their eyes?

The woman's cute appearance pleased Jasper. He played her earlobe and said softly, "You are not allowed to drink without me in the future!"

Hearing that, Lancy curled her mouth. She grasped the soft quilt and covered herself completely. Only her eyes and flushed cheeks could be seen. She didn't feel like sleeping in other people's bed. Little mouth pouting high, don't let her drink is the most annoying!

Under the man's gaze, all the words of protest swallowed back silently. Lancye was so depressed that she threw herself into the arms of the big bed again and turned her body away like a child.

Upon seeing this, Marvin smiled silently. He wondered whether she knew whose bed she was in?

On the other side, the whole Hun Clan was in an uproar.

They couldn't conceal the fact that Baron, with the hope of establishing a marriage between the two families of Lu and Han, had such a sad look on his face and the wound Baron couldn't lose his face, Hun Clan either!

Therefore, the red mark on her face would be reduced naturally in two days, and it was also okay to be covered by clothes.

What Bar

isfaction. Mrs. Wilson was absolutely not a kind elder who treated others kindly.

Although Mrs. Wilson was the wife of Mr. Wilson, she had no son but only a daughter. Although the son of the concubine looks filial, they are not related by blood, so she is used to accepting all the power by herself. As for her husband If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have to listen to a little kid. Her husband was heartless. He would rather trust him than listen to her.

And the man who sat on the right of Mrs. Wilson was Mr. Wilson, Freda's father.

Speaking of Wilson, he was a womanizer. People often saw the intimate figure of him and the young model in the gossip weekly. His former strong body had faded with the years. But he didn't care about it at all. There were lots of girls throwing themselves at him as long as he had money in his pocket!

The tasteful life of Wilson at this moment was filled with impatience.

'As a matter of fact, they should be warm to Hun Clan. But they even didn't show their smiles to them.' They were as if confronted with formidable enemies, as if they were not coming to relatives in the future, but enemies who would tangle with each other for their whole lives.

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